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  1. Here's today's installment from Chattanooga. This is a shot of the Hunter Museum taken last Fall. Note the $20 Million modern addition to the Museum next to the Classical Old Souther Mansion style of the original museum. There is a '70s style part of the museum too (not seen in this picture). The museum addition and artwork were all part of the $120 Million 21 Century Waterfront Project completed in 2005.


    I love this thread, Hankster. How about some more pictures of this museum? Any pictures of the interior? The Pickle Barrel? Sounds tasty. Those flat-iron style buildings are really cool. Nashville has a couple of intersections that would be perfect for such structures as you well know, but we unfortunately have car dealerships and such instead.

  2. They could offer a bus coupon. I like the idea. I read an article on this site, on the main page, about the federal government subsidizing the expense of owning and maintaining a car for individuals. I think this is along the same lines and could really enhance people's ability to get to work and even offer them more options in where they work.

  3. Born in Memphis, moved to Birmingham, then to Houston, then to Jacksonville, back to Birmingham, then to the Nashville area. Went to school at UT Knoxville, moved back to Nashville. Weeee! I guess i'm from the south, although my family's not southern, so who knows what I am or where i'm from. I'm from earth.

  4. Umm...walk? I'm not too familiar with downtown Nashville, but it is small compared to cities like New York and Chicago. If the system is built right, they will have enough stops in the downtown area for most people to walk to their jobs. I work in Philly, and no matter where you work in downtown Philly you can get there using the regional rail lines and your own two feet.

    Umm, not all the jobs are downtown. You can't walk from the downtown trainstation to say, somewhere out Murfreesboro road, Trinity Lane, or Hermitage Ave. My point was about the infrastructure. Will there be sufficient and efficient ways to get people around once they arrive downtown?

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