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  1. Thought this was interesting: http://www.fayettevilleflyer.com/2008/04/1...coming-our-way/
  2. It's called Habibi and I heard its more of a far east restaurant than an Indian but I could be wrong. It's going in where House Inc. used to be in a nice building right behind the train depot. They have signs all over the building. Sounds like its going to be good.
  3. Has anyone ever pondered the thought that maybe there was never any consideration to move the facility outside of Fayetteville and that maybe this was just a way to get the parking situation taken care of on Dickson for the center? I mean, it worked and it's really not a bad idea.
  4. Hmmm, seems a little generic to me...
  5. In other new, SWEPCO began erecting the new utility poles on Dickson today. They are as obtrusvie and ugly as was expected. I honestly felt a little sick when I saw it...
  6. I hope everyone realizes that the state would have more money for these kind of projects if our current administration wasn't spending hundreds of billions of dollars on the war in Iraq! Don't blame it on the city wanting the medians. We need the medians as well as the bike lanes, blame it on the national level and for God's sake vote accordingly in '08!!!! Don't be stupid!
  7. OR, (crazy idea, I know), you could take that money that it would have taken to build a huge cross and give it to people who are STARVING! I dunno, just seems like something Jesus would have done...
  8. I HATE the speedtables. They're so ugly and clumsy looking, roundabouts and the circles they've installed around wilson park are much more appealing, both aesthetically and practically.
  9. Nobody, in my experience, is really compelled to fight the traffic up to that area of north fayetteville where they'll only find mediocre chain food. Those restaurants don't really do as well as more established local restaurants at retaining the kind of crowds that they have when they first open. That area is simply too homogenized and has a serious lack of charm, which some may argue is bad for business. Plus, they're not any cheaper than restaurants of much better quality, all they can promise is a highly polished dose of american chain efficiency and impersonal, standardized atmoshperes.
  10. I thought they were thinking about putting this in Lowell. Did the plans change, or am I simply mistaken? It's great news however for the former Washington Regional building and for all downtown business.
  11. So am I crazy or did we not just pay Dover-Khol to map out a general plan for 2025? We sure aren't taking it too seriously from the looks of this confusing and most definitely NOT pedestrian-friendly approach to making north Fayetteville more "accessible." For a forward-thinking town, our plans for this future network of roads is eerily similar to, oh, every other suburban area in America with its impossibly wide highways and intricate intersections that are just begging motorists to get into accidents. Why not actually consider the idea of turning both College and Fulbright into large, wide boulevards where pedestrians can walk the outside and high-speed traffic moves down the center, while slower lanes of traffic service businesses. Sound far-fetched? Check out the Champs Elysees in Paris, it's exactly what Dover Khol was alluding to. And by the way, the fact that they referenced a survey asking people whether or not they would use alternative transportation in that area was very dissapointing seeing that those surveyed had probably NEVER considered or were aware of the better alterntives. I thought that the charettes put forth actually meant something, being attended by citizens of Fayetteville who actually gave a damn about what the city would grow into.
  12. I actually know the people who lived there when the tree hit the house. They used to be my parent's neighbors on Mt Sequoyah before they moved down there. The man was Presbyterian minister and they live in Albeuquerque now, but I might be able to find some pics of the house seeing that they were close family friends back then. I do remember when the tree hit , it came through one of the daughter's bedroom ceilings.
  13. So I guess Ruskin Heights was approved with certain conditions, though I'm confused at the moment as to what needs to happen...
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