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  1. I can help you out too, what exactly are you looking for?? I have mroe than 1400 pics fo Detroit
  2. Monday, December 27, 2004 As part of the ongoing restoration of the exterior of the Wayne County Courthouse, the copper chariots that were on the building have temporarily came down.
  3. Sunday, December 26, 2004 The facade of the Mutual Building in Grand Circus Park shines in this shot, taken in the fall. The building is currently being restored, and even has a Subway Restaurant. The building used to have a grand facade, but it was modernized in the 50s.
  4. Notice the hole in the cornice on the Fine Arts
  5. well when it was washed a few years ago it was with some crappy baking soda solution
  6. Yeah, it has had the dates wrong for some, but some are correct.
  7. The Detroit tax DB says it was built in 1905
  8. Good eye Allan, I never seen that in my pics. I wonder what it looked like,.
  9. Yep. After it sat abandoned, arson took its hold.
  10. As with the Opera House Garage You gotta take me to the greektown one soon.
  11. where was that taken from?
  12. Since Allan is gone, I have todays Photo of the Day Thursday, November 26, 2004 The Wurlitzer Building and David Broderick Tower from the Opera Hosue Garage. Both are vacant and are neglected by their slumlords.
  13. Yeah man seriously, i bet you've never been in downtown yourself
  14. Today's late pic of the day: The former Michigan Theatre in Detroit, its 4 story lobby, it is not a parking garage. More pics and info here at my site: www.snweb.org/mi.php
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