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  1. Need some love for Camp Trin Trin.
  2. I don't know...45 Mil just to raise Flatbush at New Park Ave...That intersection is already a mess #1 and #2 how much will it cost to seize those businesses. What's in New Britain anyway or am I missing something? Why is this line being built?
  3. Waterbury is not too far and it has metro north line, alternativly you could go to Milford or Stratford and maybe parking there is not as bad?
  4. Wouldn't that pour a lot of light into the upper floor apartments at night?
  5. From what I heard that building has so many problems with asbestos, water damage, and mold that it would be much cheaper and easier to demolish it and start over than to renovate it.
  6. I know nothing about this stuff...why is Heathrow service impossible?
  7. The leaning tower of Hartford?
  8. Thats what I thought too, but I looked at the original renderings and the windows are there. The renderings just always showed the North/South facades and the windows are on the East/West facades.
  9. I was walking around downtown today and I noticed they had started to put in the sunroom/atrium/(i don't really know?) glass and it looks really nice. Here's a pic. Also cool was the fact that the Connecticut river was flooded like 10 feet over its banks because of the week of hell (rain).
  10. Those are the Lady Katerine dinner cruise boats.
  11. I may have missed it somewhere, but does anyone know when the tower is scheduled to be complete, im looking forward to seeing the new skyline.
  12. I was born and raised on Long Island and I am now a Sophomore at Trinity College in Hartford. Like most Trinity freshmen, I was at first terrified of the city (they eat babies dontcha kno? ) but as I stopped talking to the preppie guys from Westchester and started talking to locals who worked at the school I stopped fearing the city less and started to enjoy it. I've recently taken an interest in the city and if all goes well I'm taking a class on its history next semester. I'm really disappointed that people in the burbs as well as at Trinity view Hartford as a nothing but a hellhole, most Trinity students are too afraid to walk to the supermarket on New Britain Ave. (a block away) and im considered to be somewhat of a nut among my friends because I walked from Trinity to Downtown. I think that once West Hartfordites etc. stop fearing Hartford and once the surrounding communities start talking to each other and acting regionally (God willing), I hope the city will improve.
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