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  1. I heard that that a 24 hour diner was coming to Main Street soon near Sharkey's. Anyone heard anything like this? You know how rumors are: For every 10 rumors, none will be true!
  2. The chips are awesome! We got those last night with the blue cheese and melted cheese. Hmmmmmm, good! I also got the beer can chicken and it was excellent!
  3. Pawleys' Charcoal Steakhouse is excellent. I had the beer can chicken there last night and loved it. My friend had a charcoaled steak and she loved it! The Blockhouse is excellent for Oysters and they have a lot of great other food too. Giovanni's is the best Italian in the Upstate!
  4. The G-Drive, I kinda like the sound of that!
  5. The new name of our baseball team is the Greenville Drive. It was announced at 1030am this morning. I personally am not a a big fan of this name and I did not care for the new logo either. It is kind of bland.
  6. A friend involved in the downtown real estate market has told me the Pinnacle on Main will start August 15th..... Can't wait to see it rise....
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