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  1. The ATX

    Austin Proposed Projects Compilation

    We have a rendering of the Travis County Courthouse proposed for the site seen three posts up. This one is funded and has a general contractor. I'm not sure if the County can get around most of the city's permitting process like the State and University can. But permitting is probably the only hurdle left. Link
  2. The general contractor posted on their Twitter account Friday that this is officially topped out. Austin Commercial Twitter
  3. The ATX

    Austin Economy/Culture/Growth/Whatever

    In case that video in my previous post has anybody wanting to move here, look at local station KVUE's 10 day forecast. After that 109F high it does cool down to 98F in 10 days.
  4. The ATX

    Austin Economy/Culture/Growth/Whatever

    Here's somebody's over the top love for Austin video. It makes me want to move there. Oh, wait...
  5. The ATX

    Austin U/C Projects Compilation

    Here are some general construction photo updates and some for projects that don't have their own thread. SXSW HQ. Photos by Urbannizer Urbannizer at SSP put together a nice collection of photo updates for East Austin projects about a week ago. I have been largely ignoring East Austin projects with my UP posts because zoning prohibits high-rises which are my main focus. But the development in this small area on the east side of I-35 across from downtown is gentrification on steroids. From Zilker Park - home of the Austin City Limits festival. Link Link
  6. The ATX

    70 Rainey | 419' | 33-Stories | U/C

    From the river: Link I like how this tower stands out to the right from the web cam of some other nondescript project. Webcam
  7. A demo permit for the half of the site not yet cleared was filed this week.
  8. Construction is wrapping up. But I can't find any info about wen Facebook moves in. Photo by Urbannizer
  9. Topped out. Photos by AusTxDevelopment
  10. The ATX

    600 Guadalupe | 848' | 65-Stories | Proposed

    Here are more street level renderings showing different sides of the building. The reason for all the street level renderings from the Monday 07/23 Design Commission presentation is because pedestrian street level interaction is largely what the Design Commission focuses on. Even though there are no firm height limits on downtown sites not limited by Capitol View Corridors, the FAR is only 8:1 unless the Design Commission approves an increase up to 25:1. To get the increase there has to be retail, benches (a.k.a. homeless beds) canopies, trees, bike racks, public art, etc. Link
  11. The ATX

    The Republic | 586' | 37-Stories | Proposed

    Here are some close ups of the tower. At around 600', it will standout in the skyline for a while. Link
  12. The Historic Landmark Commission has the site demo on the agenda for their 07/23 meeting. The buildings were built in 1928, but the staff recommends demo because the buildings have been remodeled over the years and have no historical significance. Since the staff recommends the demo, this may pass on consent with no discussion. If anyone reading this cares about the history of the buildings, the links below contain photos and histories of the buildings.
  13. The ATX

    Austin West Campus Projects Compilation

    West Campus is booming with student apartment buildings. Photos by Urbannizer This is the dual branded Marriott AC & Autograph Collection hotels. Photo by Urbannizer
  14. Tower crane plans were made public yesterday. Demo is still planned for August 1st. The tower crane will reach 511' and is planned to go up in December. This tower will go up fast since there's no underground levels and it's 100% pre-leased. Link
  15. The ATX

    The Independent | 690' | 58-Stories | U/C

    Crown construction continues. That building on the right is 43-stories. Based on Austin's history of resisting tall buildings, I would never have expected that 43-story buildings could be looked down upon from taller buildings. Link