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  1. From the exteriro it looks great and unique architecture and appears it wouldn't be hard to rehab. Good news!
  2. Also, since we are on the topic, I have noted that the Book Building appears to have an addition (to left in Allan's photo directly above), even though I have never seen any records of that occuring.
  3. Wow great job on the Industrial Bank Bldg. I've never seen a nice shot of the sun on it like that!
  4. SNWEB

    Detroit Off Topic

    Hmm I actually look forward to seeing the movie, looks pretty good. Multiple scenes from Detroit in the trailer!
  5. Well Kennedy Block shouldn't have a tall building on it, like 10 floors is the most. It was never meant to be a huge tall space, thats where City Hall was
  6. Jim Wickenheiser is gonna be a real savior for the city if he does all the buildings. I doubt by 06'
  7. Nice pic Allan, I have never seen a better pic of the building than yours. Too bad the building was screwed up when it was modernized in the 50s
  8. New York isn't the only one with a Statler Hotel but Detroit soon won't have one...
  9. SNWEB

    Detroit Off Topic

    Yep, best surviving Chicago School Architecture in the city!
  10. SNWEB

    Detroit Off Topic

    snow storm on the way! I want it all to melt
  11. SNWEB

    Detroit Off Topic

    How about Capitol Sqaure? EH I'm not much into residential. Heh the Guardian said it would have lighting on the exterior this month..less than 5 days left
  12. tickets whoooo! Fine Ileech!
  13. Great color on the Library pic. Never noticed the stipping of the detail at the bottom of the Lenox pics. *sigh*
  14. Ahaha, I have that same pic. Oddly enough the garage is in some sort of old warehouse, and has an ornate sign. Today they just tear down the old warehouses and have no ornate sign. I bet that sign is like from the 70's or 80's
  15. Not to mention the office building wouldn't have been there either. In Allan's pic; inside the window there was an effect they created by having a chandelier that was lit.
  16. LOL @ Ray Ah yes the Leland, designed by famous Chicago-based architects Rapp & Rapp who designged the Michigan and did the terrible renovation of the Fisher (they weren't alive back then and the foudners long dead)
  17. Nice colors, perspective, and contrast
  18. But I went on one of those Diamond Jack boat tours, drove right under lol. Wasnt much room left
  19. yes I myself do not like the windows covered up, it gives it a bad appearance, especially the facade facing the former Hudson's
  20. This is the building that had the cornice fall off and kill a women in the late 50's. The mayor ordered all buildings to remove their gingerbread (referring to the cornices), so cornices all around the city were ripped off and thrown in the garage, leaving bare spots where they once were. Check out the Grinnel Bro Music cornice on Woodward, it is now just a bare building with orante window borders, it's forcal poijnt was the cornice...it is now gone
  21. But hey it stil lhas some good minimal architecture to it, better than a lot of other buildings. It doesnt appear too modernized except for the top, cornice removed?
  22. Today, Sanders is just a brand, and hundreds of stores in Michigan carry Sander's products. <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
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