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  1. The invitation to bid says that the office building is 7 floors of parking and 7 of office space w/ a mechanical penthouse on top floor. The residential tower is 15 floors.
  2. None that I can share at this point . It does look to be 12 floors, 133' tall and parking garage has some sort of mesh/screen on the Sheldon St. side. I've only seen black and white copies.
  3. I'm sorry but historical or not I think that building is ugly. Just my opinion.
  4. The Grand Rapids Press had a different rendering in yesterdays edition that was closer to what we had seen before. Not like the disgusting rendering in last weeks paper.
  5. I find the many pedestrians walking down Michigan amusing in the first image.
  6. I know these polls don't mean a whole lot but wzzm 13's website has a poll on wether or not street cars are a good idea for downtown. At 8:30 am the no's are ahead of the yes's by a healthy margin. Go there and vote!!!!!
  7. That was me. There is one coming but it seams to have been delayed. Not sure if there will be two though.
  8. Tower crane should be operating by the first of September!
  9. Doug & Maria are now building a 16,000 sq. foot "activity barn" on that property. They will also have soccer fields, baseball diamond, tennis court, par 3 golf hole.......
  10. For spring break we drove to Chicago to get on a flight to Mexico. Saved around $600. That was a lot of Corona.
  11. I am pretty sure that Frontier is big in Des Moines and Omaha with many flights to the west coast.
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