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  1. BGW

    Richmond Coffee House

    Can I quote you on that? My advice: relax.
  2. Ellwood's & Fresh Market really don't have that much overlap in products. Ellwood's tends to have local and organic foods. Fresh Market has some organic goods, but most of their stuff tends more towards high-end natural foods (and, yes, there's a significant difference between "natural" and "organic"). Whole Foods, on the other hand, will be in direct competition. I suspect that's why Ellwood's is playing up the local connections (as they should).
  3. BGW

    Richmond Coffee House

    Underground tanks get replaced all the time. That's perhaps the worst argument against moving away from oil I've ever heard. Companies will sell whatever makes them money. Today it's oil; tomorrow, it could be hydrogen or deionized water or used cooking grease. Besides, I thought you were the big Republican? Any good Republican knows that there's no reason for government interference in such matters. I honestly don't get what your point here is (maybe it's because I didn't go to Henrico County schools?). Do you really think reducing our dependence on oil, most of which is controlled by entities who are either borderline or outright hostile towards the US, will leave "your" country in worse shape? I'm not ComRE, but when you call people stupid for not agreeing with you, don't be surprised when people bite back, especially when you make yourself such an easy target.
  4. We get it at work and I read some of it most days. That doesn't mean I pay for it or think it's a good paper.
  5. Dear lord, son. What's weird about Comfort or Edo's or Miss Hathaway's or Millie's or The Hill Cafe or Joe's bloody Inn? The fact that they might actually use ingredients that didn't come from a warehouse in the midwest? Trust me, if you've ever seen the tubes of gravy that Cracker Barrel receives from central supply or the bulk wings from beakless, legless chickens that go to your local BW3, you'd thank your lucky stars there are some "weird" places out there. Um, you realize that for every "fancy shmancy" city restaurant there's at least 2 or 3 cafes, delis, sleazy dives, etc, right? Look, I'm as picky as they come. I don't eat raw tomato, eggplant, squash, mayonnaise, olives, cucumbers, pickles, oysters or fishy fish, and try to stick to free-range meats as much as possible. If I can find a large pool of serviceable eateries, anyone can.
  6. No surprise here. I worked for them (they were then First Union Securities) back when they bought Everen Securities, and it was only through last-minute lobbying that the whole operation didn't up and move to Chicago. I understand a move to NYC was seriously considered during the Prudential merger as well. The Richmond 'loyalty' died with James Wheat.
  7. Maldini's makes a good pie. It's part of the Piccola/Mary Angela's family, so expect a similar product. Another new place is due from them soon at Sheppard & Park, which will be great for that little retail stretch.
  8. BGW

    Richmond Sports

    Call me a NIMBY, but I'd rather my elected officials not commit to spending my tax dollars behind closed doors.
  9. Right now, John Rolfe Parkway only exists between Lauderdale Dr and Ridgefield Parkway.
  10. I'd welcome it, so long as it's a better piece than the Ashe statue. I just don't look forward to the SCV (et al)'s inevitable beotching and moaning...
  11. BGW

    Retail in Richmond

    Not according to the article.
  12. I eat breakfast there frequently on the weekends. And, apparently, so does most of the Forest Hill corridor. The couple who owned Karen's Diner sold that business to another family member and opened Paradise, bringing a fair number of staff and patrons with them.
  13. BGW

    Richmond Developments

    And you've spent how much time around the Plant Zero folks?
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