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  1. 1 hour ago, Nash_12South said:

    One chance I see to rid downtown of these slow moving "transpotainment" is for folks, like those eventually moving into the Alliance Bernstein building to start gripping about the hour it takes to vacate the building in normal weekday traffic due to these slow moving things. Office buildings located within 2 blocks of Broadway are impacted significantly more by the tourists than those a couple of blocks further away. At least that's what I've seen. Were it not for a daily traffic cop, folks in the Pinnacle Bldg. would never get home most nights. I think cities like Las Vegas and New Orleans also view their money generating tourist areas with a certain disdain. We are not unique in that.

    I think there is a certain wisdom in building office bldgs at the edges of the CBD like Amazon is doing. You get to partake in downtown without being "trapped" at the end of the day. 

    Alternatively, not having to drive downtown would prevent employees from getting trapped. As much as I think the transpotainment vehicles are cheesy, noisy, and annoying, I'll take them over thousands of fast moving cars and trucks any day.

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  2. 37 minutes ago, DDIG said:

    The hatred for Broadway by Nashvillians especially fascinates me. It's something different and distinct about us that drives tourism and revenue. My guess is the haters are mostly people have moved here from CA and NYC the last five or so years who are ashamed by its redneck motif. People who hate it take themselves way too seriously. I don't go out there often, but always have fun when I bring a visiting friend there. 

    You lose Broadway and what do we have? A bunch of mostly samesie hipster restaurants that you can find another variation of in any of our other peer cities. Its nice to have something distinct.

    Also I 100% do not buy that Broadway is seeding COVID. The people down there aren't Nashvillians. The city has no data that backs this, it is just an easy thing to focus blame on and then shut down and act like we're are doing something. The Broadway bars shut down almost 20 days ago and absolutely nothing has changed about our COVID numbers.



    The bars clearly aren't closed. People aren't wearing masks. Perhaps most of the patrons are tourists, but what about the employees? 

    In regards to your question about hatred of Broadway, I think people hate it because it's fake. They hate the peddle taverns and all the other tacky transpotainment B.S. They hate screaming groups of bachelorettes in cowboy boots. Broadway has become a facsimile or pastiche of whatever Nashville means in the popular culture. And a one hit wonder douchebag from Michigan has a "honky tonk" there.

    Maybe that's just me. 

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  3. 4 hours ago, markhollin said:

    And as long as the Preds control Bridgestone Arena, there will be no NBA franchise there.

    I'm not familiar with the terms of the Preds's control of the arena, but isn't it possible to schedule NBA and NHL games in the same arena? Why does that have to be a zero/sum scenario? I'm asking out of genuine interest, not to be argumentative. But, it's likely a moot point anyway until a NBA owner wants to move a franchise, I don't think there are any expansions on the horizon. 

    Also, I'd like if I-40 went through Titanhog's house, just because :tw_tounge_wink:

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  4. The whole revenue neutral thing is a bit confusing, I'm not sure what the mechanism for doing that is. For instance, if all the property in the county was reappraised and increased in value, I suppose there must be some sort of automatic property tax decrease. Additionally, the reappraisal is an effective rate increase or decrease depending on where you live. After the last reappraisal, many property owners in gentrifying areas of the city (North and East for instance) saw rate increases, while property owners in already wealthy areas (Green Hills for instance) saw rate decreases.

    However, as made clear last night, there is nothing preventing the Council from raising property taxes via the yearly city budget. Keep in mind, the previous property tax rate (which was not adjusted following the last appraisal), was the lowest property tax rate in the city's history. Secondly, even after the rate increase, Nashville's property tax rate is lower than every other large city in the state. 

    The other tax rate that Nashville can adjust in its yearly budget is the local sales tax. But that is capped at 2.75%. Nashville's local rate is 2.25, which is lower than Brentwood, Franklin, M'boro, Smyrna, which are all at the max rate. 

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  5. 1 hour ago, markhollin said:

    Nashville's WeGo Public Transit has been awarded a $55.1 million grant as part of the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

    According to a news release from the Federal Transit Administration, the funds will be used for operating, preventive maintenance and administrative expenses to support transit services during the Covid-19 emergency.


    I'm pretty sure this is being used as a stop gap measure to cover the budget cuts proposed in this year's budget. 

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  6. 2 hours ago, fishsticks176 said:

    Ron, didn’t you just make a long post about not using this board to insult others who hold beliefs/views different from your own?

    —An “irresponsible, narcissistic person” who in good faith believes that we need to re-open the economy and can do so safely while high-risk individuals continue to self-quarantine if they choose. 

    I don't think Ron was aiming "irresponsible, narcissistic person" at anyone on the board, but rather people who don't wear masks, don't maintain a minimum of six-feet between them and others, etc., etc. But he can speak for himself

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  7. 5 hours ago, nashvylle said:

    Unfortunately I do not like this project, only because it doesn't fit well within Hillsboro Village. It's too big, too new. It  stands out against the historic feel for Hillsboro Village.

    Really wish it was half the size and the brick was made to look a lot older. 

    Have you been to Hillsboro village in the last...20 years? 

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