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  1. The University of Connecticut is a Land Grant University, founded for the purpose of Agriculture: UConn is the state of Connecticut
  2. It's a hotel, not sure of the chain. It's been in the works for a few years now, quite possibly the creepiest location ever (it's in the middle of a cemetary).
  3. I agree, Tenth Sq. does look like a really nice project. This site is filled with potential! Within walking distance of Metro-North, Amtrak, Shoreline East. New Haven has huge potential, if only the state would bury 95 to open up downtown to the waterfront! The entire Oak St. Connector should be removed and replaced with a grand boulevard, the potential for the corridor is HUGE. Perhaps Hartford should toy with the idea of converting the Whitehead Connector into a boulevard/linear park connecting Bushnell Park to the riverfront?
  4. Are a golf course and a marina really the sustainable choices now that the economy has shifted? Having moved away, I'm not as up on the day to day articles dealing with the proposals for the Preston and Norwich sites, but I do know that an indoor water park is quite possibly the worst idea for the Norwich parcel (other than a hodgepodge of sub-par condo developments). Both the Town of Preston and the City of Norwich are already too dependent on residential property taxes to fund their budgets, commercial development is the answer. That being said, commercial development that "fits in" with the local landscape would be preferable. Form Based Code and proper design guidelines should be implemented previous to development taking place, and they should be FOLLOWED. This is a huge opportunity for SECT as well as the region as a whole. Urban infrastructure is already in place (upgrades and repairs will be necessary), people should not settle for sprawling, unsustainable garbage anymore. The era of $4+ gas is upon us, the opportunity to build something for the long term should not be lost. Waterparks and Disney-like "towns" are not sustainable, socially or environmentally. Southeastern Connecticut has spent too long with all its chips in one basket, it needs to diversify its economy, for the good of the state of Connecticut and southern Rhode Island. The people deserved better than "Utopia," and they spoke up. They should not sit quietly while another pie in the sky proposal is shoved down their throats.
  5. Otis Library Ribbon Cutting This is a project that residents of Norwich, and all of Connecticut, can be proud of. It shows commitment to downtown areas, that the city library belongs on main street, not out in the woods.
  6. The Otis Library is in the middle of a total rennovation. The library is currently housed in a temp spot across Main Street. The new building should open around April. Otis is actually a private library run by a board of trustees, only part of its budget is from the City of Norwich. The Pequots actually built the first new building in downtown Norwich in years, it's called the Mercantile Exchange. They relocated some Foxwoods offices to the building. It has open spaces for retail and food if anyone is willing to step up to the plate.
  7. Day Article The inside is going to be as slick as ever. The Day has a water view of the two towers.
  8. Bulletin Page On The Sun Expansion Not sure if I'm feeling that tower quite yet.........
  9. I was not contradicting what I said in the RI forum. I was providing firsthand experience that the casinos do little for the towns that surround them. In some ways they help, in some ways they don't. They don't have a night and day positive effect on local cities and towns. In a place like Norwich, there really wasn't anything to draw outsiders into town in the first place. In the above post I was defending my city, it's not completely hopeless here. Yes, I go to the bars @ the Sun, but more often than not, we go out right in downtown Norwich. We also drive to Providence every other weekend to go out up there. I don't think this thread should get off topic, what downtown Norwich has serves the local residents. Thousands of cars pass thru here daily on their way to Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun, people pull over for directions, not to shop or eat something. Many people moved here because we have public transportation directly to the Sun and the Foxwoods lot located in the city. Our public schools have students that speak 30+ different languages. The state of Connecticut needs to step up and give this city its fair and rightful share of the slot revenues. Bridgeport, New Haven and Hartford don't need the money as much as we do, they are not directly affected by the casinos. Having said that, I do believe the Sun is a better neighbor than Foxwoods overall, and the Sun is at a higher level of class. I'm happy to see the Casino expand, I've been to quite a few concerts that would never have been in the area otherwise, and I'm home in five minutes.
  10. None of the bars in downtown Norwich are low class. There are bars that young people go to, and there are bars that older people go to. You could even do a mini pub-crawl, you can even get food at some of the bars, well into the night. There isn't a bar that rivals anything in a bigger city or the casinos, but they are not dives full of drunks. There is constant construction activity in downtown Norwich, new things are going on and opening up every month. Look into the redevelopment of the Wauregan Hotel, we have an Artspace just like Hartford. We have the Spirit of Broadway and Donald Oat for plays and shows. Our library is undergoing a total rehab, very few storefronts are empty. We are one of the poorest cities in the state, but we make do with what we have.
  11. New London Day Article Looks like it's going to be BIG.
  12. Thursday Press Conference Can't wait to see what they have planned next.
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