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  1. Demo is apparently finished, but I don't have a photo. Here's a new rendering. Endeavor
  2. The ATX

    West Ave. Apartments | ? Feet | 28-Stories | Proposed

    We still don't know much about this project. But one of the restaurants to be demo'ed for this project officially announced their closing date as November 17.
  3. The ATX

    Austin Marriott Downtown | 386' | 31-Stories | U/C

    The two cranes on the left are for this project. On election night, our usually non-committal mayor said something about moving forward with the convention center expansion during his new term. That expansion would be on the blocks of low-rise structures at the bottom of this photo. Link
  4. The ATX

    Alexan on 11th | 350 Feet | 29-Stories | Proposed

    Groundbreaking is imminent if it has started already. Trammell Crow Residential has added this project to their development portfolio on their website and listed it with a Nov. 2018 start. It also has a new name. A local real estate blog stated that it's being finance by Bank of America. Link
  5. WeWork is in the process of purchasing this project from McCourt Global. This would be WeWork's first ground up project. I would expect this to then be reworked to add more office space since it is currently planned as mostly residential. But it would become a real project once again. Article
  6. The official groundbreaking happened yesterday. There was a possible design tweak based on the rendering shown at the groundbreaking. Link
  7. The ATX

    Block 71 (Indeed Tower) | 542' | 36-Stories | U/C

    The second tower crane went up today. Here it is yesterday laying next to the site yesterday. Photo by Mopacs
  8. The ATX

    Austin U/C Projects Compilation

    The first of three tower cranes went up at the State's North Austin Complex expansion. Link
  9. The site plan was approved and released today. This one is good to go. There was a pause between Demo and site prep because the site plan wasn't approved yet. But it's 100% leased and financed and has no underground levels, so it'll be going up quick. Site prep was scheduled to start today based on city permits. But I can't confirm that.
  10. The ATX

    Fifth & West | 459' | 39-Stories | U/C

    Mine too. It will also have views to rival those of 70 Rainey.
  11. The ATX

    Austin Economy/Culture/Growth/Whatever

    Let's call it HQ2.5. The City of Austin is not a believer in big incentives and has become somewhat anti-business a la Seattle. It was probably never a top contender despite help from the State of Texas. We can't even get an MLS team and stadium built due to city politics and lawsuits when a franchise along with a free new stadium were being handed to Austin. Anyway, Amazon and the city were in discussions before HQ2 to expand Amazon's workforce in Austin at the Domain in a deal referred to as "Project Emerald Forest." Any future expansion may be a restart of those plans.
  12. The ATX

    Fifth & West | 459' | 39-Stories | U/C

    Here it is with the Independent tower. Photo by Urbannizer
  13. The ATX

    The Independent | 690' | 58-stories | U/C

    Here it is on the left. The brown water is the result of the Hill Country flooding which caused a week long boil water notice for Austin. Link
  14. The ATX

    Hotel ZaZa & Residences | 305' | 24-Stories | U/C

    Here it is beyond the parking lot that is the site of the proposed Republic Tower which is one of the two or three new tallest proposals. Photo by corvairkeith
  15. Here's the site fenced off after Demo. Photo by corvairkeith