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  1. I think its really less about some target population and more about density. Is there a land use density within a 1/2 mi proximity of these proposed stations to support use? Would this provide a reasonable cost or time savings for potential users over a personal vehicle? I don't think the density is really there to support it, not saying it won't be someday. If this is going be a serious proposal, we're going to have carefully reconsider how the Markham corridor functions and start planning on the land use side right now as well. I love the river rail, but we don't need another poorly executed novelty. If you're walking from Broadway to the River Market you can beat the River Rail 90% of the time.
  2. Sorry, just a little ribbing. I know a lot of people are excited about it, although I really have no idea why. Its been interesting to see the discussion of the Apple Store manifest into what its become.
  3. Finally, we Little Rockers can feel good about ourselves as the only measure of our city's worth that matters will be met in full.
  4. The homes very obviously were sensitively designed to fit into the context of the neighborhood.
  5. At this point I don't think a lack of plans for the corridor is a problem. The problem is a lack of implementation. How many more experts do we need to fly in to tell us what we already know?
  6. If memory serves me correctly, 8th St wasn't even slated to be a 5-lane arterial prior to acquisition of the federal funds. The 35 million that Boozman got was quite a surprise to the city, meaning I don't think they had a hand in requesting it.
  7. Is this connected to the guy that own's Markham Street Pub & Grill?
  8. That's the one. It was nice place, nice people. It was intended to offer more locally grown (Arkansas) produce and products, sort of a green alternative and what not. It just never seemed like they were very well merchandised.
  9. I miss movie gallery. Sometimes I just like going to the rental store to pick something out, but rarely do anymore. Along the same lines, the Station Grocery is closing as well. It was a nice addition to the neighborhood, but I never saw it lasting. Walgreens is coming very well as well. I noticed exterior walls are up.
  10. Wasn't the Plague I mean League of Women Voters involved in some way? It is funny such a fuss was raised about Jimerson Creek, while God knows what washes off the streets of downtown and is dumped straight into the river and you never really hear about that. I guess its really not so much an issue now that Alltel's been sold. Although, I'm not sure I'm really a huge fan of making it easier for people to get out of Little Rock. I'd like to see more of Markham repaved first. You're definitely right about it not being an either or choice. Look at the wonderful bikeway on the west side of Manhattan adjacent to 12th Ave.
  11. On a scale of 1-5, I'd say its a fuhget aboud it. I'm just cynical. I'd love to see it too.
  12. It'd just be nice if Clinton Ave. could be shut off to cars at certain times.
  13. Well, they fill my growler from the old Ozark Brewing Company in Fayetteville. They'll fill anything really. You might get a Vino's growler and then you can get it filled at either Vino's or DB. Vino's won't fill outside growlers. DB keeps regular business hours during the week. They just fail to advertise that on their site. I've been to one Travs game since it moved and that was because it was free. But, as a kid growing up I didn't go very often. So, you can take that for what its worth. I did watch the Hogs in Alltel earlier this season, but it was free. I usually don't go to Alltel events because I'm busy and cheap. So, you can take that for what its worth too. I'm kind of like how Baptists are with liquor stores when it comes to my personal "boycott". I'll go to NLR for stuff, but I don't want anyone seeing me do it. Its pretty hard for me to live with out Starving Artist Cafe. I just don't go as often. If there were a regime change, I'm confident I could restore full relations with NLR. So, it's really not so much a boycott, just that I shop Little Rock first. I don't hate NLR or anything. I want to see our little brother do well, just not at LR's expense. I don't think Dickey-Stephens or Alltel could have been better sited on the south side of the river either.
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