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  1. The ATX

    Population Growth

    That's the Metro population. The CSA is 1.3+ million.
  2. The ATX

    5th & Brazos | 355' | 31-Stories | Site Prep

    From today apparently. This one is going to be a hole in the ground for a long time since all parking is below grade. Photo Link
  3. The ATX

    Austin Marriott Downtown | 386' | 31-Stories | U/C

    Here's the Marriott Convention Center Hotel (600+ rooms) rising up in front of the JW Marriott Convention Center Hotel (1,000+ rooms). Photo taken by Urbannizer from Rainey St. Entertainment District.
  4. It's a Pelli design, and slopes and angles seem to be their specialty. This project had setback requirements on two sides due to zoning, so something like this was always the plan.
  5. Another view of the start of excavation taken by Urbannizer.
  6. We finally have a rendering: Austin Business Journal
  7. They've got a lot of money to expand from SoftBank and apparently the Saudi Sovereign Fund. They set up some type of investment fund to finance this Austin project.
  8. This one broke ground today. According to local sources it will soon be announced that Google is expanding in Austin by leasing this entire building. Photo by deerhoof
  9. WeWorked closed on their purchase of the 4.7 acres where four towers were planned. They have the money to do something great here, and they are also expanding their brand to include a WeLive concept which means they are getting into residential projects. Here's an Austin Business Journal article.
  10. Groundbreaking should be imminent. The site was cleared this week and the site plan plan for excavation was approved and released!
  11. The ATX

    Austin West Campus Projects Compilation

    The implosion in the video was for the Standard at Austin. We now have elevations for the project that is replacing the 11-story story University Towers across the street from the implosion site. It's the Standard at Austin II. The zoning in the West Campus limits the height to 17/18-stories. In addition to all of the 17/18-story projects recently built, there are around 10 more planned or U/C. Link
  12. Here are the elevations: Towers
  13. The ATX

    Austin U/C Projects Compilation

    The State's North Austin Complex got another tower crane and a live webcam! Webcam
  14. The abandoned condo complex awaiting demo for this project has turned into a homeless camp and place of nefarious activity with a lot of police responses. KVUE Story and Video
  15. I changed the tower heights in the thread title to what the elevations show. Those heights happen to be the lowest heights out of all the conflicting height info. But two ~600' towers at this location will still be awesome. There are at least two more ~600' towers planned right by this proposals. It would be great for the skyline if all four get built.