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  1. And there are at least five towers planned for the Rainey area that are taller than this one: 90 Rainey, Travis #1, Travis #2 and two of the We Company towers including Block 190.
  2. The site plan was filed today. It's being referred to as "The East Tower".
  3. I pulled the dozen North Austin projects off the tallest projects list and made this list. There is also 12-story apartment building proposed for Broadmoor, but I didn't include it because it's probably not tall enough for the list. I also don't have a list of the completed building heights in North Austin because I don't track anything under 300' for that list.
  4. The Austin's Tallest Projects List was updated for February.
  5. From this morning. Considering that there are ~45 projects in development between 300' and 1000', the skyline should more than double in size in five years. Stay healthy economy. Another excellent photo by g-man435.
  6. Here's the site from Streetview. It'll cover up one side of the goofy Homewood Suites.
  7. This is the one on the left. Photos by g-man435.
  8. Another view of the dirt works from today for what will become the 6th tallest building in Texas. Soon to be passed up by one or both of the ATX East and ATX West towers? Photo by g-man435.
  9. Google's second tower is making an above ground presence. Photos by g-man435.
  10. Indeed's new HQ. Photos by g-man435.
  11. The bungalow bar on the site will not be incorporated into the project as originally planned. But it appears that the container bar will be. The Historical Landmark Commission takes up the bungalow Demo at their 02/24 meeting. Here's the meeting presentation: 02/24/2020 Historical Landmark Commission Presentation
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