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  1. Is the Springfield Republican like our Hartford Advocate or is it like...a real paper?
  2. I think that wherever they put the arena retail will develop around it...if they put it out far in the neighborhoods or (worse) in the suburbs the stadium will become a little edge node - but by putting it adjacent to downtown it allows whatever new retail develops around it to be considered an extension of downtown, technically causing Downtown to extend to the north (or wherever). Granted, at first Main and Pratt probably see as much of a boom from this arena as they would if it were in the same spot as the HCC but I think it will help downtown as a whole in the long run. Also...the city has always been trying to get people think of the area north of 84 as downtown - in the Hartford tourist maps it is indicated as such but they have never really had anything big up there for people - now they would. And I'm sure that if the arena is built up there they would make the pedestrian crossings over 84 much easier to deal with (probably something like the new Columbus Ave. Bridge over the whitehead hwy, idk.)
  3. I don't know how long the New Haven Colosseum had been defunct...but now that it is torn down wouldn't that make the Civic Center the only major arena in Central Connecticut...shouldn't that be incentive to rebuild it bigger?
  4. I don't think anyone is claiming Hartford can GET both the NBA and NHL under any but the most promising circumstances for the city...I think we'd all be happy with one. People are only claiming that Hartford could support both...in reality Hartford is probably about as big as Buffalo (as noted before on this forum, any stats are skewed by the actual cities small footprint) and that city has NFL and NHL franchises.
  5. Need some love for Camp Trin Trin.
  6. I don't know...45 Mil just to raise Flatbush at New Park Ave...That intersection is already a mess #1 and #2 how much will it cost to seize those businesses. What's in New Britain anyway or am I missing something? Why is this line being built?
  7. Waterbury is not too far and it has metro north line, alternativly you could go to Milford or Stratford and maybe parking there is not as bad?
  8. It's not eBay that I have beef against, it's PayPal, I've heard one too many horror stories involving them and now I understand it is the only way to pay on eBay (besides a check, which I'm just far too lazy to write out). Edit: OK, I broke down and bought a shirt on eBay...btw, thanks for the link to nflnut RogerAnthony, I may use them in the future for a hat or something, but they had no cheap t-shirts.
  9. This is a little off-topic for an Urban discussion board but I thought it the best place to ask. Does anyone know where I can find a cheap Whalers T-Shirt (vintage or replica) besides eBay? Thanks for any help.
  10. This might step on a few people's toes but I think we might need a large supermarket with a lot of surface parking in one of those empty lots right on the edge of downtown. When we do have a good amount of residents downtown they will need and demand one but you will never have enough downtown residents to justify a stop and shop on its own, and a downtown supermarket would never attract people from the neighborhoods, who wants to park downtown or deal with the bus into downtown to buy groceries. But by placing a supermarket on the edge of downtown, say in one of those lots just north of 84 you allow access to people living downtown (especially if the supermarket is a star shuttle stop) and you also make the supermarket a destination for people living in the north end in this example. And because the space is already an open lot, you're not destroying anything by putting in a good amount of free surface parking, which will draw people in...I know I might (coming from Trinity) make a trip to a full supermarket downtown instead of going to wal-mart or zig-zagging to the Parkville stop and shop if I knew I could park there.
  11. Retail stores cannot survive on profits made on workers lunch-hours alone. Otherwise there would be no shortage of retail in downtown right now. Any store that banks on being able to survive on those people who work in the offices 9-5 is doomed to failure. Anything that opens downtown has to be able to market itself to people in the neighborhoods and surrounding towns. A Barnes and Noble won't pull me downtown and I'm 3/4 of a mile away, how will it pull in north, south and west enders, let alone people from out of town. Whatever is put downtown has to be amazing enough to justify the trip downtown, paying for parking, or taking the bus trip. On the complete other hand however, downtown you now only have really two options for food, fast food or semi-expensive (for my income) resturants like those steakhouses or trumbull kitchen. I know chains are tacky, but an applebees or an Olive Garden (ummm...fake Italian food) would draw the middle class. Not everything has to be unique stores and resturants, most people like sprawl, all thier favorite stores and resturants are in sprawl, so bring some of that sprawl retail to downtown, where it can do some use.....I just made two opposite points but...who cares.
  12. Wouldn't that pour a lot of light into the upper floor apartments at night?
  13. From what I heard that building has so many problems with asbestos, water damage, and mold that it would be much cheaper and easier to demolish it and start over than to renovate it.
  14. I know nothing about this stuff...why is Heathrow service impossible?
  15. The leaning tower of Hartford?
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