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  1. Why aren't more people complaining about how this is going to block views of the Westin from certain vantage points?
  2. I shot this yesterday and thought I'd share with you Nashville nerds. I'd like to do some more locations in the future.
  3. Damn! That is going to be a huge Men's Wearhouse. Is it a flagship store or something?
  4. Yes, I live in one of the newly constructed apartments, not in the core, but Mid Town/Centennial Park area, and it is indeed loud, poorly insulated (hot/cold) and most of all, expensive. I would never buy a condo that was stick frame. And I can't wait to get out of this crappy apartment.
  5. That's a great photo. Also, for anyone looking for a unique vista of the city, I'd recommend a drive or walk across the Woodland St. bridge (especially at night). The mini-skyline of Sobro really expands the downtown vista and for a few brief moments, Nashville looks pretty impressively big city-like.
  6. Kroger also has the store on 21st Ave and Blair (was developed by Harris Tee-tar), which, as the crow flies, isn't too far from Centennial or Charlotte Ave. I live in one of them new developments on Charlotte Ave. near Centennial, and sometimes wind my way over to that Kroger, rather than trudging out to the one further west off Charlotte.
  7. Those car dealerships are such an asset to the urban fabric of Nashville. Other cities must be so jelly.
  8. I 100% agree with you about retail fronting Jefferson street. All the major thoroughfares/boulevards around downtown should have more substantial mixed-use buildings that feature retail/commercial/offices on the bottom floors. The problem is, those uses don't become viable until there is a critical mass of people living in those areas. It's like a chicken and egg thing or something.
  9. What a travesty, all those historic parking lots that have been lost in 12 short years.
  10. Maybe travesty is too harsh a word, but I absolutely concur that this would be an ideal spot for a plaza (a bigger plaza), as long as the northern end has street level activation that would encourage an indoor/outdoor vibe. Cafe tables and whatnot. I think the front door of the Schermerhorn could be a natural public gathering place. But really, I'm only talking about that narrow strip of parking adding to what's already there.
  11. ^ I see window treatments!!!!!!!!!!!! Aaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! Heh, just kidding, the Westin looks terrible.
  12. I'm pretty sure there is a dedicated Arts Fund and Stix has no bearing on other Metro infrastructure projects.
  13. I don't know what Triple Bottom Line is, but I like that you add a little bit of nuance and sophistication to the oversimplification of business success=profit over all other concerns 'Murca Capitalism NFL Ford Trucks. And Maytown was a dumb idea. One bridge in and out for a development that was supposed to be a second downtown. Derp, guys.
  14. Go to Google Maps and turn on the satellite view and you can see the differences in the topography of settled areas versus non-settled areas. The pattern is fairly consistent, and densely ridged areas like northwest Nashville tend to remain wilderness all over the mid-state /metro Nashville area. But I'm no geographer/cartographer/settlement founder, either, so I could be way off base here. I'm glad that there is a large swath of Metro Nashville largely undeveloped.
  15. Never a good sign when there are dozens of cars in the rendering and only two pedestrians on the street and the rest of the people are confined to a narrow slice of the building the rest of which seems to be a giant parking garage/auto showroom. Wait, is this a new car dealership? Because that would make sense.
  16. Aren't IKEAs usually surrounded by parking lots? Maybe not the ideal location, although it would be nice to have one closer than Memphis and Atlanta.
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