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  1. Great pic, you can never go wrong with Kahn
  2. All i know is that it is a men's clothing store.
  3. SNWEB

    Detroit Off Topic

    The good old GAR Building, designed by Julius Hess, cornerstone laid in 1899
  4. SNWEB

    Detroit Off Topic

    I believe it turned out not to be feasible at the current time. The building is guarded and has electricity though so its in mint condition being maintained.
  5. yeah it looks like a cool little building. I have an old postcard of it. It was red brick
  6. Indeed the promenade is brighter, its just that they turned off those crappy new lights that were installed in the ceiling because I came in there at 10 PM and had to be let in lol. It gave it a nicer look though, very Gothic. The cafe is open.
  7. June 19th, 2005 The Guardian Building's retail promenade
  8. I seen the pictures on Flickr, thanks for sharing. It appears they are going to repair the old signage on the building judging from their website which is pretty neat.
  9. its so sad, i never would have though it was more than 50 years old. I was shocked that this was Detroits oldest skyscraper when I read it a few weeks ago. Comparing it to the old pic I have is saddening
  10. Hey Michi, I can see the world's nicest McDonalds in that pic!
  11. SNWEB

    Detroit Off Topic

    The Island now has a date in theaters July 22
  12. Ohhh I would love to go to that high school, very ornate! Great pics
  13. Indeed it is the "old train station". Thanks dnast, glad you enjoy it. Wolverine, razor wire cant keep me from anything ahaha
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