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  1. Because it's a visual that's uniquely Nashville . The skyline is unremarkable and (aside from AT&T) could be anywhere mid-sized city USA
  2. Nashville pre-interstate I love that building sitting atop a little niche on the bluff just below the School for the Blind in the lower left. Excellent use of available real estate!
  3. ^ There are. There is a separated bike lane that runs the length of Davidson St. starting at Shelby Bottoms all the way to Nissan Stadium with access to the pedestrian bridge which takes you to SoBro. There's also technically a bike lane along KVB bridge but it's not separated from vehicle traffic so it's... a bit dangerous. The new proposed lane looks to be a direct route from 5-Points area to downtown.
  4. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-02-01/urban-highway-removals-could-get-federal-help?srnd=citylab Federal Government looking to provide $10 billion for highway removal projects. Just posting for anyone interested in the idea
  5. ^ Sometimes, maybe. But within the sarcasm could be a legitimate concern that some people don't feel welcome, or safe, on Broadway
  6. The article mentioned that pedestrian fatalities (and injuries) are more likely to happen on high speed roads with few cross walks or sidewalks and where people still need to walk. So, like Dickerson Pike and Gallatin Pike which have seen at least 5 pedestrian fatalities this year alone. Furthermore, the article didn't really advocate for or give examples where pedestrians are encouraged to cross anywhere, anytime. It simply advocated for decriminalizing jaywalking which might have the ancillary effect of putting more responsibility on drivers as opposed to all the responsibility on pedestrian
  7. I'm saying that expanding interstates represents a lost opportunity to do something different. I'm saying that the proportion of federal transportation funds is weighted way too heavily in favor of roads and against transit. The federal gas tax is too low. I've linked to studies about the inefficacy of expanding highways so I'm not going to do that again. When you add capacity to a roadway, more people use the roadway until it reaches capacity yet again and you're back where you started. Instead of expanding I-24, policy makers in the region could have added transit, could have changed zoning
  8. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-10-16/jaywalking-laws-don-t-make-streets-safer?srnd=citylab Article on jaywalking laws and how they're detrimental to public safety as well as racially discriminatory--relevant in light of the rash of pedestrian fatalities recently here in Nashville (complete sentences are not in my repertoire this morning)
  9. Maybe invest in and incentivize rail for both logistics and for transit and raise the fuel tax
  10. How many lanes is I-24 from Murfreesboro to Nashville? How's traffic and volume on I-24? Adding lanes is clearly not an adequate solution
  11. I'm sorry but this is really silly. Essentially, your whole issue here could be resolved by slowing down and chilling out and realizing that you're still traveling way faster than anyone in the history of humanity has ever travelled. I mean, you can't use cruise control for a several mile stretch of interstate?! Oh the humanity.
  12. There's a difference in "getting it wrong" and deliberately leaving out facts and context which contradict the story.
  13. FOX17 retracts story of cover up in Mayor's office. And that's a lot of views for a local story on Twitter
  14. They should put a stage for live bands and a dance floor just to seal the deal (I have two degrees from Lipscomb so I can say that)
  15. Is this part of the free and open market for health care? Seems like competition would help spur innovation and drive down costs for consumers (patients). Why is the government in the business of preserving market share for certain providers? Sorry, politics
  16. Yeah, just buy gold. Never been a better time
  17. ^As a self-proclaimed SJW, it's interesting that the first injustice you took up for debate was an incident in which well-off people were the "victims" of government oppression and yet were still fairly compensated for the value of their property.
  18. Apparently. No, as I mentioned, I'm not a constitutional scholar. I was just refuting your claim that Section 10 had anything to do with the Federal Government's monetary policy when it was clearly proscribing States' abilities in this realm. Now, I must confess, I'm not sure why we're talking about this particular moment in history at all except that you raised it. But now you're making all sorts of assumptions about what I think about this EO just because I refuted your assertion that Section 10 has anything to do with Federal monetary policy and also that I quoted the relevant p
  19. The version of the story printed in the Tennessean says the man was issued a warning, he had two masks in his pocket but didn't put one on. An hour later, he was in the same spot, still not wearing a mask which is when the arrest was made. I didn't see anything about him being warned over many days. https://www.tennessean.com/story/news/crime/2020/08/06/nashville-mask-mandate-arrest-homeless-man-highlights-enforcement-disparity-sparks-outcry/3309150001/ Either way, the story paints a certain picture of MNPD's seemingly dismissive stance towards the mayor's office. As for extending th
  20. Ya think? For weeks they did nothing. Clearly, something happened behind the scenes between MNPD and the mayor's office. Also probably not a coincidence that Chief Anderson retired the same day MNPD issued its first mask citation and arrest--who just so happened to be a chronically homeless black man
  21. ^Um...I know this is a conversation between Armracing and ruraljuror, but I wanted to jump in and offer a quick rebuttal on issuing paper money. The Article 1, Section 10 which forbids states from issuing bills of credit or making anything but gold and silver legal tender is referring to the States of the United States. Not the federal government. I'm not a constitutional scholar, but this reading is entirely consistent with the wording and layout of the rest of the Constitution, and I believe it would take a willful misreading of the document to think the above is meant to apply to the federa
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