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  1. Austin West Campus Projects Compilation

    Here are a couple of new rendering of the dual branded Marriott AC & Autograph: White Lodging
  2. Block 71 | 555' | 36-Stories | Site Demo

    Everything is looking good for the implosion Sunday morning at 8:00 AM. Local media is all over it, and it a lot of the attention is due to the recent bombings and the desire to get the word out about this. The Austin Business Journal is live streaming the implosion on their Facebook page.
  3. The Independent | 690' | 58-Stories | U/C

    The Independent has moved into second place on the tallest list: Link
  4. The Independent | 690' | 58-Stories | U/C

    This is why Austin has the nickname "City of the Violet Crown". That's the still U/C Fifth & West condo tower on the left and the former tallest building in Austin - albeit briefly around 2010 - the 360 Condos on the right. The Independent Facebook Page
  5. One Austin | 353' | 30-Stories | Proposed

    The developer - Richman Group - has only recently added this project to their website. It will be part of the "Richman Signature Series", and it'll be called One Austin. Until now, the name has alternated between Town Lake Lofts and East Avenue Apartments.
  6. They're working on the last floor. This was taken from the webcam just now.
  7. 48 East | 358' | 33-Stories | Proposed

    Here's a new rendering of the base from the architect's website.
  8. Amazon looking for a city to put HQ2

    Nice. Is that Amazon's first fulfillment center in the GR metro?
  9. Austin U/C Projects Compilation

    The crane just left of center is for SXSW's awesome HQ. In five years this view will be amazing. And five years ago many of these buildings did not exist. This is from a CBRE listing for leasing space in the Moody Bank building.
  10. Austin U/C Projects Compilation

    Here's a photo update from TOWERS of the U/C 17-story Homewood Suites in the Rainey St. Entertainment District. They are definitely making progress on whatever it is they are doing.
  11. A site plan was filed today.
  12. 600 Guadalupe | 842' | 65-Stories | Proposed

    Here's one of the current elevations from the link in the previous post:
  13. This project took a step forward with the filing of a site plan today. This project appears to be another one - like the Block 71 project - that will be filing two site plans. The first one will be for demo/site prep and the second one for the tower construction. The site plan describes this project as condos. It was previously planned as apartments.
  14. 600 Guadalupe | 842' | 65-Stories | Proposed

    The site plan with elevations was released yesterday, and the height was tweaked a little. It's now 842' with floor 65 being the highest occupied level. The elevations are on page 16, 17 and 18: Guadalupe Streetscape_PLANS.pdf There is a discrepancy in the estimated start of construction in city documents. One lists the start date as sometime between this November and April 2019. Another lists it as either January or February 2020.
  15. The Avenue | 346' | 31-Stories | Proposed

    It is interesting that they put so much effort in putting together a miniature Austin and included several proposals as well. I wonder what they used this model for?