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  1. The Detroit News, WWJ, and WXYZ are holding a Detroit photo competition. Since I know many of you take Great Detroit Photos, I thought I'd let you know and hopefully one of you wins! http://www.detnews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/artic...=73247659911636 (from DetroitFunk.com)
  2. On the topic of Detroit photography, some of you may be interested in joining this Flickr group and going to the opening on June 23. I know many of you take great pictures of the city or, like me, just like looking at them. http://www.flickr.com/groups/exposuredetroit/
  3. tomo

    Detroit Off Topic

    The handover of Eastern Market couldn't happen soon enough, but it's great to hear it's a step closer! There's now a good chance that by this time next year Detroit'll have two highly bolstered tourist assets -- Mexicantown's welcome center and a week-long Eastern Market. resourcefulidiot, you are right about the metro area's great ethnic foods. It's what makes Detroit a big city. Thai restaurants everywhere, South Asian and Polish in Hamtramck, Vietnamese in Madison Heights (don't forget Windsor), even the occasional Filipino or Nepalese restaurant. ANY new restaurants in the Eastern M
  4. tomo

    Detroit Off Topic

    Come on now, J Dilla died in L.A. from a medical condition. Eight Mile and Gratiot may be a tame area (where two highways intersect you're probably more likely to get injured in an auto accident than anything!) but apparently it's not so tame inside (illegal) afterhours clubs where people aren't searched for guns which they bring in... no matter where the club is. Maybe this is another reason for allowing bars to legally operate and serve alcohol later if they're willing to buy licenses to do so.
  5. The day after I move to Chicago. Dang.
  6. tomo

    Detroit Off Topic

    There are far too many people in the region who think like your parents, Zachariah. And that is exactly why I think Detroit has so much hidden potential, there are all these dollars floating around the region and a change in perception is all it would take to flood downtown Detroit with them. The next generation of kids will be much more likely to visit Detroit regularly, of course, but there's still oppurtunity to bring back the older generation, the ones who haven't been downtown in 20 years. I'm sure no metro area has a higher portion of people like that and it's a huge untapped market.
  7. Allan, can you expand on why it is a low-cost renovation? It there hope for renovating other unused buildings downtown, even the larger ones, in a low-cost way as well?
  8. Wow, Zissou, what city is this? Thanks for the fresh angle.
  9. A lot could happen in 30 years. Detroit could experience an economic and highrise boom like many newer large downtowns experienced in the latter part of the 20th century while they themselves stagnate. We could do what Toronto has done (much more highrises in Toronto than in Chicago). But first we need to catch up with those other cities, Boston and Philly, etc. Greater Downtown Detroit could be transformed easily just by moving around resources within the Metro Detroit region, but to go after Chicago or LA would require a new economy, like the one NextEnergy and TechTown are going after.
  10. Downtown Detroit would be improved by a bunch more tall midrises than any single new record-breaking skyscraper (we don't need another RenCen to concentrate and kill the office market, yet, and functionally it's more important what's happening at street level than in the sky). Key Tower in Cleveland is indeed quite tall and it dwarfs the rest of its downtown. I think a better measure of a skyline's height is the distribution of its tall buildings, e.g. the number of buildings over 100 meters (twice as many in Detroit). While there's not much most of us can do to get any new skyscrapers buil
  11. tomo

    Detroit Off Topic

    Hamtramck and HP do have many differences today, besides the current rate of immigration. Race and poverty level are big ones. So is the retail makeup and suburbanite attractions. What are your ideas? Precedent for a city successfully building ethnic neighborhoods? The same tools could be used to preserve and strengthen the Hmong area in northwest Detroit and the small Vietnamese community in the southwest (somewhere).
  12. tomo

    Detroit Off Topic

    The problem that I see is that Highland Park's shared border with Hamtramck is quite small and it's entirely industrial. So it's not like people will simply move into houses that are right across the border, which they can do into Detroit to the north and east of Hamtramck. Not to mention a highway is basically Hamtramck's border to the west as well, further constraining residential expansion. In contrast to Hamtramck, HP does have some cool taller buildings that could one day be reused, plus it's right on Woodward. HP could definitely use a wave of immigrants...
  13. tomo

    Detroit Off Topic

    I was playing around with the bird's eye view (it only worked for Midtown and the north half of downtown) one day and then the next day it stopped working. This was a few weeks ago, and I noticed they had taken Detroit off the list of cities where bird's eye view was available. It appears to be working again, but still no bottom half of downtown and the images don't appear to have been updated. Wolverine, I would love to get a copy of the print out of this if you are able to make me one. I wrote a quick script to rip all the high res tiles from Windows Live of greater downtown Detroit
  14. There's no way in hell the residents of Ann Arbor would allow anything the same height of Tower Plaza were it to go down. The reason the city has height restrictions is because of that.
  15. I consider everything covered by the Downtown Development Authority to be "downtown", which includes Tower Plaza as well as South U, I believe, but not the Packard/State area. It's all relative... if you're outside of Ann Arbor, it's all downtown, if you're a student living near South U, you'd differentiate it from the State Street area or Main Street or Kerrytown, etc. When I lived in Tower Plaza, I lived downtown, just like when my office was at State and Liberty. Wow, I really hope that proposed building happens. That old bank has sat underused for some time now.
  16. I'm in Ann Arbor all throughout the week but Saturdays I usually spend in Detroit.
  17. $10k ain't bad. Btw, can you tell me what this organization is, and it is at UofM (I see you are Wolverine from Ann Arbor so..)? Also, I want to make it clear that the stuff the city was selling was $1 per square foot not $1 total, so you're going to be paying a few thousand up front to the city. It's sad that someone who has the money and will to renovate a property in Midtown can't do so because the person who owns the abandoned building wants too much money for it.
  18. I thought I had it bookmarked but I can't find it. I just remember that the url begun with www.ci.detroit.mi.us. Someone more elite than myself should really scrape up all those addresses from the city of Detroit's website and link them up with Google Maps so you can quickly get an idea of where the abandoned properties for sale are.
  19. Maybe my question is off topic but does anyone know how much it costs in material and how much it costs in labor to fix up an abandoned house? Could a team of say 10 buddies/do-gooders spend $100/each per month and work on a $1 house every weekend and get it renovated? I've seen the city of Detroit's website listing the properties it has for sale (iirc they were all $1/sqft) but didn't really recognize the addresses of any as being where I'd want to fix one up (Midtown, Southwest Detrot), and maybe all the properties in those areas are already owned by speculators who are just sitting on t
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