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  1. Nashville's a huge center for printing. Let's just print the money we need. I probably won't be around to see the hip and cool stuff paid off, but hey, that's how the government does it, so why can't we, right? Living within one's means is a forgotten concept. But that's easy when it's someone else's money. I've always thought Nashville had the self-image that didn't require us to buy cool to be cool. That what other places do. Other cities will prevent drowning in their debt by eventually making sure their citizens do. Better watch what you wish for. I say bring on the buses. Do it right, do it well, but do it with common sense.
  2. The paper used to be informative and even fun at times when you'd see renderings and articles about these projects. Earlier rant edited out. I wasn't totally fair to the paper, and don't feel inclined to sing praises, so the rant fades away, and I love a good rant. Did I mention I really love this tower? There, back on topic.
  3. Do I now qualify as a lurker, or just mostly missing in action? Nevertheless, it's great to see some of the folks popping back in, geek, fieldmarshall, et al. I love, love, love this tower and hope to see it built. On another front, I think one of the things that's moved me about that last picture was the startling composition of the what we see in the rendering...things that represent different times in culture, politics, religion, finance. Looking at the image, you see the Ryman, built in 1889. You see the Presbyterian church who's beginnings and building predate the Ryman by a considerable amout; you then see the old SunTrust (Third National) from the late 60s, I believe. I wish we could see more of the L&C to represent downtown's stunning contribution to the 50s. Then, there's the current Marriott in the old J.C. Bradford building. The image seems to represent a running history of downtown where some things from the past remain and others stand where pieces of history perhaps should still be standing (i.e. The Cumberland). Even with the demise of the Tennessee Theater and the structure that held it, a new era dawned. I can stare at this rendering and each time, I see something different, and each time, my perspective changes. The iconic McKendree stands proud to complete an nearly spiritual bookending of the new building. For those of us who can see this image for what it brings back to us, and what it means for the future of downtown, we are a lucky group. Nice to see you all.
  4. And the disappearance of a row of trees. I guess by the end of the week, there will be none. Poor little trees, barely had a chance, but they've got to do what they've got to do. This is just fine, something else to watch grow downtown. I'll take it. I'm loving the steelwork on the MCC.
  5. This is growing on me more and more, especially as the odd-looking giant steel structure on Demonbreun continues to grow. It seems there are daily more and more pieces of what is becoming one giant amazing puzzle. It's all looking very sleek, modern ...and enormous (and let's not forget "branded). If this MCC, Omni and CMOF combo pack was being built in Dallas, Houston, Charlotte or Atlanta, I'd be jealous. If I lived in Birmingham, Memphis, or any other medium market, I'd be EXTREMELY ticked off it wasn't my town. But it is, Blanche, and this is new "wow" factor downtown could likely just blow us all away when done. Bring it on.
  6. Well, I think I see the old Classic Cat just to the right of the Masonic Lodge. If I remember correctly, there was a liquor store on the first floor and next door was the Chevrolet dealership where I saw my first Stingray in 1963. $3600....wow. That's where the convention center is now, partially. E. Gray Smith might have been next door before moving to 13th and Broad (where Beamon's used lot is). I just remember seeing a Rolls-Royce in the showroom at $18,000. You could buy a good house for that back then. Then between the Sam Davis and James Robertson Hotel was Commerce St., home of the Greyhound and all manner of evil city things. A surrealistic, foggy, smoky wonderland of urban riches. I'll leave it at that. I wouldn't trade being 21 in 1974 for all the Viragos and smartphones on the planet. lol
  7. Appears to be a huge L-shape. The height is fine. It's also clean, modern and sharp with no silly spires, twists or turns. It'll take a huge swath of dead street and, with the convention center, put more feet on the sidewalks than SoBro's seen in a hundred years. And that's probably in its first month. I think I like it. It'll be interesting to see how it ends up tying in to the Hall. Hopefully, all parties will see the value in this integration.
  8. I'm sure I'm not alone, but the sight of the cranes at the MCC is a bit jaw-dropping. I think the 5th went up over the past couple of days and there's yet another crane base to go (at least). The hotel will need a couple so by next summer I'll be all starry and wide-eyed again. 'Bout time. d.
  9. Basic? Low cost? Like a Yugo. Let's just wait until Tuesday. We may be pleasantly surprised.
  10. ESU (hey man), I completely agree about a North Cap site. I think we all got a bit starry-eyed over the drawings of the thermal site development back in the Streuver days and rightfully so; they were extraordinary. Times have changed and I guess we'll wait longer for Primo Lando to show us something new in possibilities. With Germantown and environs, plus the possibility of the state archives and Tn State Museum and such looking more likely, the boost to connectivity would be huge. The land could be available. Certainly nothing on it now. With the Bicentennial Mall so close, it would lend itself to the family thing with a baseball component. A parking structure could be built to serve the games and the city and be done so in a manner which would not interrupt good taste (i.e. Dederick garage). I close my eyes and think about the view now from that area. Think about how it would look with the stadium, etc. and all that would come with it eventually. And people. We (the city, everyone) has been through a rough couple of years. Lots of the good stuff has been shoved to the back burner. The owners of the Sounds have certainly expressed a desire to get something done so something feel-good like this would be a great thing. It would certainly be nice to see renewed activity in that area which would do so much into helping the rebirth of Jefferson. I'm not worried about the thermal site. It's prime stuff. I doubt we'll see George Jetson's tower there, but surely something very interesting will happen.
  11. Ha, yeah, you do that. I promise I'll reply BEFORE I step on a thorn while mowing and have had my vitamins. I think I'm really turning into a cranky old man. I better get out and buy some hats. Nothing like a little rant to get the juices going. I'll be sweet.
  12. I know I should have checked in sooner, especially with previous circumstances. All is well, though. Feeling fine. It's interesting that there appears to be a recent resurgence of posts. I can't say I'm disappointed. My break was good, but I truly missed it. The other board was interesting, but imo a bit interspersed with rampant discontent...whether a whole building or a brick out of place. Hearing "that's hideous" as a constant theme appeared somewhat trite and a bit more than arrogant as a dictum of truth rather than opinion. It seemed the main purpose of posting was to spread the gospel of what's wrong with everything instead of counting our blessings that we have and have had things going on around here (with, of course, a healthy serving of "what's wrong"). In other words, I didn't find the discourse much fun. I suspect some others share the sentiment as evidenced by the near utter lack of participation. The fact that most posts were often of a one sentence variety didn't convince me I had much of an interactive forum experience before me. Top that with the fact that the posters are strangers to me and my friends were absent and my explanation for absence approaches completion. Now, we have cranes. We'll have more cranes. I for one, and one who pays taxes, am rather excited about this. Some have cried foul as the neighborhood south of Broadway is being destroyed. I'm approaching 58 years old and most of that here in Nashville. Never has there been anything there. Now, we at least have a opportunity to change that. Perhaps it won't be a miniature Georgetown, but at least it'll be an improvement over what's generally a habitat of male and female prostitutes and the homeless. Give it time. The MCC will change many things for the better. One might as well like it (or try), for the ulcers of discontent are for naught. It's not going to stop construction because one thinks a loading dock is misplaced. Build around what's coming. Blend from there. It's all we can do. I just want to return to informative and entertaining discussion, a few whoops and hollers, some legitimate concerns and at the very least a return, even if minor, to days of real communication as opposed to the texting-esque tone so often displayed. I look forward to more. Nashvillain has been so good about hanging in there and only producer to argue with. Both have brought real discussion to the front. And now, with Mr. Solve among us, more will come. Bring it on fellers. Oh crap, Dave's gone off again. lol. Nice to be back.
  13. There are no strippers? Hm, I may have to reconsider my possible emergence from my cave. Judging from the list above, stripper-less might be the way to go. Hope to see you all at Casablanca next month. Curt, you can sit by me.
  14. Water-filled holes happen. Some of you act as though this is the first water event since the Great Flood. You're too young to remember the site of TPAC looking like Old Hickory Lake, or the site of the convention center filled with water. These holes will be filled. On the developers' schedules, not any of ours. So what's a little water anyway. I'm sure the city is making sure there's nothing unhealthy about it. That what MHD is for.
  15. I want to quote the Alex S. Palmer & Company: "The future of Nashville is under construction now. Future generations have to live with what we, as developers, create. That places a heavy responsibility on us to be excellent—to only be involved in quality developments. Alex S. Palmer & Company is totally committed to developing space that is as functional and aesthetic as we can possibly make it ... for out time and for the future." If Alex can wait for WES, we can too. This is from a Sept. 27, 1987 Tennessean ad I found while rummaging through some drawers. Come on, Alex, the suit fits now. Build us our buildings.
  16. Just when I thought somebody was catching up, my bubble bursts. Dang, Ron, hurry it up. See you at the library.
  17. Or maybe not, it didn't look the same this morning. Guess we'll see.
  18. Good call, WW. I think you might win the prize. There's a large tower crane assembly laying on the ground at RMH. It's visible from the Silliman Evans Bridge. Don't know when it's going up, but it's been delivered.
  19. I figure if I'm gonna pop back in here, I might as well stir the pot a bit. Got to have fun, ya know. Ron, I've been around, but I can't seem to dismiss my obession with my yard and gardens. I'm the self-appointed neighborhood "yard police" so I've been busy drawing landscape plans and helping people mow their lawns. Wearing me out, but beefing me up. I like it. Been really busy otherwise. Off topic, but started carpooling, enhancing the compost, biking a bit, even taking a yoga class (ouch). I can't tell which is more strenuous, rescuing this place from a year of near neglect or the yoga. Oh well, got to stay young (or at least have a better waistline, lol). I still like the ring of Music City Center. It seems to designate a place. I believe in time that's exactly what it will do. We could get all suburban like Providence and call it the Nashville Gathering Room. That's what they call living rooms now. How dippy is THAT? I even know someone who actually USES the term. They should be spanked.
  20. Not to be contrary, even though I'm pretty good at it, adding "Convention" to the name makes it sound like "Greyhound BusTerminal" to me, or Macdonald's Hamburger Restaurant, or Walmart Stuff Store. I think many are confusing bland with sophistication. It's not always necessary to spell it out. Those who use it, or want to use it, will know its purpose.
  21. Here, here, SPG. Seems many are intent to dilute our branding which would be a fiscal travesty. If you've got it, flaunt it. Then cash in.
  22. I'd promised to drop someone at the airport, but the rest of the day was in the yard. I've been at it since January (brrrrr) and things are coming along. My pile of yard waste is 9 feet long and 4 feet high already (not counting hard things like limbs and shrub trimmings which will go to Bordeaux to become mulch). Being "green" is nothing new for this little spot in Inglewood. Last year I recovered 23 wheel barrels of compost and reconstituted soil from my "heap." Now, that's green (or black gold for us gardeners). With nearly 4000 sq ft of beds and landscape, it's either keeping me young, or making me old. I'm beginning to vote for the latter. Everything is trimmed, weeded and edged. Looks good so far. I did make it downtown for a little while yesterday. I'd washed the car so decided to drop the top and tool around a little. I was amazed at the number of folks downtown. Seems something was going on. I'm anxious to get around town when the leaves and flowers get going. Winter tends to ugly up the place a bit. Uh oh, 7 a.m. .... time to put on the farmer clothes. Ta.
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