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  1. Too lazy to do all the searching but I'd be interested in seeing what the profit is on a Skyhouse development vs something like The Link or the Edison. Apparently land prices downtown are too cheep if they build so short. I can't imagine the lifespan on these wood developments being more than 50 years. I'd speculate the thinking is "we'll stickbuild now and in the future when land prices go up we'll redevelop."
  2. I'm okay with whatever but in any case I'll be spending money on stuff I'm sure. If they could just get a sub shop back in the vacant place at McDowell and Lane this part of town will be booming.
  3. Two very small fountains on the east side of the capital building plus the ones mentioned. Probably the biggest artificial waterfalls in the area are inside the Natural Science museum (the old wing) and in the Bass Pro Shops in Cary.
  4. Good list. But what really are the plans for the Wake county property redevelopment? I would think nothing on the scale of the unfortunately canceled Lightner project but I have not heard a lot about the land sales and redevelopment.
  5. Cement truck after cement truck all day. They are pumping a lot of cement. Is this whole residential building going to be steel?
  6. Actually Wake GIS lists the commission as the owners of the property. Metropolitan: They are finally getting the backside up so no more blank wall soon: Also there has been a food truck at Harrison and Lane if you are in the area and need some grub.
  7. Nice. I hope the color ends up being a little lighter, maybe closer to Skyhouse blue. That grey is a bit dark.
  8. This sounds a lot like 7th Street Public Market in Charlotte, which I hope is true because it's one of my favorite spaces in Charlotte: https:[email protected],-80.8380537,3a,88.3y,42.55h,97.67t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1spItxCCS8jowAAAQvO0GGnw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
  9. Charlotte has been doing that at 36th street in NoDa and so far it has taken about 4 years and I think they still aren't done.
  10. Albemarle building renovations
  11. RIP Velvet Cloak
  12. I go by it every day. The ground floor looks so much better. But the glass and gray material clashes a bit with the beige of the rest of the building. As I've said I'd preferred if they could have just reclad the whole in that greenish glass to look similar to Charter Square South. I'll snap some photos this week.
  13. Since it has been mentioned, here's a map of all the city at state owned empty lots in downtown. There is a lot of opportunity for development:
  14. The second residential building: Elevator shaft for the first residential building and the parking deck:
  15. Metropolitan aka the old Greyhouse site. It looks like thee parking deck is not going to be wrapped with apartments on this site? The rendering shows it wrapped on the other side so maybe just three sites? The deck is so ugly.