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  1. it's just dave

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    Nashville's a huge center for printing. Let's just print the money we need. I probably won't be around to see the hip and cool stuff paid off, but hey, that's how the government does it, so why can't we, right? Living within one's means is a forgotten concept. But that's easy when it's someone else's money. I've always thought Nashville had the self-image that didn't require us to buy cool to be cool. That what other places do. Other cities will prevent drowning in their debt by eventually making sure their citizens do. Better watch what you wish for. I say bring on the buses. Do it right, do it well, but do it with common sense.
  2. it's just dave

    505 CST - 545 feet - 45 Floors

    The paper used to be informative and even fun at times when you'd see renderings and articles about these projects. Earlier rant edited out. I wasn't totally fair to the paper, and don't feel inclined to sing praises, so the rant fades away, and I love a good rant. Did I mention I really love this tower? There, back on topic.
  3. it's just dave

    505 CST - 545 feet - 45 Floors

    Do I now qualify as a lurker, or just mostly missing in action? Nevertheless, it's great to see some of the folks popping back in, geek, fieldmarshall, et al. I love, love, love this tower and hope to see it built. On another front, I think one of the things that's moved me about that last picture was the startling composition of the what we see in the rendering...things that represent different times in culture, politics, religion, finance. Looking at the image, you see the Ryman, built in 1889. You see the Presbyterian church who's beginnings and building predate the Ryman by a considerable amout; you then see the old SunTrust (Third National) from the late 60s, I believe. I wish we could see more of the L&C to represent downtown's stunning contribution to the 50s. Then, there's the current Marriott in the old J.C. Bradford building. The image seems to represent a running history of downtown where some things from the past remain and others stand where pieces of history perhaps should still be standing (i.e. The Cumberland). Even with the demise of the Tennessee Theater and the structure that held it, a new era dawned. I can stare at this rendering and each time, I see something different, and each time, my perspective changes. The iconic McKendree stands proud to complete an nearly spiritual bookending of the new building. For those of us who can see this image for what it brings back to us, and what it means for the future of downtown, we are a lucky group. Nice to see you all.
  4. it's just dave

    Twelve Twelve - 312 units | 23 fl | ~260 ft | Sold Out

    This would definitely spruce up that's rather a mess as it is. And with Bar Louie taking 8,000 square in the retail portion of the Velocity, things are continuing to look up in the Gulch. I haven't checked out the in-progress streetscape work, but Public Works seems to have a good handle on how to do such things. I'll be anxious to take a look in a few weeks.
  5. it's just dave

    Omni Hotel/Convention Center hotel/24 stories/800 rooms/complete

    And the disappearance of a row of trees. I guess by the end of the week, there will be none. Poor little trees, barely had a chance, but they've got to do what they've got to do. This is just fine, something else to watch grow downtown. I'll take it. I'm loving the steelwork on the MCC.
  6. it's just dave

    The Mall at Green Hills

    Oh, Kenneth, you should have seen the forums in '05. It was like the WWE on steroids sometimes. Sent a couple of moderators over the edge. lol John, thanks for reopening the thread. It was appearing to need a breather.
  7. it's just dave

    The Mall at Green Hills

    Thanks for dropping in, ct. You said it better than I could have. I don't know how long SouthPark will be considerably more upscale. The Nordstrom will open in September. I was trying on watches yesterday (only for fun, I might add) at Omega, then cruised Tiffany and Louis Vouitton as I strolled past the Michael Kors and Tory Burch projects. SouthPark is beautiful and spacious, but TMAGH is definitely headed in the right direction. It sure doesn't seem like the same place anymore. Come back again, please.
  8. it's just dave

    The Mall at Green Hills

    I think you should stick to critiquing clothing stores.
  9. it's just dave

    Omni Hotel/Convention Center hotel/24 stories/800 rooms/complete

    This is growing on me more and more, especially as the odd-looking giant steel structure on Demonbreun continues to grow. It seems there are daily more and more pieces of what is becoming one giant amazing puzzle. It's all looking very sleek, modern ...and enormous (and let's not forget "branded). If this MCC, Omni and CMOF combo pack was being built in Dallas, Houston, Charlotte or Atlanta, I'd be jealous. If I lived in Birmingham, Memphis, or any other medium market, I'd be EXTREMELY ticked off it wasn't my town. But it is, Blanche, and this is new "wow" factor downtown could likely just blow us all away when done. Bring it on.
  10. it's just dave

    Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    Well, I think I see the old Classic Cat just to the right of the Masonic Lodge. If I remember correctly, there was a liquor store on the first floor and next door was the Chevrolet dealership where I saw my first Stingray in 1963. $ That's where the convention center is now, partially. E. Gray Smith might have been next door before moving to 13th and Broad (where Beamon's used lot is). I just remember seeing a Rolls-Royce in the showroom at $18,000. You could buy a good house for that back then. Then between the Sam Davis and James Robertson Hotel was Commerce St., home of the Greyhound and all manner of evil city things. A surrealistic, foggy, smoky wonderland of urban riches. I'll leave it at that. I wouldn't trade being 21 in 1974 for all the Viragos and smartphones on the planet. lol
  11. it's just dave

    The Mall at Green Hills

    Thanks Todd, don't get me started. Once these old bones thaw out and I turn in my hermit hat, I'll get out and see what's going on around here. It's time for me to shake off some dust. Hope you're doing well.
  12. it's just dave

    The Mall at Green Hills

    And I'm hoping you'll contact me when you clean out your closets. lol.
  13. it's just dave

    The Mall at Green Hills

    Pottery Barn was more than willing to renew the lease. Word has it the mall declined. The space will be subdivided into three new stores. One will be a Michael Kors, another will be Tory Burch and I don't know the other one yet. I'm sure the credit cards of the well-heeled are quivering with excitement. Me, still a Dillard's sale kind of guy. That's the info I have.
  14. it's just dave

    Omni Hotel/Convention Center hotel/24 stories/800 rooms/complete

    Appears to be a huge L-shape. The height is fine. It's also clean, modern and sharp with no silly spires, twists or turns. It'll take a huge swath of dead street and, with the convention center, put more feet on the sidewalks than SoBro's seen in a hundred years. And that's probably in its first month. I think I like it. It'll be interesting to see how it ends up tying in to the Hall. Hopefully, all parties will see the value in this integration.
  15. it's just dave

    Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    I'm sure I'm not alone, but the sight of the cranes at the MCC is a bit jaw-dropping. I think the 5th went up over the past couple of days and there's yet another crane base to go (at least). The hotel will need a couple so by next summer I'll be all starry and wide-eyed again. 'Bout time. d.