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  1. Warner Tower - Lyon and Ottawa

    It looks like the height of this building has been pretty well pinpointed in previous posts. But it's officially 192' according to the required FAA filing. I use the FAA filings to find the exact height of buildings whenever the site plan doesn't account for the full height.
  2. Austin U/C Projects Compilation

    The SXSW Headquarters building has officially broken ground and excavation following site demo is underway: KXAN article. Here's a rendering. Gensler
  3. Austin Suburban Projects Compilation

    Austin's biggest suburb Round Rock (Pop. 120K+) is getting their very own Domain style development called The District. Yawn. But in more interesting Round Rock news this week, the AAA Round Rock Express baseball stadium has been turned into a set for Fear The Walking Dead..
  4. Hotel ZaZa & Residences | 305' | 24-Stories | U/C

    This one continues to stumble along while blending into the downtown architectural background noise. But it will stand out once the facade is goes up. Photo by corvairkeith
  5. These were taken by corvairkeith.
  6. Fifth & West | 459' | 39-Stories | U/C

    This one is close to being topped out. All photos by corvairkeith
  7. Fairmont Hotel | 590' | 36-Stories | U/C

    Here's a recent photo of the ugly side taken from the intersection of Cesar Chavez and Red River that shows the lighting. The lighting on the mechanical screen and spire can be changed to almost anything imaginable. Since this photo was taken, signage for the Fairmont Hotel was added to the top. This project is also suffering from significant construction delays. It had an August opening at one point, and they are now refunding December bookings. The new opening is scheduled for sometime in the first quarter of 2018. Photo by deerhoof
  8. The Independent | 690' | 58-Stories | U/C

    Working on floor #41... Webcam
  9. No new pictures, but excavation for the underground parking levels got underway immediately after the demo. This is not a new rendering, but the logo on top was redesigned. Bisnow
  10. Austin Proposed Projects Compilation

    Here's a new office proposal for the NW corner of downtown. This area needs a shot in the arm. The city limits high-rise development in this area with strict zoning, and there are a lot of state office buildings with no ground floor retail that are dead after 5:00PM. It's good to see a project like this announced because it will help connect downtown to the booming West Campus area. Here's a weird rendering of the area featuring either fog or smoke from those winter agricultural fires in Mexico. 410 Uptown Brochure These residential mid-rises in the Domain development in North Austin may be underway. But this is the first rendering I've seen. McClone Construction Company on Linked In
  11. Austin Economy/Culture/Growth/Whatever

    Austin's unemployment rate has dropped to 2.6% thanks to the addition 9.1K jobs in October. All those new comers are finding jobs. This is Austin's lowest unemployment rate since peak of that crazy era in 2000. Statesman Article
  12. Austin High-rise Projects List - November 2017

    I'm falling behind with my Austin and San Antonio project updates. I hope to post a lot of updates this weekend. For starters I updated Austin's high-rise projects list in the OP.
  13. This is from the developer's Facebook page. This project is foreground right.
  14. The site has been cleared, and excavation for the underground parking levels should be getting started soon. Bisnow