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  1. Rivers Stone visited Bergamo when he was doing research for Montebello. I've seen pictures, and there was one of a garden that spelled out "Greenville" in flowers. I could not begin to tell you exactly where to find it, or even if it still exists. The picture was probably taken 10 years ago.
  2. I agree that closing off main street to cars would create a cool atmosphere. Unfortunately, Knox White says that the city isn't really looking into that idea. Believe it or not, he says that a lot of main street businesses survive on drive-by visibility.
  3. This is strange. Look at the legal notices. Bellacino's Pizza & Grinders is applying for a liquor license for 123 South Main Street (the address of the Carpenters building). Do you think Carpenter's cellar is on it's way out as well?
  4. I've always been a big fan of Mellow Mushroom, way before we ever got one. You have to go there with the expectation that you'll get terrible service. They try to keep the deadhead atmosphere by hiring a bunch of hippies, and you get the type of service you'd expect from hippies. It's pretty fun if you go in there with that in mind. Otherwise, you'll be totally frustrated.
  5. That can't happen. For one, it's section 8 (government subsidized) housing. They're all poor and/or disabled. You'd have to find somewhere for those people to live. Second, the place is disgusting, and the units are small. Third, there are far too many physical issues to make renovating it a profitable possibility. The only solution is find a place for those people to move to, and tear that sucker down. I'd be all for that. It would definately help out 400 N. Main's property value.
  6. The statement about Greenville is probably true. However, American Apparel is by no means high-end. They make cheaply-made t-shirts and shorts. Basically, it's for college kids who want to look cool by acting like they're not trying to look cool. They pulled out due to our lack of a significant college base. This is no big loss. It just frees up the space for something that will do better here.
  7. I was going to mention the exact same thing. There really isn't a lot of people withing reasonable walking distance to the tram in TR. I would definately ride my bike there if I could take it on the tram with me and use my bike to get around once I was downtown. I'm sure that type of setup exists. I just have never seen it in person. As for Furman students using it to get to TR, I think that would work well for Sunrift and Leopard Forest, but nobody would use it to get to the developing retail corrodor on 25 It's a 20-minute walk from the tram station each way, and the car ride from Furman to Wal-Mart is 3 minutes.
  8. Definitely some gutting going on in that building. There's a temporary construction dumpster just outside full of broken sheetrock, etc. I looked inside the front windows today. It looked very similar to what it used to be, only there were some large ceramic ice cream cones on the tables. I know the building's owner wanted to turn that space into an ice cream parlor by the middle of this year. Could Rosalinda's be going into the basement?
  9. I knew this one as soon as I saw it. Never knew the real name. We called it Ruba's Rock after a friend of mine who fell from the top of it. I bet a lot of people do that there. It's grade is just low enough to climb up, but it's obviously very dangerous.
  10. Not sure how I feel about this, but when I asked a friend that works at Mr. Knickerbocker's where they'll relocate to, she said, "Probably Greenridge."
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