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    New Urban Planning. Historic renovation and adaptive re-use.
  1. I worked through school at a law firm in the building. It was very cool. I can still remember the staircases.
  2. wondering how to attach the photo straight in
  3. Take Me to the River Jam www.downtownjacksonville.org credit Sarah G
  4. The laugh at the end is towards the unfortunate and ironic sentiment at the end.
  5. Planes, trains and automobiles The Jacksonville Transportation Authority unveiled its vision for a transportation center headquartered in LaVilla. The Downtown Development Authority is considering an amendment to the downtown master plan to include the $127 million facility, which would provide access to the Skyway, JTA and Greyhound buses and an airport shuttle. The Skyway station would connect to an Amtrak station via a covered bridge. JTA is expecting Amtrak and Greyhound to base their downtown operations at the transportation center. Greyhound would move out of its current Bay Street
  6. I should say that I will evaluate Lakelander's platform with an open mind.
  7. Personally I like the mayor. I should disclose that I have a contract with Downtown Vision (I am the project manager for the art walk). DVI is NOT part of any city agency or function and stands alone as a BID, but we obviously work closely with the city on many projects, etc. Still, I should disclose these things I suppose. I do not speak for DVI on this or any other public forum. I think the mayor's business sense (which I believe is his best asset) keeps him from making quick (and sometimes obvious) decisions. But some of the decisions he has made have been thoughtful and clearly new-u
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