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  1. Austin got another 600 footer. This makes 18 completed, under construction or proposed. It's another residential tower called 62 East.
  2. The 305 S. Congress project which is 6 of the 9 towers was approved by City Council on Thursday. I believe they got a height increase to 600' as well, but I can't confirm that yet.
  3. The FAA filings for the building were submitted. They confirm the 1,035' height. https://oeaaa.faa.gov/oeaaa/external/searchAction.jsp?action=displayOECase&oeCaseID=561697792&row=394
  4. The project has a website now: https://www.wilsontower.com/
  5. A recent view after the official topping out. This current new tallest at 874' is still a ways away from being occupied, but it could fall to fourth tallest in less than five years. Photo by Urbannizer
  6. This would apparently be the tallest all residential building in the U.S. outside of NYC. Austin currently has the the two tallest all residential buildings west of the Mississippi.
  7. The crane base for the second of three Luffing cranes is in place. This crane will reach over 1,200'. Photo credit: Austin American-Statesman
  8. The height bump was announced today. This is supertall #2 and will be 13' taller than the first one - Waterline - currently U/C. it's all residential - all apartments, no condos. Wilson Tower plans unveiled; Skyscraper could be tallest in Austin, all of Texas - Austin Business Journal (bizjournals.com)
  9. The Austin tallest projects lists in the OP have been updated.
  10. Here are photo updates from the project's three webcams:
  11. This thread started off with the six towers proposed for what is known as the 305. S. Congress project. But there are also two 410' office towers proposed for 200. E. Riverside and a 400' residential tower at 311-315 S. Congress. All nine towers are south of the river where there are currently no towers over ~250'. The 305 S. Congress developers (Endeavor) may be seeking a height increase to 600' up from 525' which was up from 400'. 200 E. Riverside: https://abc.austintexas.gov/public-search-other?t_detail=1&t_selected_folderrsn=12967257&t_selected_propertyrsn=162042 311-315 S. Congress: https://abc.austintexas.gov/public-search-other?t_detail=1&t_selected_folderrsn=12894566&t_selected_propertyrsn=398841
  12. Here's a nice view of Sixth & Guadalupe just days before it's recent topping out. Well, we know this won't be called the Meta tower now even though they apparently signed a 10-12 year lease for all the office space. Meta is cutting back on office leases across the country, and have decide to sublease their space in this tower. Photo by Ryan Friesen, on Flickr
  13. The top half of the tower (Floors 34-48) have been pre-leased. Vista Equity was announced as a pre-lease, but I don't know how many floors they leased. There is no 13th floor which is why the tower is listed as 47-stories but level 48 was leased. https://republicaustin.com/
  14. This project officially topped out this week.
  15. This is now the 15th U/C or proposed project that is over 600'. And there are more that the height info is not yet publicly available. I think there will be a significant pause in office construction in Austin as well as the rest of the country as interest rates rise and the economy tanks. Fortunately residential and hospitality is driving Austin's building boom.
  16. We got another 600+ footer proposal that is tall enough to satisfy my self-imposed requirement of only buildings over 600' get their own thread. This is on the 300 block of Congress Ave., and would be built over some historical buildings. That means it has an uphill battle for approval because proposals for towers built on top of historical buildings never seem to get far in Austin. This is all residential (of course, this is Austin) and would be 55-stories. This Towers article has the info: https://austin.towers.net/congress-avenues-first-residential-tower-plan-in-years-takes-shape-maybe/[email protected]
  17. The Ritz-Carlton developer is rumored to be closing on the site purchase in December. The owner of the site is Genesis who is building a 594' residential tower known as the Travis. The Ritz site was previously the site of the approved Travis #2 tower site.
  18. Here's another construction photo update from 360_Ray at SSP. Most of Austin's tallest U/C projects are still rising from their excavated pits or only a couple floors above grade. In two years or so we could have ~15 Luffing cranes on the skyline over 800'.
  19. The Austin Tallest Projects list has been updated. There are more big projects in the works including another supertall that are not listed because the height/floor count info is not listed on any permits or City documents. The third supertall is an upsizing of one of the projects already listed. But that info is not publicly available, and I left it off the list. But some inside information and guesstimating puts the next two supertalls at around 1,150' and 1,250'.
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