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  1. This one is back on the agenda for Monday's Design Commission meeting. They failed to get their needed FAR increase at the June meeting. So they tweaked the design - especially at street level - in an attempt to get approval for the increased FAR. These are new renderings: Link
  2. It is a pretty cool idea. But it doesn't mean much to those who know the history. Maybe they'll put a plaque on the wall.
  3. I'll move the MLS stadium stuff here from the proposed projects thread because they had what amounts to a groundbreaking ceremony today. Here're a couple new renderings: Link The Huston apartment tower is officially U/C now. Both cranes should be up within 4 weeks. Photo by Echostatic
  4. The MLS stadium has approval for site prep. Here are some models on display at the team's "Experience Center": Another random guy on Twitter
  5. Here's a view without construction barricades showing the former Gingerman Bar facade . Photo by corvairkeith
  6. There are probably 50-60 cranes up around the Metro, but it's virtually impossible to keep an accurate count. Here's a couple suburban projects. Hill Country suburb Bee Caves. Abbot Laboratories is a main tenant in this project. GDA San Marcos. Photo by Austin55
  7. From today. The Hilton Canopy on W. 6th St. Photo by corvairkeith.
  8. Taken earlier today by corvairkeith. It's picking up speed now. This will be the tallest office building in Austin for a brief period of time. The U/C Block 185 (Google #2) will pass it up.
  9. It's up another floor since the last post. Photo by corvairkeith
  10. More updates from corvairkeith. These are from earlier today. The proposed convention center expansion would butt up against the gray wall. Here it is with its slightly older sibling JW on the right.
  11. The Capitol Complex project added a third webcam showing the excavation for underground parking that will be under the grassy mall that is replacing Congress Ave. There are now three huge pits by the Texas History Museum for Capitol Complex projects. The three cranes working the North Austin State Government Complex can be seen several miles away on the horizon. The crane on the right is for an unknown U.T. project, and the two cranes working the stadium expansion are just out of view to the right. The sky is starting to fill up with cranes again. I sure hope any recession holds off for a while. Webcam
  12. Three cranes are now up at the North Austin State Government Complex. Webcam Same project with photos by Mopacs.
  13. Little by little... Another photo by corvairkeith
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