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  1. Las fotos son malas pero me encantan los edificios. I think that's, "The pictures suck but I love the buildings," in espagnol.
  2. I snagged these from the Tennessean I've never seen a photo similar to the last one, it's a very interesting location. Lexy, think you could do an update?
  3. ^I was really under the impression that the whole of Iran was completely devoid of color. Thanks for pointing out what an obvious retard I am.
  4. ^Pretty innocuous group of buildings, no? Almost looks like we're in Iran or something (except for the whole giant crucifix thing), so much sandy beigeness.
  5. I came across this building while looking at the plans for Villa Rich (yow!), and while it's sort of a rough location, it's a really beautiful building, the old cliche about not building 'em like they used to really applies here. Anyway, does anybody know anything about the status of this project? I assume that the Principle Building Group has been contracted to do the build out.
  6. NewsChannel 5 has a video piece about the new retail set to open soon at the new Martin's Corner building in East Nashville. This is a really nice looking infill development, although I wouldn't be hella excited about a Salon and Yoga/Therapy studio if I lived in the neighborhood. It's better than a crime infested package store, unless you're a john or a crackhead. NewsChannel 5.com Any takers on an East Nashville photo thread?
  7. Here's a link to a photo gallery from the Tennessean showcasing some of the under construction and completed condo projects downtown. It has some nice views from the upper floors of the Viridian plus a cool shot of the green roof on the Westview. Condo Craze
  8. This is just wishful thinking, but the parking lot at the corner of 10th Ave. S. and Demonbreun, right across from Cummins Station and directly behind the Frist Center, would be an ideal spot for a new mixed-use project. Retail and residential or maybe office if there's need. This could be one of the most desirable spots in downtown. One block from Broadway, a short stroll to Cannery Row, at the foot of the Demonbreun Viaduct and thus an easy walk to the Gulch and just on the other side of Cummins Station from the land port which could be the future sight of a light rail station. Anybody wi
  9. I drove around the Gulch before going to the Frist today. The Madam X was being demolished, the Icon was at three or four floors in some places, very exciting stuff. I also walked along the Demonbreun Street Viaduct and snapped a few pics: I love the variety and density in this shot This one's for RockyTopBuzz and the good folks over at the Charrette. Who says there aren't any good contemporary buildings in Nashville? Some may think the literal narrative details of the D-Street Viaduct are cheesy but you can't fault the effort and thoughtfulness of the att
  10. I went downtown Monday and today, breaking my three-year injunction against visiting Nashville. I wanted to check out the new sculpture at the southwest corner of the Schermerhorn by Audrey Flack that was unveiled last Tuesday and I also wanted to see the new show at the Frist. I was blown away by all the construction going on all over town, and how fast much of it is coming along. I took a few photos, too: The Encore is flying up Just for the hell of it This is the first time I've seen the finished Schermer. This thing is fantastic, very humbling, gratifying and with all
  11. Great pictures PH, what a great day you had at your disposal in Memphis. Beautiful blue skies and sunlight. Man, what makes the Sterrick such a great skyscraper? What do you call those decorative detail-thingies adorning its flanks? I wonder why the architect/developer went to the trouble and expense of creating all those sculptural motifs and embellishments? Didn't they know about the practicality/cheap-assness of modernist glass curtain-walls and unadorned, exposed concrete? The "Cotton States" building is another beauty, I'm glad to see it gaining a new lease on life. What's th
  12. What's with the roof? It's hard to see exactly what's going on up there, but it looks green, but not as in a green-roof. The facade looks like a typical residential infill project with a Gaudi-Byzantine chia pet for a hat. Which, if you think about it, is pretty damn cool.
  13. Awesome photos, person! (i've learned not to make assumptions about forumers' genders) Those low flying clouds make some really cool effects amidst the buildings downtown. The weather over in the M'Town looks really wintery, cold, rainy, nasty, etc. Here in middle Tennessee we're still in the 70's, although it's grey and overcast, too. What's with that little neighborhood just to the east, I think of downtown? Are those apartments? That seems pretty odd, what's it called, etc.? The buildings in Memphis always seem really tall to me, I think because the landscape is so low and flat, whe
  14. Is the "lower building" the parking garage? Anywhoosle, it looks great clad in brick, very classy. It really play's off the Ryman now. The bottom of the Siggy still looks like Magneto's Nashville HQ, though. It's really great that on top of all the corporate relocations that Greater Nashville is privy to, the X-Men's greatest foe decided to relocate here as well. The perforations in the crown are new, correct? I like them, muy mucho.
  15. Yay pictures, whoo-hoo!!! AWEsome!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, PhofKs. You da man plus a bowl of chili with fritos. I've been dying for some on the street investigative reportage and voila, you deliver with flying colors. This thread, the whole Nashville forum has been deader than doorman's poetry career. Only Hankster provided any summary from the recent forum meet, which sounded like it had many in attendence; no pictures, no excitement, nada, zilch, cero, blagh. I think i'm going to avoid downtown Nashville for the next two or three years until most of these projects are comple
  16. Have you been to Lebanon? Some souvenir t-shirts from Jim Bob's Western-Wear Emporium & Fur-Cap Depot on Lower Broad would be like a freakin' Festivus miracle for the boys and bears of Lebanontown.
  17. I wonder if they're betting on increased ridership for the holiday shopping season?
  18. The Pink Spiders are a local pop-punkish band that signed to a major label and released an album this year. I think their single made it on TRL at some point. They wear pink clothes, but no spider costumes or anything.
  19. I'm just saying in a mo' better world, MTSU would have some parking garages and lose some of its asphalt wastleland aura.
  20. I didn't sign up to get the whole article, but I think it's great that they're planning to remove most of the parking from the core of the campus, eventually. MTSU has a potentially fantastic campus, it's flat! UT/Knoxville, the HILL! "Argh, my leg muscles." It's got a bunch of great buildings and some uninspiring 60's era modern barracks as well (Same as UT, coincidentally), but there's too many surface lots strewn all around the campus. It's ugly! I don't know what the situation is, like who owns the lots and charges for parking and such, but they really need to build a few parking garag
  21. I'm not opposed to parking lots, ok, that's a lie. I am opposed to parking lots. But for the time being seeing as how they're needed to park our cars on, and since I depend on a car myself, I'll go with it. I think you'll find the objections to this type of development as follows: completely car oriented, not conducive to walking (except to and from your car to whatever store your parked nearest), not creating an aesthetically pleasing environment (and that is a HUGE understatement), and basically excacerbating the problems confronting our society and certainly eroding the liveablity and li
  22. Thanks for posting the pics. Unfortunately, this kind of development is totally antithetical to everything that is good and holy in the world. M'boro is a total sprawl-a-thon and this suburban office park type stuff certainly won't help to rectify that in any way. On a side note, I went to my bank in Maryland farms this afternoon and afterward I stopped to get a gyro in the strip center that's rear abutts the new towne-center road and I saw a new two-story building that actually addresses the street, no parking in front, that had magically appeared. Hope for Brentwood and suburban develo
  23. If you resize your pictures to under 1mb yourself then your picture hosting site won't resize them. The loss of detail is negligible when viewed on a monitor anyway.
  24. Very nice, Hankster. How large is the downtown area?
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