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  1. It was a Canon A60 2.0 MP. It does a good job for what it is. Its only 2 years old and the think looks like a brick compared to whats out there now!
  2. ^^ Thanks! I was walking across the skywalk thing and was like, WHOA!! Thats a bad ass shot!
  3. I took these on the opening weekend of the High Museum's expansion back in Nov. 05'. Enjoy This one is a favorite. It was taken in the skywalk between the old museum and new wing.
  4. Cool. Thanks for posting those Smyrna photos. It deserves the recognition.
  5. I believe oil plays a part in this as well. I've heard of the Saudi's investing lots of money into these projects. They're sitting pretty what with record high oil prices. In a sense every time we fill up we're contributing in a small and indirect way to financing these mega projects. You didn't think that $2.50/gallon was all going to the oil companies, did you?
  6. I hate to admit it but I agree with you. If I had the choice between the two I'd go with the more pedestrian-friendly new-urbanist route. But we know that would never happen. General Growth (the mall owner) is stuck in its "mall mode". No doubt the rehabilitation of Cumberland is a great thing for Cobb County and Atlanta. However, for the sake of argument, who is to say that this new-urbanist trend isn't the end all ultimate answer to traditional malls? 30-40 years ago mall-mania was the equivalent of today's new-urbanist movement. And now malls everywhere are struggling to keep up with changing social trends. Out-door malls were once popular (the same analogy can be made for sports stadiums). Then they were eventually replaced by indoor malls and stadiums in the 70's and 80's. Now the trend is outdoor again with developments like Atlantic Station and various suburban outdoor lifestyle centers like The Avenue. Indoor malls, although still popular, are being outperformed by these lifestyle centers because people want a more urban feel. So what will be the next popular thing 20 years from now? Will malls rein supreme once again after the sun burns away our atmosphere and the surface of the earth becomes unhabitable because of UV radiation just a thought...
  7. About the $65 million Cumberland Mall renovation. From AJC: Also, the JC Penny will be demolished this year and a Costco will open at Cumberland next year.
  8. I don't care, for one. If they go to Alpharetta it will probably be better for their business. They will be closer to where their employees live. They will be closer to a more talented labor pool. The land is probably cheaper. They won't be burdened with high property taxes like in Atlanta. Windward Pkwy and Alpharetta already has a very impressive corporate portfolio, so Chiquita would naturally want to go where the prestige is. This is what makes America a great country... freedom to do what the hell you want to. Walmart's headquarters is in where?... Bentonville, AK or something?? I kinda like that. Its like saying F-U to big cities everywhere.
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