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  1. zenstyle

    Something coming...

    Here's my guess for the New Big Thing: parking is finally going to be allowed in the lot facing Icon on Bond. Naaah...too far-fetched to even contemplate!
  2. The road crew just recently put a nice fresh coat of smooth-icity down on College from Fulton to Cherry. As I walked a dog along there this morning, I noticed the crew punching holes in the surface again! I thought all the sewer work had been completed already, or they wouldn't have put the refinishing down. Can anyone enlighten? In other news: it's great to be back on Urban Planet! I had forgotten my password for the longest time; then I forgot the name of this forum. I needed Veloise to jog my mind. (Thanks, V!)
  3. zenstyle

    Events Kiosk

    Jazz at the Viceroy! 53 Commerce SW Grand Rapids, MI 49503 Downtown's only speakeasy is reopening this Friday, with Mark Moran playing rags, stride, barrel-house, and society jazz on the piano from 8:00 pm to midnight. See you there!
  4. zenstyle

    It's all about the bike

    Will some bicyclist here please respond to the knuckle-dragging morons commenting after this GR Press story? I'm so pissed I can't type lucidly. Do it for my blood pressure, if nothing else! My link
  5. zenstyle

    It's all about the bike

    This thread on Bike Forums got me wondering: Are we still expected to register/license our bicycles? I haven't yet. Is the LaGrave fire station absolutely the only place to do this, or can I go to a closer one? bike forums
  6. zenstyle

    It's all about the bike

    I was scootering to a play rehearsal last evening about 6:45. All along Lake Drive to Fulton, and continuing downtown, there were bicyclists aplenty on the streets. Not kids, not spandex-clad enthusiasts, but regular adults on bikes, getting to where they needed to go. Ages young 20's through 60's, and the variety of bikes was a treat for the eyes. The experience made me hopeful for a more bike-intensive future for GR.
  7. zenstyle

    Wealthy Street Needed Renovations

    So, insiders, what is going to happen with the old fifth/third site? Surely something's going in there.
  8. zenstyle

    It's all about the bike

    Nice story from Rapid Growth Media about Nate Phelps; neighbor, client, and major bicycle advocate! story
  9. zenstyle

    It's all about the bike

    So I wasn't dreaming...that is a bike lane marked out on Lake Drive! Who in City Hall (or elsewhere in Officialdom) can I thank for this?
  10. zenstyle

    People talking about Grand Rapids

    This surprises me. Why would this be? Grand Rapids (West Michigan in general, I think) didn't have a "bubble" per se; house prices stayed relatively normal here (although still too high in many cases.) I wonder if the new-ish drywall palaces in Cascade and other outlying areas contribute to this statistic.
  11. zenstyle

    New projects in East Hills

    About Pink Boulevard; I was in there last week, looking for a possible dress to wear to a wedding on Saturday. I'm a grown-up lady, with grown-up bumps. The bulk (heh) of their inventory seemed to be aimed at spindly Kendall students. Moral of the story: Adults have the money. Cater to adults.
  12. zenstyle

    The Watering Hole

    I just now noticed: I'm a HAMLET ! A Whistle-stop no more! [swaggering around the room like Big Daddy in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof"]
  13. zenstyle

    ArtPrize - Grand Rapids

    GR3/Dad said: "Festival to me is...like an art festival thrown by Mormon's. " That is hilarious...and accurate! I laughed so hard I alarmed the dog.
  14. zenstyle

    ArtPrize - Grand Rapids

    Joy, it's interesting that you mention the Transition movement; The NY Times Sunday magazine had quite a nice piece on an Idaho town that is involved: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/04/19/magazine...ml?ref=magazine Reading that piece was the first I'd heard of Transition, then you go and mention it on this forum. That's how a meme is born! I'm following this thread with interest, bum-crawlers notwithstanding.
  15. zenstyle

    Events Kiosk

    Heritage Theatre Group will hold its 2009 auditions concurrent with Circle Theatre on the campus of Aquinas College! Open auditions will be held on the first floor of the Academic Building, just across the street from Circle