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  1. There are some gutless Mayors and Governors across the country who are not doing or saying a damn thing right now.
  2. Finally, some vertical progress... Source
  3. There are so many cranes up in the air and construction going on, that I don't even know where this is. It was taken earlier this week. KUT
  4. Not to mention the 774' BBVA tower and the not yet height revealed ATX Towers. I just hope the recession doesn't kill financing for big projects.
  5. Just like the other 800'+ 65-story tower (U/C 6XG), this one is also office on the bottom and apartments on top.
  6. The Tallest Austin Projects list was updated for June in the OP.
  7. An elevation was released today. I was hoping for another 500 footer, but it came in at 446'. Source
  8. The site Demo was approved a few weeks ago.
  9. They keep coming, and they keep getting taller. Elevations were released today. It's 823' with 65-stories, and it's office and apartments. Site Plan
  10. My previous post from February was about the Demo of the house turned bar on the site. It is still not settled. Last week the Historic Landmark Commission voted to postpone the Demo vote to June by a 6-1 vote. The Commission said they can't stop the Demo, but they can continue to delay the project just because they don't like it. The one no vote was from the only Commissioner with common sense who didn't think it was appropriate to delay just to spite the developer. The Commission can legally delay the vote until sometime in July, which I suspect the A-Holes will do.
  11. From earlier this month... Source
  12. Earlier this month...This project is actually going up directly behind this one which is Natiivo. Source
  13. An update on column construction... Webcam
  14. The crane (at center) was raised to it's final height today. Link
  15. This project got the density bonus it needed to move forward from the Design Commission today.
  16. Here's one from today by Urbannizer. Only ~490' to go.
  17. New elevations were released, and the building details look very promising. This will be in a prominent location along I-35, and no future tower will hide it. So it better look good. Site Plan
  18. New elevations were released for this project. It went from a flat top rectangle to a more interesting design with a sloped mechanical screen. It also went from mostly residential with some office to all office. The timing of that decision probably wasn't the best in today's burgeoning "work from home" environment. Site Plan
  19. This story purports that a very large and mysterious construction site in Williamson Co. is the Tesla Factory: TorqueNews
  20. That is an awesome video! I love the eerie apocalypse vibe. I posted an Austin apocalypse video in the Austin section of the forum that was just so depressing. I like the eeriness of this one better.
  21. The two finalists for the Cybertruck (and Model Y car) "Terafactory" are Austin and Tulsa. Any HQ move is a whole other thing. Most likely just a twitter rant.
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