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  1. The Kalahari water park, conference center and 1,000 room hotel is underway. Statesman Article
  2. I marked this one complete in the thread title because it will be completed next week. The University of Texas begins the move in on August 1st from the current U.T. HQ located across the street on Block 71. Demo on Block 71 should begin shortly thereafter to make way for Trammell-Crow's alleged 35-story, 511' foot office tower and a second 30 to 35-story residential tower.
  3. The OP has been updated for the July list of Austin's tallest projects.
  4. You can rent a room here beginning next week, so I marked it complete in the thread title. Here are some photos taken earlier this month by Syndic at SSP showing the preparations for the opening. Here's a distant view of it taken a while back after the signage went up. Photo by Geckos_Rule
  5. These were taken earlier today by corvairkeith at SSP. Austin Proper is going up on the right. Austin Proer is going up on the left in this one.
  6. These updates are from earlier today by covairkeith at SSP. Third + Shoal is on the left. Third+ Shoal is on the right in this one.
  7. There was an update of sorts earlier today. This Statesman article functions more as a fluff piece from the developer saying "Hey, I'm still here" as other projects in the area are gaining more attention. But anyway, the start date is set for later this year.
  8. This is the view from earlier tonight from the Long Center - a secondary Austin convention center - looking across the river toward the Greenwater development area. The front lawn of the Long Center is used for the appropriately named Skyline Amphitheater. I believe the capacity is set at 3K, and the concert tonight featured Dirty Heads and SOJA. Webcam
  9. New elevations were released today along with the new renderings. There are several other 500'+ towers proposed or close to being announced. But if this one gets built before any other proposal, it would be the 4th tallest all residential (as opposed to mixed use with residential) tower in Austin. (Number 1 and number 2 on this list are also the tallest all residential towers west of the Mississippi!) The top four would then be: 1. The Independent - 690'/58-stories 2. The Austonian - 683'/56-stories 3. 360 Condos - 581'/44-stories 4. 3rd & Colorado - 518'/44-stories
  10. A site plan was filed today for a Hilton Canopy Hotel to be located at this blighted spot on W. 6th St. The site plan doesn't have any height info yet.
  11. This project just got bigger. It now breaks the 500' mark at 518' and goes from 39 to 44-stories. Austin Design Commission
  12. Even in booming cities like Austin, big projects can take several years to get going. I wouldn't even begin to worry about this project for a long time.
  13. I haven't been keeping this thread up to date because it's about suburban projects which are mostly uninteresting low-rise sprawl. But the latest print edition of Community Impact covering Austin's southern 'burbs has an interesting article about Kyle, TX. Community Impact is a Texas based business and development news company similar to the Business Journal company, and Kyle is a second ring Austin suburb sandwiched between two other Austin suburbs along I-35 - Buda to the north and San Marcos to the South. The San Antonio metro begins with New Braunfels which is immediately south of San Marcos. Suburbs of the big Texas cities typically dominate the Census Bureau's annual lists of the fastest growing cities. But Kyle's current population is below the 50,000 population threshold that the Census Bureau uses for its rankings. Kyle's population in 2000 was around 5,300 and by 2010 it was 28,000. In 2016 the Census Bureau put it at 39,000. In 2017 it is put at 42,000 by a local source. Anyway, the community Impact article stated that the city is planning for a population of 100,000 in 20 years. There are currently 21 active subdivisions in Kyle either U/C or in the planning phases with an amazing total of 47,000 new home sites. As far as I can tell, that doesn't even include the healthy amount of apartment construction already happening in Kyle. Three of those 21 subdivisions each have 8,000 to 10,000 home sites! Kyle doesn't even have a major employer outside of a regional hospital and big box retail.
  14. This is from late this afternoon. Floor #21 is in progress. Link
  15. This is from late this afternoon. Floor #28 is in progress. Link