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  1. I think it looks great. Thanks for all the work on it, RK.
  2. actually, I believe it's Eastman Chemical (another Fortune 500 company) which is based in Kingsport, TN. I think Eastman Kodak is based somewhere in New York. It was spun off of Eastman-Kodak though.
  3. Memphis--a whole lot of money is being invested in a biomedical research park--it's an up-and-coming changing industry and memphis already has a good foothold in it and looking to expand. also, Fedex is always looking good. there's good growth downtown, in the suburbs of lakeland, bartlett, marion, germantown, and fayette and tipton counties; and great growth in collierville, arlington, and desoto county. new interstate projects should also boost the city. memphis is one of those cities that dips in and out of the national spotlight (and not always for good reasons), but i think it's on tap for realizing its potential finally. now if we can just do something about the crime and budget deficits and get the citizens, media, and politicians focused about important issues and about making memphis better rather than being concerned about sensationalist park-renaming, big headed politicians, juvenile attitudes from government officials and Tennessee Waltz.... i also agree that birmingham is going places and any city in north carolina and florida
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