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  1. Thank you for all these nice pictures Garris. I enjoy looking at them. I was on the bike path towards leaving Providence in the direction of Bristol yesterday and the views of the 3 chimneys at sunset were beautiful, as well as of the city in general. If you're looking for new viewpoints on the skyline...
  2. Well, last year I considered taking a job in Madison, and there are other significant differences between Madison and Providence, not very visible but which make a huge difference to the individual. First of all, their public education system is among the best in the nation; their high school is ranked #4 nationwide. Thus, because of that single difference, if I had gone there, I'd be living in town instead of being stuck in the suburbs like here. It's a huge factor. Then, if you want to live there "there are no bad areas" and crime is fairly low everywhere. Finally, housing is much cheaper. Altogether, it means that one has many more options as to where to live in Madison than in Providence.
  3. http://www.sueandpaul.com/gmapPedometer/ You can zoom out of Hoboken, then into Providence, click on "start recording" and doucle click along your route to calculate the exact length of your walks around town. For example, it's exactly .52 miles from my bus stop to my office.
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