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  1. I agree. I was thinking more along the lines of personal financing options for the prospective buyers, not necessarily the developers.
  2. Probably... but this bailout will probably give both projects a green light. At least I hope.
  3. Yeah unfortunately, I don't see this happening anymore. Just delaying the inevitible
  4. I'm not sure. I do know that developers pay closer attention to lease rates than occupancy. I remember reading an article prior to the storm that mentioned this per square foot price threshold, but I don't remember what it was. If occupancy rates continue at this level, rates are sure to rise. But it won't be until an adequate number of leases expire and are re-negotiated at higher prices to justify the construction of a new tower. I think it could happen, but as we all know... there are still some vacant buildings downtown. Luckily, it appears that Dominion Tower might be filled with government offices. If this happens, I wouldn't be surprised to see a new tower in 5 years or so.
  5. Looks like just a floor-use sketch. I've seen a rendering... I think on this site. Where is it? I remember people being dissapointed in it.
  6. According to one of the developer's sons, the project at 930 Poydras is full steam ahead, as we've all seen. But according to him, it will be taller than what we're seeing in that rendering. He also told me that while it might look bland and boring, the exterior will have a very nice skin... multicolored, changing shades at different angles, etc... As for the Algiers project, a friend of mine has been hounding them about buying a condo. They don't seem too worried about it... I guess they're close to selling out. But she's being told that they are under construction. I didn't believe it until someone mentioned pile driving in this thread. But I don't understand why her phone calls aren't being returned. Are they sold out? In my opinion, besides Trump, this is the most attractive project in the city. What a great location... I love Algiers Point.
  7. No problem JPK... I'm with you on that.
  8. Damn I didn't even realize the Ruth's Chris was open. Sorry about that. I was at Ernst a couple weeks ago and saw the Ruth's Chris mural on the fence at that site and just figured it was going there. My fault. Not sure what's going in there.
  9. Those cranes you saw are building the WWII expansion. As for Fulton St... a Ruth's Chris steakhouse is going in there. However, Ernst Cafe is privately owned. Whoever owns that place has hit a goldmine with all that Harrah's is doing with Fulton.
  10. Yeah at least they aren't reducing it to zero floors
  11. Judging from the article, it seems that he hinted that the plans may reduce by 5 floors, or 67 total. Seems that I remember that being the original plan pre-Katrina. Oh well.
  12. I really like the idea of City Hall moving into the Chevron building. Somebody let the powers that be at City Hall know about this idea... because I'm pretty sure such a great idea has surely not crossed the mind of anyone over there.
  13. I'm good friends with one of the primary developers on this project. The project was delayed because the two families involved in this development wanted to use the lot for the LSU BCS NC game tailgate. I kid you not. And believe me... the delay was worth it. I'm not too familiar with the exact design. However, they certainly were commited to the project. This project is a go for sure. Glad to hear construction has begun. I don't know why I haven't before, but I'm going to try to figure out what other projects they are bidding on. Specifically, I'd like to find out if they have been retained for site prep on Trump Tower. I'm going out with him tonight and I'll certainly ask.
  14. Great. Just friggin great. This pisses me off too much to finish this post. Might say something I'll regret.
  15. Wow the rents in that place are going to be outrageous.
  16. They have a pile driver on site. I'd think they're about to start construction.
  17. Damn we live in a great city. Great pics Nate.
  18. Great video. And of course... a beautiful bridge coming to an end/traffic jam at Clearview. Gotta love it.
  19. I'd be thrilled with something along the lines of the Renaissance Town Center. But I won't bother petitioning Councilman Carter's office. He doesn't answer emails. I doubt he even reads them. Most in my district are extremely dissapointed in him thus far. He's a one-termer in my mind. He's done literally nothing for this district.
  20. WHAT!!! I live not too far from there. The rear of Village Aurora has always been under-utilized. I can still remember going there with my mother when I was little... place was full. It was sort of an open-air mall, for lack of a better term. Let's hope they try to do something nice there. Hopefully the city will make the developers, whoever they'll be, give the new center a very nice appearance.
  21. Hah good observation. I thought the same thing. But the building looks great to me. I like it.
  22. Judging from the fact that they are already getting interest in the $8 million dollar penthouses without even advertising, I'd guess they're adding some of those. The profit margin is greatest with those units. I also heard that they will be advertising in Europe to take advantage of the weak dollar. Great move on their part. I'm starting to think this building will sell out easily.
  23. I realize this isn't much of a source, but the bartender at Ernst Cafe told me that they are expecting an ESPN Zone to be constructed on Fulton St, right across the street from Ernst and across Fulton from Grand Isle restaurant. Yall may remember that old building that "collapsed" in the middle of the night several months back. Well the girl also told me that they doubt it was an accident. The ESPN Zone folks didn't want to deal with the historic building remediation hassles. I think this is just a coincidence. But anyway, if it happens, it will be a great addition to that corridor.
  24. Yeah don't get me wrong... I wouldn't mind seeing it. I just thought yall knew of some place I could watch it for free.... online or something.
  25. Yall bought this movie?
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