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  1. Ricks Bakery coming to Rogers! Such great news as Benton County definitely has a gap in bakeries in the area. https://talkbusiness.net/2017/10/fayetteville-landmark-ricks-bakery-is-expanding-to-rogers/
  2. Yes, some of Rogers is pedestrian friendly (downtown, the mall) but Pleasant Grove and Pinnacle area really are not. We need more 4-5 story buildings with retail on the ground floor. Pinnacle has the potential to be another downtown this area for Rogers if they do it right.
  3. Finally, Rogers is going more pedestrian friendly. Pinnacle area has potential to be more than chain restaurants and strip centers. It looks to be a mixed use development in Pinnacle right in front of the pinnacle country club. I hope to see some new stores to the market. Looks like an upscale hotel is coming in the development along with multi family housing. Maybe finally a Westin, Full Service Marriott, or Full Service Hilton? article: http://talkbusiness.net/2017/09/100-million-new-urban-project-coming-to-pinnacle-hills/
  4. I saw this hotel is coming. This is great news. However, why are developers repeating the same type of hotels in the area. We still don't have a full service Marriott, Hilton, Westin, Hyatt, etc. I believe we need another full service hotel on the scale of Embassy Suites in the area.
  5. I have heard that AA is has been taking over space intentionally at XNA to block a potential discount airliner from coming in. I don't understand why the board at XNA just pushes back. XNA is losing so many travelers to Tulsa. I'm surprised Walmart hasn't put their foot down and said they demand one for lower prices on Biz travel. All in all, there is no reason our air ticket prices should be as high as they are. And we need a discount airliner pronto!
  6. I am somewhat encouraged that the Promenade Mall is an outdoor mall so there is much more flexibility in the types of retailers at the mall. With that being said, there aren't that many retailers that are just super exciting. If the center had an Apple Store, J.Crew, Anthropologie, H&M, Nordstrom Rack, Dave & Busters, etc, it would add to the appeal and get people excited. The Banana Republic store is so small and isn't really appealing. I do think they could do so much more to help the mall. If JC Penneys goes out of business, it would be a great spot for H&M to come into. H&M is opening in Little Rock. My take is that if PF Changs can make it here, then Cheesecake Factory should be fine.
  7. I keep thinking I could see it centrally located near Springdale near Arvest Ballpark. They could create an entertainment complex around the ballpark. Arvest Ballpark Top Golf Dave & Busters Bass ProShop Outlet Mall Something like that could create a destination that includes entertainment/shopping/dining for the area.
  8. Great news. TopGolf looking at NWA to expand. This is very needed from a recreational standpoint. http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/topgolf-targeting-more-markets-for-expansion-300237063.html
  9. I am annoyed by that as well. A gas station is very needed right there. I would love to see a gas station and small strip center attached. And of course the city of Fayetteville would screw that up. They have no business sense and no sense running the local government. Boot them out!
  10. Does anyone know what is going on the corner of Mt. Comfort and Shiloh near the Porter Road exit? I know at one time they were planning a gas station, but I thought that fell through. If anyone knows, I would love to know. Thanks!
  11. Nick, I love the Gulch in Nashville. That is definitely what I would love to see in Fayetteville. It would be very cool to have another type of Dickson Street area in Uptown for young professionals who are not interested in the college scene. However, I am afraid it will be more sprawl and strip centers. Pinnacle could be so much better if they planned for a Gulch type development.
  12. Fayetteville won't attract any major campuses or companies until they decide to actually focus on it. Stupid ordinances and dividing the city over social issues are not helping the city in any way positive. They are getting smoked by other cities such as Springdale, Rogers, and Bentonville. They can build all they want, but they have to have businesses that want to be there. Rogers Pinnacle area is just booming. If Fayetteville ever got its act together, I would love to see more mixed use type of things like you see in Nashville or Dallas. Highrises with condos above and retail below. I would like to see more of a planned development rather than a bunch of strip centers and car lots.
  13. Look whats coming to Fayetteville. This is a great retailer to have in the mix. http://www.fayettevilleflyer.com/2015/03/06/lululemon-coming-to-downtown-fayetteville/
  14. Great development with some really good restaurants. What is Alumni Hall?
  15. I am not a fan of Mayor Jordan either. He definitely doesn't seem to understand how business functions and works. Everyone talks about how they see Fayetteville as the next Austin. It won't be as long as we continue to have an ordinance for every single minor issue. From talking with business leaders and builders, they say Fayetteville is awful to do any project. The whole development and planning process needs reformed to make it more business-appealing and Mayor Jordan definitely needs to go. P.S. I also was really agitated that the city of Fayetteville was trying to ban Uber from doing business in town. That is exactly the type of thinking that will push tech companies away.
  16. If Rogers does have a height limit, then they should up it. I want to see 20 stories. Every time I go to Dallas, I feel like I'm in a big city. There are many things about Dallas I do not like, such as all the concrete and less green space. But I will say that if we have more vertical buildings, it will give us more of an urban feel. Plus, the more height we build up near Interstate 49, the better is is for transportation and maybe a light rail one day. We have to have density for mass transit to work. Yes, Barber did propose a 22 story building and it fell through since the recession hit. Hopefully, someone will bring this back and do something really nice.
  17. 10 stories is a start and glad to see more vertical buildings going up. Next, I would love to see a 15 or 20 story tower. Why not? Many other cities and metros have buildings that tall. I would love to see: 1. Residential Tower/W or Westin Hotel Combo (maybe 20 stories) 2. A full service Marriott Hotel We are in need of more full service hotels similar to Embassy Suites, but would love to see it more vertical.
  18. Sounds like a great project, but 2 houses valued at $1.9MM? That sounds overpriced and too expensive for Fayetteville.
  19. The thing is that Wedington and West Fayetteville is vastly underserved in restaurant and retail amenities on that side of town. If they were to come to the Wedington area near that intersection of Wedington and I-49, it would give people a destination spot for the west side and even attract those on the east side. I live on the West side of Fayetteville and it is very frustrating to have to drive to MLK or the Mall area to go eat, shop, etc. Wedington is getting better with the Walmart Neighborhood Market, Slim Chickens, and a Starbucks (opening soon). That definitely helps, but we are still in need of more restaurants and retail. I personally would love to see Chipotle, a nice Mexican restaurant or tex-mex chain restaurant, Chick-fil-a, maybe a PeiWei, and a Bakery on that side of town.
  20. I hope with Cross Church going there, that they will build a type of lifestyle center around that area, similar to The Scottsdale Center in Rogers. Would be awesome to see a mix of Big Box Stores, Restaurant pads, some apartments or housing, Cross Church, and maybe even a trail that wraps around the area somehow. If I were a student, that would be a fantastic location near the U of A and would have a ton of amenities. We'll see what happens.
  21. So happy for Zoe's. Need more healthy food options in Fayetteville. And Chipotle could probably open like 2 or 3 more locations in Fayetteville and support them fine. The one on Dickson street is always packed.
  22. I still think its just a matter of time before we see Cheesecake Factory and Apple Store in NWA. There is definitely enough money in the area to support it and tons of business travelers that come in each week. I think it will happen sooner rather than later.
  23. I hope they put another Chipotle near Whole Foods in that area. Or a Pei Wei (a fast casual version of PF Changs). I think it would be a perfect area for something of that sort. A chuys would be nice as well, but that may go better near the mall area since you need much more parking for that restaurant.
  24. What I would have liked to see at this site is a mixed use development with 3 to 4 story buildings for residential and office, with retail on the ground. Also a city square, park, and entertainment options with restaurants, etc. That would be a cool young professional, college community that I think would go well there. But just student housing seems like a waste. A huge mixed use development like you see in California or Texas would be so much better. We need more places that are live, work, play in the area. That is a perfect spot for it.
  25. I heard over the weekend that Cheesecake Factory is supposedly going in next to the new Longhorn Steakhouse next to Best Buy in Rogers. Can anyone confirm or deny that?
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