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  1. Durham City Center Tower There are a few more construction shots here including views of the skyline from atop the building:
  2. Triangle Economic News

    They city or state could use a good land deal to help lure development. Here's a map of all city and state owned empty lots:,-78.6470454,2347m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!6m1!1s1GigMd1n0cBuEZ2IFT_dhol1DKDc
  3. Charter Square (Site One)

    Is this the right thread? Can we get it changed to FNB tower as that is what Charter Square North is known as now? Anyway, here are some stills from a video: Source:
  4. The Edison

    "John Hogan of Highwoods Properties will handle the leasing of the property." But with this site, I'll believe it when it see it go vertical. You won't fool me again Edison!
  5. Downtown Raleigh's Future

    Finally getting some of the scaffolding down around the Museum of Natural History and DEQ. Now they are getting some seating set up outside the Daily Planet. It gets packed at lunchtime and it will be nice having some outdoor seating. A couple of articles on the work to get the scaffolding down and address the falling glass issue.:
  6. Triangle Economic News

    RDU is a big asset to the Triangle's bid too, with direct flights to SF, Seattle, NY, DC, as well as London and Paris. While I prefer a downtown location, I could see how RTP would be a good fit for a campus setting, and easily accessible to the airport and Interstate, plus it would be more reason to connect future Durham-Wake commuter rail to RTP.
  7. Kane's Downtown Mixed Use Project

    That glass is looking very blue to me. Maybe it's just the light? From the renderings I didn't think it looked quite this blue. Webcam:
  8. Downtown Raleigh's Future

    I'll take it. I'd like to see some of these buildings gen renovated and they keep the facade and then add about three levels of residential above one or two floors of commercial but I can see how that might not be practical. It's good to keep some of these older buildings as we've lost so many, including the ones down the block at the perennially-stalled Edison site. .
  9. If NC we're to legalize gambling

    Lots of ongoing litigation I believe, and that's the latest I've seen from earlier this year. Was initially proposed back in 2013 so it has already dragged on for a number of years and I imagine the lawsuits will continue to drag it out. There is also a lawsuit challenging the state ban on casinos based on the fact that the lottery is legal.
  10. Kane's Downtown Mixed Use Project

    The top of it is either the floor of the 16th floor or the floor of the 17th floor if you skip the 13th. But yeah, why not just make it 20 floors instead of 17? Have the top floor be a fine dining restaurant and bar. With killer views.
  11. NCFC Soccer Stadium

    Oh yeah, the honky tubes. They could just close the streets down and go one block east when moving it.
  12. One Glenwood

    In my experience, these co-working spaces seem very "fly by night." Is this a reputable one? Seems like a lot of space they will be leasing.
  13. NCFC Soccer Stadium

    Did you know that the state owns the little parking lot on the north side of Hillsborough at Salisbury, across from the state capital? That little lot would be a great place for the Seaboard Building.
  14. NCFC Soccer Stadium

    Yeah, I hate that building is hidden where nobody can see it. Would be great to be moved somewhere more prominent with more foot traffic and be a restaurant or museum or something.
  15. 3-16-2017 Construction Fire Downtown

    I wasn't a big fan of the Metropolitan design so I hope something better comes to this area, more on the scale of 400 West.