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  1. The ATX

    The Independent | 690' | 58-stories | Complete 2019

    They have plans to light the crown, but it's still dark at night. Here it is with a little pocket park out front: Link
  2. The ATX

    Austin Economy/Culture/Growth/Photos/Whatever

    The view from the University Of Texas tower looking South: Photo Link
  3. The ATX

    Austin West Campus Projects Compilation

    Finally. On the agenda for Tuesday's (03/26) Planning Commission is an amendment to the zoning (University Neighborhood Overlay) for West Campus that would allow for 300' towers. Pass it, and they will come. We will then see 29 and 30-story apartment buildings instead of all these 17 and 18-story buildings with the current 175' height limit.
  4. The ATX

    Block 71 (Indeed Tower) | 542' | 36-Stories | U/C

    We have some new renderings of the public plaza that is also the site of a planned future residential/hotel tower. It's on a slope, and they went with switchbacks. It is also on top of five or six levels of underground parking. Link
  5. The ATX

    Block 185 (Google Tower #2) | 589' | 35-Stories | U/C

    The architects are presenting this project to the Design Commission on Monday. But there are no renderings! This is just a courtesy presentation because this was a done deal in the original Greenwater development agreement with the city. We have new elevations though. There a slight differences from previous elevations, but they are not obvious without renderings. Austin Design Commission
  6. The ATX

    44 East | 585' | 51-Stories | Proposed

    More renderings were released today. Austin Design Commission
  7. The ATX

    Austin Tallest Projects List | 150'+ | March 2019

    I updated the list of tallest Austin projects as well as the list of Austin's tallest towers.
  8. The ATX

    The Republic | 708' | 46-Stories | Proposed

    They are both being built by the same developer - Lincoln. A Lincoln Rep has stated that 6 X G is their main focus and will start first. Lincoln doesn't even have this project on their website where 6 X G is heavily marketed. But significant pre-leasing could change that.
  9. The ATX

    Symphony Square | 379'+ | 35-Stories | Proposed

    More info was released today on the city's utilities website. The tower portion of the project will be mostly residential with 33 occupied floors and 379' tall. But the site is on a slope. So it looks like it will have 35 occupied floors and be over 400' when measured from the opposite side of the block. The lower levels will include office, hotel and retail. Here's the site map - it's 3/4 of a block. AULCC
  10. The ATX

    90 Rainey | ~615' | 51-Stories | Proposed

    More info including some elevations were posted to the city's utilities website today. This gained a little height, and looks to be about 615'. AULCC
  11. The ATX

    The Quincy | 369' | 30-Stories | Site Prep

    Endeavor is wasting no time. There are only one or two underground levels, so this one will be going vertical soon. This is another photo by Urbannizer.
  12. A lot of demo was needed to clear the site, and it continues. Photo by Urbannizer. I'm hoping we get to see some renderings by Friday. I'll certainly post them if they get released.
  13. The ATX

    405 Colorado | 356' | 25-Stories | Site Prep

    Proof of site prep courtesy Urbannizer. Another surface parking lot bites the dust (to make way for a 14-story parking garage in this case).
  14. The ATX

    Austin U/C Projects Compilation

    Ha. I had to Google Jawa.
  15. The ATX

    405 Colorado | 356' | 25-Stories | Site Prep

    This one got underway this week.