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  1. I would love for Walmart to build a "Google-style" campus in NWA. However, I still think the majority of the Walmart e-commerce business will still need to be in Silicon Valley due to recruiting top tech entrepreneurs. If NWA continues to attract top level businesses and talent, that could change. But right now, we are the center of retailing. However, N. California is top for the tech world. We'll see what happens. I hope my friends at Walmart will indeed get a better place to work.
  2. A Costco would be nice, but I doubt they would come into this area with Walmart/Sam's Club's dominance. Although we now do have Target in Rogers, so you never know. I am just betting they will not set up shop here anytime soon.
  3. You have a good point. You are right in the fact of being able to order just about anything online nowadays. I think its more of a status thing to show you have arrived as a city. I travel a lot and see all these awesome shopping/dining/living type developments and I really want to see something like that here. The promenade is a great start, but we need something more unique.
  4. I still think we are vastly underserved in retail stores. If Macy's won't come, then how about Nordstrom? They are a step up from Dillards. Also, missing The Apple Store, J.Crew, Cole Haan, Anthropologie, etc. I believe there is enough high income residents in the area plus the business travelers that we can float these stores pretty well.
  5. The West Springdale area could be major entertainment. I would put in Dave & Busters, a Top Golf (they have one in Allen, TX), and outlet mall (Allen, TX), a Zoo, a Bass Pro Shop, major Hilton or Marriott Hotel, a Water Park, an IKEA, and themed restaurants. I think it would do phenomenally well here.
  6. I live right off of Mt Comfort in that area and I can say we all need a gas station there badly. Wedington traffic is way to crowded right now to go that direction in the mornings and most of us want to go on Mt Comfort and hit 540. Does anyone know how to contact our Ward Reps? Any links available? I would be glad to get a huge following to do it.
  7. I still think you could include Ft Smith in the metro area. They still come to NWA to do a lot of shopping and restaurants that are not in Ft Smith. NWA can be a regional destination for areas like Ft Smith, Joplin, Eureka Springs. Also, I have heard many people tell me that Cheesecake Factory is looking in Rogers now, so I would think they may be serious. Still though, the Promenade is almost filled so where are additional retail stores going to go since its already at capacity? Plus, I think purely based on the discretionary income in NWA compared to other metros, the museum tourists, razorback game tourists, and the U of A that we can definitely support a regional destination type shopping center that is even better than the Promenade. What about what they plan to build in Springdale? Maybe that will be a Super Regional destination shopping center, like those in Kansas City and Dallas?
  8. I have been hearing rumors that Pinnacle Hills Promenade Phase 2 is going to be oppositie of the Interstate 540 near The Amp. Can anyone confirm? I really hope to see another mall in the area. The Promenade is nice, but it still lacks a lot of stores that are in other metros. I also think we have opportunity for more prominent restaurants (California Pizza Kitchen, Cheesecake Factory, etc) that are still not in the area. Let me know if you have heard anything.
  9. Chuys is coming to Rogers! Get excited!!! http://www.4029tv.com/news/arkansas/northwest/New-additions-coming-to-NWA/-/8897460/19366814/-/format/rsss_2.0/-/w2t0eg/-/index.html
  10. Bentonville is Big Time now. We are going to continue this momentum with so many things to come. Here is a link from Huffington Post on the new hotel. Great addition to the city and sounds like a great restaurant, The Hive. Can't wait to try it out! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/02/12/21c-museum-hotel-opens-in_n_2670340.html
  11. I would like to see another major hotel near the embassy suites. I think our area needs a full service Marriott, Hilton, or Westin Hotel. It could go very near the Embassy Suites and would be great for overflow at conventions or crystal bridges crowd. Also I think something like the Legacy Town Center in Plano would go well in Pinnacle Phase 2. High end restaurants, independent movie theater, wine bars, sushi places, marriott hotel, etc.
  12. Is there any big development going in on the opposite side of 540 of the Promenade Mall? I think we need a "Promenade 2" with more stores/restaurants, such as Apple, Cheesecake Factory, & Macys. Thoughts/Insight anyone?
  13. I believe you on this front too. I have heard 2 other people say they also know that Chuys is looking in the area. I can't wait for them to get here.
  14. I don't really care where they come into the area, as long as they get here. A huge miss on this market is Tex-Mex (which is very different from Mexican). I love the places that make the homemade flour tortillas in front of you, homemade guac, and cheese dip. Plus they usually have excellent drinks and margaritas. I really hope they decide to come to NWA and I think it will be a homerun for the chain.
  15. So are we going to get a Chuys restaurant now that one is coming to Little Rock? Can anyone confirm? We are in such need of Tex-Mex places in NWA. Abuelos is about the best we have. I would love to see Chuys come. Or any others such as Pappasitos, Cantina Laredo, Local Lime (Little Rock), etc.
  16. Anyone heard anything about us getting new restaurants? I would still love to see Cheesecake Factory, Maybe something like a Cantina Laredo or Chuys, and California Pizza Kitchen, McCormick and Schmicks, etc....
  17. http://www.travelandleisure.com/articles/hottest-travel-destinations-of-2012/13 Congrats to Bentonville for being rated as the Top 2012 Must See Destinations in Travel & Leisure. It was the ONLY U.S. city listed in the top destinations! The impact on the local economy and on becoming a world class destinations will bring in lots of new retailers, and help stimulate the local economy. This is really great news!
  18. I so do hope that the Cheesecake Factory lands in NWA somewhere. I really don't care at this point where it goes, but its needed. Usually you see PF Changs and CHeesecake Factory paired together at the same place, so hopefully the Promenade. On another note, anyone know what is going in the opposite side of the Promenade across the bridge on 540? I noticed dirt is being moved in that huge plot of land across from WM Neighborhood Market in Pinnacle and was curious what is going on there. Maybe it will be Promenade #2? I definitely think the area can support more retail and another mall with possibly Apple Store, Macys, Nordstrom, Cheesecake Factory, etc.
  19. Panera Bread is building a new location next to Krispy Kreme in Bentonville. I'm not sure if they are closing the other location or not, but my bet is that they have a need for 2 locations. And this new location will have a drive-thru. Great news as all these restaurants are popping up everywhere. I bet we continue to see that happen as the anticipation of Crystal Bridges opens in November.
  20. I saw in the paper today that Ghengis Grill is opening up in Pinnacle Promenade area next to 5 Guys Burgers. This is a great healthy restaurant with WOK Stir Fry...basically like HuHot in Fayetteville, but better IMO. They have these everywhere in Dallas. Great to see a new restaurant location up here and not just a repeat of what is elsewhere in NWA. I'm still hoping for Cheesecake Factory, California Pizza Kitchen, and Chuys Tex Mex. Keeping my fingers crossed!
  21. Actually, it was not all that great, except their Sunday Brunch. That was one of the best brunches anywhere in NWA. I wish they would tear it down and build a Cheesecake Factory, which we really need in NWA. I know that won't happen there, but at least I can dream!
  22. Correction. I do know that Dave and Busters started in Little Rock and yes I could see Little Rock getting one. Dave and Busters is now headquartered in Dallas. I also believe NWA could support one as well. The difference in the money in Little Rock vs. NWA is that LR has a lot of older money (people 45+) compared to NWA (having an average age of 32-35). There are so many twenty and thirty year olds up here that want trendy restaurants, department stores, and bars that Nordstrom will have to come here soon. I know most of the commercial builders here in the area and they say that there are more retailers that come to look at opening in this area than in Little Rock due to the population growth and all the business travelers that come here every week. It just keeps on fueling the economy. One of my friends said that Crate & Barrel, Nordstrom, Cheesecake Factory, Macys, and many others are currently scoping the area and looking for site spots to open up. It won't be too far down the road until it happens here. I just think with the downturn in the economy and the housing market going under that construction has slowed a lot. So it may be 2 years before something like that happens.
  23. The growth rate in NWA has slowed some, but many, many businesses are considering relocating here, and not only due to Walmart. There is a lot of momentum going on here and tons of people with money moving into the area. People all over the world are finding out about Bentonville, AR. I guarantee that Nordstrom will be here in the near future. I have personally written the company and many other people have as well. The response we got was, Nordstrom has looked into NWA and is looking for the right site location. You also have to take into account that Fayetteville was also ranked as one of the top places in the US to retire. There are many retirees also moving here. Let's not forget that the Baby Boomers are starting to retire in the next 10 years and that will also have an effect on the area as many people from the North move South. Little Rock does have a very diverse economy, but there are not as many high income producing jobs moving into Little Rock as there are that are moving into NWA. Little Rock has mostly manufacturing and tourism developing in the city. I am not trying to act like NWA is any better than Little Rock. I am stating facts and what I have read in newspapers and journals about NWA.
  24. I would not discount NWA for a location at all. With many more vendors and international companies moving into NWA and the Sustainability Movement going on in Fayetteville, I can see it coming it sooner rather than later. NWA can definitely support a Nordstrom. Almost everyone I know STILL buys a lot of their clothing in larger markets because the Promenade still just doesn't completely cut it. Although the stores are nice, the market will continue to push high end goods. THe salaries continue to increase and the cost of living is staying steady due to the housing crisis (or even decreasing). That is great news for NWA. I did hear the other day that Jillains or Dave and Busters is now a possibility for Rogers as well. Also, keep in mind that the age of the population is younger with more disposable income, so many people can't wait to buy at stores like Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks, Burberry, etc. They want to be on the cutting edge.
  25. Most Likely: Macys A Far Far Stretch: Nordstrom No Way: Neiman Marcus or Saks Fifth Avenue Are you sure its not Dicks Sporting Goods? Those are usually pretty large stores.
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