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  1. InitialD


    I guess right now Air Canada is using little CRJ regional jets on RDU - Toronto? When you mean up-gauging do you mean a larger plane?
  2. InitialD

    One Glenwood

    Definitely need a shimmer wall or mural or something on that ugly parking deck. Something like this one in Charlotte:
  3. RESEARCH TRIANGLE REGIONAL PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION owns the warehouse to the west of the Dillon. They want to do some mixed up redevelopment of it. I wonder if they would partner with Kane?
  4. InitialD

    One Glenwood

  5. InitialD

    Triangle Economic News

    The Triangle is fortunate that RDU serves so many destinations given it's not officially a hub. More than any in the southeast outside of Charlotte or Atlanta. It serves more direct flight destinations than Nashville but a few less than Austin.
  6. InitialD

    Triangle photo of the day

    I don't think Fayetteville Street is very boring. Raleigh has been able to keep a lot more historic buildings that Charlotte has.
  7. InitialD

    Charter Square (Site One)

    To be honest I'm a bit jealous of the FNB tower Charlotte is getting. A bit taller at 31 floors and I think looks slightly better.
  8. InitialD

    One Glenwood

  9. InitialD

    Raleigh Union Station

    It was pretty much topped out in that picture. Here's the live webcam:
  10. InitialD

    One Glenwood

    Yeah, think of The L that wraps the Wake county parking deck.
  11. InitialD

    3-16-2017 Construction Fire Downtown

    Also from the latest N&O article: The site is zoned to allow up to 12 stories, but it's likely that any future developer will request a variance on that, he added.
  12. InitialD

    3-16-2017 Construction Fire Downtown

    But also only the slightest bit smaller than the Dillon block. EDIT: Also, since I work close by, I really hope for some commercial space, especially on Jones street. Neither Link nor Metropolitan have added any, and there's not any in Quorum. Give us a bodega or something!
  13. InitialD

    3-16-2017 Construction Fire Downtown

    Quorum is a good example, but for something on that scale really they need to raise the height limit from 12 to at least 20. We can have The Dillon II: Electric Boogaloo.
  14. InitialD

    Charter Square (Site One)

    Tower crane: