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  1. The ATX

    6 X Guadalupe | 848' | 65-Stories | Proposed

    The site plan was approved and released. This is good to go as far as the city is concerned. Let's hope a ground breaking is announced soon.
  2. The ATX

    The Independent | 690' | 58-Stories | U/C

    The current season of Fear the Walking Dead takes place in Austin. The last episode had the cast running around the abandoned Brackenridge hospital campus. (I have a thread for the Brackenridge Campus .) In this screen capture it looks like the crane for the Independent is bent and dangling in the wind. Link
  3. The ATX

    The Independent | 690' | 58-Stories | U/C

    Here's another view taken a few days after the previous post as evidenced by no tower crane. This was taken from the MoPac Expressway that parallels I-35 on the western side of downtown. From this angle the buildings line up nicely for great for skyline shots. From I-35, the buildings appear too spread out to get a good skyline photo. But when driving on I-35, one should be trying to stay alive and not be worried about some damn buildings anyway. Some Guy on Twitter
  4. The ATX

    Austin U/C Projects Compilation

    This is Endeavor's five block mixed-use TOD called Plaza Saltillo. There is an unconfirmed report on SSP that Google 100% pre- leased the office building that will be going up along I-35 at the far end of this project as seen in the first photo. Photos by Urbannizer
  5. Here's the site. This rather nice view of Hotel ZaZa & Residences will be blocked. But so will the ugly blank wall of the neighboring condo building. Photos by corvairkeith
  6. The ATX

    Hotel ZaZa & Residences | 305' | 24-Stories | U/C

    These photos were taken this past week by corvairkeith.
  7. The ATX

    Austin Proposed Projects Compilation

    Here's a new office building proposed for the Capitol Complex. It's on an adjacent block from the 1801 Congress building the I posted about in the U/C thread. This one is height limited by a Capitol View Corridor and is being built by the Employee Retirement System of Texas. That parking lot at center-right is the site of the underway 18-story 1801 Congress state office building. Link
  8. The ATX

    Austin U/C Projects Compilation

    The State of Texas has a government campus North of downtown appropriately called the North Austin Complex. The one downtown is simply referred to as the Capitol Complex. The North campus is under going Phase I of a construction project to add an office building and parking garage. Phase II will be another office building and parking structure. These photos are from the Texas Facility Commission. I believe three tower cranes will be going up shortly.
  9. This one will be completed in 2019. In this shot, Austin Proper Hotel & Residences is located between the Google and Facebook towers. Photo by corvairkeith
  10. The site has been cleared. The first floor restaurant has been officially announced and will be Del Friscoe's Grille. That's a sister restaurant to Sullivan's Steakhouse that was demolished for this project. The new restaurant will be pretty cool. It's two stories open to the street. Austin Design Commission Presentation
  11. This will be officially completed in early 2019. Third + Shoal is the green and grey tower in the middle. Photo by corvairkeith
  12. The ATX

    Austin U/C Projects Compilation

    Here's another update of the Demo for the Hilton Canopy. The site is mostly cleared. Link
  13. The ATX

    Austin West Campus Projects Compilation

    At this moment in time, I believe West Campus has more tower cranes than downtown proper. That won't last long. But right now a lot of the big downtown towers U/C have topped out, and the ones on deck won't be starting until 2019 for the most part.
  14. The ATX

    Austin West Campus Projects Compilation

    Here's an update on the progress in the pit for the 11-story Marriott AC and Autograph dual branded hotel. Photo by Urbannizer
  15. The ATX

    Austin U/C Projects Compilation

    This is the demo for the Hilton Canopy. This is a nice looking hotel that will be replacing a dead zone in the otherwise lively W. 6th St. District. The photos are by Flatiron at SSP. The site is in a Capitol View Corridor. So they could only squeeze in six floors which is the height of the podium for the apartment tower next door. That apartment tower is at an angle to avoid the Capitol View Corridor. A lot of Austin's residential towers are built that way. The podiums are built as tall as allowed in the Capitol View Corridor, and the tower portioned is built at an angle that avoids the corridor. Here's the rendering. Austin Business Journal