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  1. Since it has been mentioned, here's a map of all the city at state owned empty lots in downtown. There is a lot of opportunity for development:
  2. The second residential building: Elevator shaft for the first residential building and the parking deck:
  3. Metropolitan aka the old Greyhouse site. It looks like thee parking deck is not going to be wrapped with apartments on this site? The rendering shows it wrapped on the other side so maybe just three sites? The deck is so ugly.
  4. Yes, so many of the buildings are in terrible shape. I support the selling of the run down buildings on the NW corner of the Caswell building, and I think some other state buildings should be replaced such as the dreadful historical records buildings next to Albemarle building (NE corner of Lane and McDowell). There are so many other properties that could be sold and would pay for renovations. Just south of that building I've daydreamed about the parking lot on the north side of the administration building (SE corner of Lane and McDowell) being redeveloped with a parking deck wrapped on 3 sides by 6 floors of residential on top of ground floor retail (similar to The Edison residential would work well there).
  5. I wish the could have reclad the whole thing in glass. The greenish glass around the bottom looks nice but clashes with the very dated cladding of the building.
  6. In talking with a acquaintance who works adjacent to the Albemarle building, he said he has heard a Dunkin Donuts will possibly be coming into a ground floor retail space once renovations are complete later this year. I haven't heard much about retail space in the building, has anybody else heard anything on it?
  7. Where will it be built? Are they talking about tearing it down and rebuilding? That whole block hot garbage. If I could wave a magic wand, I'd have them raze the whole block (saving the trees) and rebuild the deck with ground floor retail on the Morgan and McDowell side of the block - those two stretches are just terrible - nothing but blank walls on either side of the street.
  8. Probably trying to line up tenants. Sometimes a developer will announce a tower and hope to generate buzz to pre-lease enough space so the backers will sign off on starting construction. The Edison is another example. Now the new developer has new renderings and is shopping the space around.
  9. Hilton Garden: Courtyard Marriott:
  10. Are they just going to leave the skeleton of the "sail" like it is or clad it or what? I'm thinking RSA Tower in Mobile or Atlanta's tallest.
  11. Tell me if I'm looking at the site plan wrong, but it looks like it will have underground parking?
  12. New renderings hot off the press (via @NewRaleigh on Twitter)!
  13. You're right. Atlanta's IKEA is tucked away behind Atlantic Station, is pretty much unwalkable, and has its own parking deck. But then again, if you're going to IKEA are you really going to be able to carry much of anything with you? Unless, say, you're just looking and plan to order online / get delivery.
  14. ITB seems to think the Ikea plans is more "hoping" than a done deal, and that essentially the mall needs Ikea more than Ikea needs the mall. I wouldn't count any chickens until an official announcement is made.
  15. Those decks are open to the public after 5pm and are currently free parking then and weekends. The site between CSX and Capital seems too small and only the north side of it would be able to get in and out. Kindly is too small too and also only one way in or out plus there's a 10 floor building planned there. Heritage might be a good spot but there would have to be a plan in place to build new housing elsewhere.