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  1. Congrats Nashville. You will now learn that there are a whole bunch of obscure ways to assemble cheap (albeit pleasantly contemporary) furniture.
  2. It's not that bad. My only complaint would be that it continues with the 12-story height plateau.
  3. This project is in trouble as proposed. The Austin Design Commission has twice denied the developers the F.A.R. increase they need to build it. The commission does not like the amount of proposed parking even though the developer's reason for the parking is that it will serve as a public parking garage and as well as parking for the tenants. The open level separating the parking and office levels is planned as public space.
  4. This hotel officially opens July 27, and is following the trend of other big hotels with awesome street level interaction. Link
  5. The U.S. census released the 2016 city estimates, and Austin is at 947,890. I would have expected lower numbers due to the high cost of living in the city compared to the 'burbs and the city's limited annexation practices.
  6. The site is being prepped for demo: KXAN Story.
  7. It is rather surprising that the nation's biggest home builders are so focused on the Sunbelt when there are plenty of opportunities for large scale development in places like Grand Rapids.
  8. The vast majority of these towers didn't exit about nine years ago. It's hard to believe that there are another 45 high-rises 300' to 700' tall in various stages of planning or construction in the works for downtown Austin. Link
  9. Some updates from the project's Facebook page.
  10. Here's a new rendering. This is yet another skinny tower due to the CVC restrictions. Link
  11. These are about a month old but still pretty cool. Link Link
  12. Despite the "...45 stories..." verbiage in the 710 East site plan, CVCs will prevent anything tall from going up at the site. So we now have "only" 10 towers planned for the area instead of 11.
  13. Here are some photo updates taken since my last post. The Independent (and lots of other projects), 58-stories, 690' Photos by corvairkeith 70 Rainey, 33-stories, 419' Photos by corvairkeith Hotel Zaza & Residences, 24-stories 305' Photos by corvairkeith Third + Shoal, 29-stories, 387' Photos by corvairkeith Fifth & West, 39-stories, 459' Photos by corvairkeith Homewood Suites, 17-stories, 184' Photos by corvairkeith Fairmont Hotel, 1,066 Rooms, 36-stories, 595' (with spire) Photos by Mopacs Photo by corvairkeith The Fairmont & Homewood Suites Photos by Mopacs Aloft & Element Hotel(s), 31-stories, 328', Grand opening is in July Photos by myBrain There are a lot more project updates I could post, but that's enough for now.
  14. We're now inundated with renderings thanks to an upcoming Design Commission meeting about this project. Demo permits were filed today to clear all three buildings on the site. Here are some more renderings. The proposed convention center expansion is the threeish blocks to the left of this project in this rendering:
  15. Taken by Mopacs: