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  1. 56 East Ave. | ? Feet | 25-Stories | Proposed

    Here's a previous concept for the site from 2014. It was 30-stories and 345'. I hope whatever the final version ends up being is better than the two concept renderings we have. Link
  2. Austin Economy/Culture/Growth/Whatever

    The City of Austin has published the 01/01/2018 city and Metro population estimates. The city proper is getting close to 1 million at 963,000, and the Metro is approaching 2.2 million. The city proper numbers should reflect an annexation of around 5,000 people that were officially annexed today. As of this past December 1st, the State Legislature that is dominated by rural conservatives effectively killed future annexations of populated areas by Texas cities. Cities will now only be able to annex populated areas if the residents in the target areas vote for annexation. A vote for annexation will not happen very often as it means a tax increase for residents already enjoying city amenities.
  3. A sign recently went up at a county run mental health facility in the Rainey St. District. It's for a project that's only 25-stories. But it's mostly - if not all - office, so it should hit the 300' threshold I use for creating dedicated project threads. Austin Towers has an article about it, and these are from Austin Towers: These are from the architect's website:
  4. The Independent | 690' | 58-Stories | U/C

    This is from earlier today. Work on the 46th floor is underway, and the final height will be a little over 100' taller than the spire on the building to the right in this photo. Webcam
  5. This one is moving forward pretty much as scheduled. The restaurant and bar on the site are closing in early January per Austin Eater. Demo should start shortly thereafter since the demo permit has already been approved.
  6. Austin U/C Projects Compilation

    This is a zoomed in view from the Marriott convention center hotel construction webcam. It shows a lot of cranes involved in the redevelopment of several blocks on the east side of I-35 downtown.
  7. The Avenue | 346' | 31-Stories | Proposed

    An art gallery appropriately named "The Demo Gallery" was using the building on site for art shows up until the last weekend in November. A demo permit was filed yesterday. Hopefully this one gets underway soon.
  8. Hotel ZaZa & Residences | 305' | 24-Stories | U/C

    This was taken by corvairkeith.
  9. The Independent | 690' | 58-Stories | U/C

    These were taken by corvairkeith.
  10. Austin West Campus Projects Compilation

    There are four 17 to 18-story apartment buildings U/C in West Campus along with more 5 to 9-story apartment buildings than I can keep up with. A new 17-story apartment building was announced this week. It's called The Standard at Austin. Zoning limits the height to around 18-stories which is the reason for so many buildings being that height. Here's one of the elevations from the site plan:
  11. These were taken by Mopacs.
  12. This one is going up fast. The photos were taken by corvairkeith. This one was taken by Mopacs.
  13. No news on this project. But the Gensler architect who posted the rendering two posts up on his Instagram account now says that it's not the proposed Block 87 tower either. I have several guesses as to what it could be now, but what's the point? I'll just wait until we have some real info.
  14. Fifth & West | 459' | 39-Stories | U/C

    These were taken by Mopacs.
  15. Austin West Campus Projects Compilation

    These were taken over a week ago by Urbannizer. It's the site of the Marriott AC and Autograph hotel, and the McDonald's is no more. The rest of the site has probably been cleared since these wer taken.