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  1. erdogs

    Norfolk Light Rail and Transit

    When is this project supposed to be finished?
  2. erdogs

    Virginia Beach off-topic

    That's a bummer.
  3. erdogs

    What are you listening to RIGHT NOW?

    Adam Lambert performed the song "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley at the Upright Cabaret in L.A.. Adam lets his diva out and does a great rendition. I've become a huge fan of this kid. That's surprising considering my two favorite bands are Korn and Smashing Pumpkins.
  4. erdogs

    proof of extraterrestrials?

    Here is the video.
  5. erdogs

    proof of extraterrestrials?

    Good work cityboi, I've always found this stuff interesting even if I'm not totally sold on the what it all means. I was wondering if you watch UFO Hunters on the History channel? At the end of the episode last week they showed a clip of a triangular set of lights flying at what seemed to be a high rate of speed. That video was one of the clearest I've ever seen. Whether it's alien or one of ours, it's certainly interesting. I hope they go into more detail this week.
  6. erdogs

    Fort Norfolk Plaza Progress

    No not really;
  7. erdogs

    Conspiracy theories!

    I've got one for you cityboi, check out Paulson's interview on 60 minutes. If you look over his right shoulder you will see what looks like the Freemason insignia, starting at the 6:09 mark. Hmmmm?!?!?
  8. erdogs

    Norfolk Pictures

    Just keep taking your meds and everything will be fine. Sometimes your rants are a bit disturbing my friend.
  9. erdogs

    Portsmouth development

    Is there a timeline for this announcement?
  10. erdogs

    Portsmouth development

    I couldn't agree more, Portsmouth is really dropping the ball on this. The Old Town residents need to use their substantial pull with the city to make the hard choices.
  11. I wouldn't put much stock in what people are saying on pilotonline. If you go to the local paper website here in Austin you will see the same types of negative comments on developement. Some people just will never understand how economic developements help them, even if they don't directly benefit. If a city stops growing, it stagnates and dies.
  12. erdogs

    Granby Tower

    Trump is financing it and will add 20 floors to the project. Ok, so I made it up. They have been dangling that carrot too long to be taken serious.
  13. erdogs

    Hilton Norfolk at The Main

    I'm confused, this puts it at 26 floors.
  14. erdogs

    Word Association

  15. erdogs

    Word Association