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  1. A few more from the video, including a shot of the hotel: Video
  2. Very true. Like that monstrosity of a deck next to Citrix. Given that's all you see from most angles, I almost would have preferred they just tore down the warehouse and built podium parking like Dillon.
  3. I'm not a huge fan of podium parking so the fact that the parking deck will be adjacent is okay with me and will make the building look better from Hillsborough. I'm usually a height queen but being located at Glenwood, 10 floors is plenty.
  4. 1,870 - 2,030 sq ft is what I read. No idea on price.
  5. As part of the project, I hope they tear down that terrible little parking deck and rebuild one with some ground floor retail. They could make it at least 7 levels or so to get the people on board who are always asking for more downtown parking. The streets surrounding the parking deck on that block are so pedestrian-unfriendly that having some ground floor retail would really help that block. Having space to bring in rent and having a paid parking deck could help offset some of the costs at least long term.
  6. The good thing is there are a number of proposals already ready and waiting for a signature tenant so they can break ground, including a couple of site on Hillsborough that have already released renderings plus the Edison site.
  7. The roof for this plaza area looks really huge up close:
  8. Dang I didn't realize how high this steel podium was. It's like 2 1/2 floors tall:
  9. Indeed. I think I read 150,000 sq feet of office and FNB is signed on for 40,000 with an option for more as needed so there should be a fair amount of space available.
  10. 150,000 square feet of Class A office space 240 residential units. Street-level retail plus retail bank branch. December 2017 groundbreaking, summer 2019 opening. This project site was previously called Charter Square North. FNB recently completed purchase of Yadkin Financial which was a large community bank in the area. Maybe this should be moved to the Charter Square thread and renamed to FNB tower, or a new thread started?
  11. It looks nice enough. I had hoped for a little taller at that location, but it's better than an empty lot and we need the downtown hotel space.
  12. They are starting to move employees back into the Albemarle building this week but still looks like a lot of office work is going on inside. I still haven't heard anything about ground floor retail but I think that would be on the Salisbury street side which I never see so maybe I'll walk around it and look.
  13. I had heard it was the home of the York security guard who was on duty there at the time but he was cleared. York is pretty terrible - our HOA dropped our contract with them late last year in favor of another provider.