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  1. I'd love to have Hartford back in the NHL. I think the Islanders' owner is trying to get the new arena and is trying to play some hardball to get what he wants, including threatening to move the team. The Islanders stand a better chance of moving than going bankrupt. We'll wait and see for the new arena deal to move forward in Nassau.
  2. I don't mind Quebec getting their team back. I remember the Nordiques leaving for Colorado ... and then winning the Stanley Cup their first season in Denver. As bitter as that must have been for the fans in QC, at least they stand a great chance at getting back in the NHL. The fan support during the last few seasons was very good, if I remember correctly. Hartford needs to put itself into position to get a franchise. Build a new arena like Kansas City has and if Atlanta, NY Islanders, etc., go under, Hartford stands a chance to get the Whalers back.
  3. Just wanted to update the situation with Rizzo Ford in North Providence. Demolition was underway earlier this week on one of the buildings ... looks like Lowe's will be there before long.
  4. This is great news and I'm certainly interested to see the Colt Museum and the potential that it has.
  5. Perhaps it is an issue with the planning board. The Roman Deli/Mangiarelli's were supposed to move near the Burlington Coat Factory and the Panera Bread would be built on their former site. The Super Walmart, Sam's Club, Sleepy's, WorkNGear and movie theater still haven't been built. As I drive by it daily ... don't see any work of progress. Maybe all of the aforementioned would-be developments are dead. We need an exit to the plaza and the expansion of the road. My commute to Providence is hindered by the traffic infrastructure inadequacies of Atwood Ave. if I hit it at the wrong time.
  6. North Providence, RI "Let's Build Something Together" Again? On Mineral Spring Avenue, the former Rizzo Ford dealership may see some development on site to reuse the property for a Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse. While I wouldn't mind it in the sense that it is close to the section of Providence I'm regularly in, there should be some considerations. There is already a Home Depot - which replaced a former mill property - in the north section of Providence, near the N. Providence line. Mineral Spring Ave. is often plagued with traffic issues. Lowe's are currently located in Seekonk and Warwick. Home Depot has three locations within 15 minutes of where I live - Johnston (Rt. 5), Smithfield (Rt. 44) and in Cranston near Garden City. While I recognize the importance to develop this sizeable property, does it have to be another big box? Out of curiosity, does anyone know how the town meeting went regarding this project?
  7. Johnston Frozen Project? There appears to be limited progress in Johnston where the new Home Depot plaza is on Atwood Ave. There are still places available for lease and the Phase II part does not appear to be in the near future, unfortunately. Golden Arches Relocating? Almost across the street from that plaza, the former Mario's Showplace was demolished in August and supposedly will be home to a new McDonalds. Logically, one would think that this would open up the current McDonalds plot on Hartford Ave, which already has a Burger King, Wendys, Tim Hortons, among others on the same road. This should also generate more traffic for that particuar McDonalds as it is closer to the highway exit off Rt. 6, for whatever that is worth. Another Gas Station? Across from town hall, the former Mobil Station has seen construction work recently some of the concrete pads near the gas pumps. The town could use another gas station and I wouldn't mind seeing it be converted to another brand. Texaco/Citgo and Sunoco, at one time were available on Atwood Ave. Perhaps Hess, who has been expanding in the area recently, could take over.
  8. mod134


    I read a message on the Speed boards that Tony Stewart & Home Depot are bolting to the DEI #8 over the move by Gibbs to Toyota. That would certainly shake things up if it happened. We'll see.
  9. mod134


    To borrow a phrase from a guy on ESPN's NASCAR piece on now, "I decry the new tracks because it seems that all the tracks I love are dying and the tracks I hate are multiplying. That sums it up for me.
  10. mod134


    This is true Tony. That Charlotte race with levigating was a nightmare. That original Bristol concrete race (although I wish they went back to asphalt along with Dover) ... they actually set up cones and had drivers run the high line in practice to try and build the outside groove. However, after reading about how the old track actually had less banking as you went up the corner, that would only exacerbate the issue of not being able to pass without bumping another driver. With more banking as the car goes up the track, this is similar/is progressive banking. Without seeing the track on TV I can't judge it. Fortunately, the Truck teams just finished testing there and gave it rave reviews. Actually, a new paved surface can be slightly more abrasive on tires. Given all this and the nature (plus proximity to the Chase) of the Bristol night race this one should be exciting for reasons other than who wrecked who.
  11. mod134


    I'm taking a wait and see attitude on Darlington. While an article I read on the the track claims it will be tamer with the new paving, the last repaving job doesn't have me convinced. The 1994 and 1996 Southern 500 each had 6 yellows. In between that, when the track had the new paving, the races had between 11-15 cautions. So it seems like the track is really tough getting a new handle on the track, but once it ages a little, like 2 years, the track should be back to normal.
  12. mod134


    I think some of the tracks like Michigan and Pocono having races so close together is poor on NASCAR's part. Its not like, at least in this case, the tracks have a ton of other series competing there like IndyCars, etc., like they did at one time. I also agree that some tracks should lose a date. The KY-MI switch is an interesting one. The ongoing problem I have with it is that new dates when they were available/distributed were not given to old tracks like Phoenix that have been on there awhile. Instead they went to boring, new tracks out West (ie: Fontana), which doesn't sit well with many fans. The roots of the sport, in tracks like Wilkesboro, Rockingham, Darlington were ripped out in favor of boring tracks that do not offer the same challenging and close racing. It just doesn't cut it for me to have the season-hype for Daytona change to Welcome to LA the next week. Since 1982, when Daytona became the season opener, Richmond and Rockingham alternated the second race for years. Now we're stuck without either of those tracks in the early part of the schedule, and Rockingham gone entirely - set to go on the auction block . I'm surprised that NASCAR hasn't considered mid-week races or 1 day shows to get 2 races in 1 weekend. This would allow more race dates on the schedule and allow different tracks on the schedule without the onslaught of lawsuits. I wouldn't mind seeing the Cup guys run a lot of places ... Pikes Peak in Colorado would be interesting along with Nazareth. However, I don't think either of those tracks are running anymore. The newest road course out west would be a challenge - Miller Motorsports Park in Utah . Why not get Wisconsion on there by running Milwaukee/Road America? Nashville has the superspeedway or their old cup track - Music City Motorplex. That and Memphis would add 2 new short tracks in the mix . I've got plenty of great ideas regarding what's wrong with NASCAR and how to fix it. Sadly, as long as Brian France and his minions see the almighty dollar to boost the stockholders of ISC and his own wallet with TV deals and the like, the sport will continue this downward spiral that has become noticed lately with the attendance and TV ratings dropping. There are plenty of options for tracks if ISC could be broken up via an antitrust lawsuit; or simply a matter of NASCAR taking a better look at the scheduling.
  13. mod134


    No problem, Tony. Florida has had different tracks over the year host the Busch-Cup cars. After the exciting finish this weekend at Gateway, I wish some of the stand-alone Busch tracks like St. Louis could get a Cup date, if NASCAR (even though there's no chance of it happnening) would limit most, if not all of the tracks to 1 Cup date.
  14. mod134


    The Walt Disney World Speedway in Orlando hosted 2 NASCAR Craftsman Truck races in 1997 and '98, won by Joe Ruttman and Ron Hornaday, Jr., respectively. Orlando has never hosted a NASCAR Busch Series race. The new Orlando Grand Prix is rumored to be on the Champ Car World Series calendar for 2008. The last venture for CC in Florida occurred in 2003 when they competed in St. Petersburg in February and Miami in September.
  15. mod134


    True, but when the weather hit their strategy managed to put Gordon in victory lane. Had it fallen past like lap 114, Gordon's strategy was done as he needed to pit. If it was a little earlier, Edwards had the win. If Newman nosed ahead at that last scoring loop, he would have ended that winless drought. Glad to hear Pocono keeps its two races next year. I'll be at the one in early August. Albeit rain-shortened, what does everyone think of the TNT broadcast featuring Bill Webber, Wally Dallenbach and Kyle Petty? I must admit that it's tough without having Benny Parsons' distinctive voice helping broadcast the races. That being said, I think Kyle did a good jobi and some of the segments in the rain delay were enjoyable other than the standard driver interviews.
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