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  1. Austin West Campus Projects Compilation

    Here are some West Campus updates from this past week. 18-story Skyhouse Photos by Flatiron Work has started on the first support columns for the 18-story 2100 Nueces apartment tower. Photos by Urbannizer 17-story Aspen West Campus Photo by Urbannizer
  2. Austin U/C Projects Compilation

    Here are some excellent updates of the huge Domain development in North Austin taken by Mopacs at SSP. The new buildings are getting significantly taller. This project is almost built out, but across the street from this is Brandywine's 66 acre Broadmoor development where they are seeking zoning for 360' towers. There's an apartment project modeled after the Flatiron building in NYC.
  3. Fifth & West | 459' | 39-Stories | U/C

    This is the project in front. Just 10 or so more floors to go. Link
  4. Block 71 | Two Towers | 513' | 36-Stories | Proposed

    This nine-story building and connecting parking garage will be demolished for this project. It's a former Admin building for the University of Texas System. This building became empty in August when U.T. moved into their new HQ across the street. A similar nine-story building was demolished for their new HQ. There are still quite a few surface lots and under utilized pieces of real estate downtown that are not encumbered with Capitol View Corridor height restrictions to sustain the boom for the near future. But we are starting see more significant demolitions to make way for bigger buildings. Link
  5. Fairmont Hotel | 595' | 36-Stories | U/C

    AusTxDevelopment at SSP was flying his drone over the Fairmont this weekend to get an up close look at the experimental lighting.
  6. The Avenue | 346' | 31-Stories | Proposed

    The original renderings got Photobucketed. But that's OK because we have brand new renderings. The ground floor and street level interaction have been improved. The Historic Landmark Commission didn't like the original ground floor plans, so this may be in response to that. Nelsen Partners Architects
  7. Fairmont Hotel | 595' | 36-Stories | U/C

    It looks like this one will be updated to "Complete" status on December 1st. The Fairmont is taking reservations beginning December 1st for rates starting at "only" $349 with the "Opening Celebration Package". The construction delays were costly because they will miss out on the lucrative two weekends of ACL Fest which are followed by Formula One race weekend in October. This tower has an awkwardly tall spire, but they have been experimenting with some nice LED lighting on the mechanical screen the past few weeks. It may end up looking pretty flashy at night. I just hope it's not Las Vegas flashy.
  8. Nashville International Airport

    I don't keep up with airport stuff too much, but I think they are starting with a few trial flights during SXSW in 2018.
  9. Block 71 | Two Towers | 513' | 36-Stories | Proposed

    Here are some rendering at street level on the W. 6th St side. The columns help the office tower blend with the historic building next store. Historic Landmark Commission
  10. The Independent | 690' | 58-Stories | U/C

    Trusses for the next shift in the tower are being put into place this weekend. Webcam
  11. The Independent | 690' | 58-Stories | U/C

    This one will be rising above its neighbors in a few weeks. [email protected]/[email protected]
  12. Third + Shoal | 387' | 29-Stories | U/C

    This newly alleged "Facebook Tower" as seen in this excellent Riverranchdrone from SSP photo is the taller of the two U/C projects in the center of the photo. The "Google Tower" is the blue building next to the two U/C towers.
  13. Here's a project "Fact Sheet" that the developers have been showing at city meetings. Link
  14. Austin West Campus Projects Compilation

    Here's another big West Campus project that was posted earlier today on the Historic Landmark Commission's website. It's not tall, but it's a beefy project that takes up a whole block. Link
  15. Third + Shoal | 387' | 29-Stories | U/C

    This photo update is courtesy of Gensler. The parking levels are complete, and the office levels are underway. This office tower is going up at the same intersection as the recently completed 500 W. 2nd St. office tower that was largely leased by Google and has become known as The "Google Tower". A reliable SSP source, AusTxDevelopment, who works in the local real estate industry states that Facebook has pre-leased levels 14 through 23. So they would get "naming rights" so to speak. With this tower, Facebook would have substantial office space leased in at least three downtown office towers. Facebook is rapidly expanding their Austin operations. Unlike Amazon (and more like Apple), they like to keep their expansions low key.