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  1. What's with the roof? It's hard to see exactly what's going on up there, but it looks green, but not as in a green-roof. The facade looks like a typical residential infill project with a Gaudi-Byzantine chia pet for a hat. Which, if you think about it, is pretty damn cool.
  2. Awesome photos, person! (i've learned not to make assumptions about forumers' genders) Those low flying clouds make some really cool effects amidst the buildings downtown. The weather over in the M'Town looks really wintery, cold, rainy, nasty, etc. Here in middle Tennessee we're still in the 70's, although it's grey and overcast, too. What's with that little neighborhood just to the east, I think of downtown? Are those apartments? That seems pretty odd, what's it called, etc.? The buildings in Memphis always seem really tall to me, I think because the landscape is so low and flat, whe
  3. Is the "lower building" the parking garage? Anywhoosle, it looks great clad in brick, very classy. It really play's off the Ryman now. The bottom of the Siggy still looks like Magneto's Nashville HQ, though. It's really great that on top of all the corporate relocations that Greater Nashville is privy to, the X-Men's greatest foe decided to relocate here as well. The perforations in the crown are new, correct? I like them, muy mucho.
  4. Yay pictures, whoo-hoo!!! AWEsome!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, PhofKs. You da man plus a bowl of chili with fritos. I've been dying for some on the street investigative reportage and voila, you deliver with flying colors. This thread, the whole Nashville forum has been deader than doorman's poetry career. Only Hankster provided any summary from the recent forum meet, which sounded like it had many in attendence; no pictures, no excitement, nada, zilch, cero, blagh. I think i'm going to avoid downtown Nashville for the next two or three years until most of these projects are comple
  5. Have you been to Lebanon? Some souvenir t-shirts from Jim Bob's Western-Wear Emporium & Fur-Cap Depot on Lower Broad would be like a freakin' Festivus miracle for the boys and bears of Lebanontown.
  6. I wonder if they're betting on increased ridership for the holiday shopping season?
  7. The Pink Spiders are a local pop-punkish band that signed to a major label and released an album this year. I think their single made it on TRL at some point. They wear pink clothes, but no spider costumes or anything.
  8. I'm just saying in a mo' better world, MTSU would have some parking garages and lose some of its asphalt wastleland aura.
  9. I didn't sign up to get the whole article, but I think it's great that they're planning to remove most of the parking from the core of the campus, eventually. MTSU has a potentially fantastic campus, it's flat! UT/Knoxville, the HILL! "Argh, my leg muscles." It's got a bunch of great buildings and some uninspiring 60's era modern barracks as well (Same as UT, coincidentally), but there's too many surface lots strewn all around the campus. It's ugly! I don't know what the situation is, like who owns the lots and charges for parking and such, but they really need to build a few parking garag
  10. I'm not opposed to parking lots, ok, that's a lie. I am opposed to parking lots. But for the time being seeing as how they're needed to park our cars on, and since I depend on a car myself, I'll go with it. I think you'll find the objections to this type of development as follows: completely car oriented, not conducive to walking (except to and from your car to whatever store your parked nearest), not creating an aesthetically pleasing environment (and that is a HUGE understatement), and basically excacerbating the problems confronting our society and certainly eroding the liveablity and li
  11. Thanks for posting the pics. Unfortunately, this kind of development is totally antithetical to everything that is good and holy in the world. M'boro is a total sprawl-a-thon and this suburban office park type stuff certainly won't help to rectify that in any way. On a side note, I went to my bank in Maryland farms this afternoon and afterward I stopped to get a gyro in the strip center that's rear abutts the new towne-center road and I saw a new two-story building that actually addresses the street, no parking in front, that had magically appeared. Hope for Brentwood and suburban develo
  12. If you resize your pictures to under 1mb yourself then your picture hosting site won't resize them. The loss of detail is negligible when viewed on a monitor anyway.
  13. Very nice, Hankster. How large is the downtown area?
  14. If the Signature Tower is built as planned, Metro should pass a new zoning law for downtown mandating all future developments must be at least 700 feet tall, lest Nashville's skyline look ridiculous forever.
  15. ^Great shot, Hankster. Is that tree in the middle dead? That's an interesting monument form.
  16. Damn, did we get Lendale, too? Sorry, the Sig is the bomb!
  17. Holy 1950's Batman! Shazam! Etc.
  18. What? Don't tell me, Leinart?
  19. You guys are total dorks.
  20. That is good news. I was reading over the application, their terms seem unduly harsh. Like, you better be damned sure you're gonna move in or you're out $550 to $750 just for the application. Anywho, great job on the projects list Smeagols, its great to have all those renderings in one place. Thanks.
  21. ^ Um, yes. Yes it would. Perfect place for some ad agencies don't you think.
  22. I love this thread, Hankster. How about some more pictures of this museum? Any pictures of the interior? The Pickle Barrel? Sounds tasty. Those flat-iron style buildings are really cool. Nashville has a couple of intersections that would be perfect for such structures as you well know, but we unfortunately have car dealerships and such instead.
  23. They could offer a bus coupon. I like the idea. I read an article on this site, on the main page, about the federal government subsidizing the expense of owning and maintaining a car for individuals. I think this is along the same lines and could really enhance people's ability to get to work and even offer them more options in where they work.
  24. Born in Memphis, moved to Birmingham, then to Houston, then to Jacksonville, back to Birmingham, then to the Nashville area. Went to school at UT Knoxville, moved back to Nashville. Weeee! I guess i'm from the south, although my family's not southern, so who knows what I am or where i'm from. I'm from earth.
  25. Umm, not all the jobs are downtown. You can't walk from the downtown trainstation to say, somewhere out Murfreesboro road, Trinity Lane, or Hermitage Ave. My point was about the infrastructure. Will there be sufficient and efficient ways to get people around once they arrive downtown?
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