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  1. This is like a more pedestrian, squat version of Atlanta's One Atlantic Center. This is like a more pedestrian, squat version of Atlanta's One Atlantic Center.
  2. I walked by there today at lunch but only along Wilmington - where was the old home that they're moving?
  3. On the soccer stadium thing, via Ian Pierno of N&O on Twitter: A quick North Carolina F.C. update: The @TriangleBIZJrnl said NCFC is down to three stadium sites, which is accurate. WakeMed Soccer Park is one of them. However, the club is looking at building a 20,000-seat stadium, not 24,000. Analyses from Conventions Sports and Leisure said the market could support 24,000, 1,600 club seats and 26 suites. While WakeMed has nice facilities, it’s at the bottom of NCFC’s list. Malik said, “It would take a lot to build (WakeMed Soccer Park) up to MLS standards.” However, that could change over time if there’s a transport center added, a better highway exit, etc., then WakeMed Soccer Park becomes more feasible. Back to stadium size: Despite fact NCFC is looking to start at 20,000 seats, it’ll also want a stadium with capabilities to be expanded in the future. Also, This is big news: Incoming governor in Missouri does NOT support public funding for a Saint Louis MLS club.
  4. I asked them: "Monitors will be spread throughout GoRaleigh Station depicting arrival/departures and other information. Those roll out w full opening." Part of the station is set to open Monday.
  5. So now we should update this that 1) Residence Inn is nearing completion and 2) proposed hotels include this HGI, Baptist site by McDonalds (is that a stale proposal?), 301 Hillsborough, Two Glenwood... what else? Rumors of one included in Above The Fold's N&O site, and wasn't there something proposed at the Enterprise Rent-A-Car lot?
  6. With 400 Citrix jobs coming this quote from a couple years ago could be relevant again: "[Greg] Hatem – who owns 10 properties in the vicinity, including the building that houses his barbecue restaurant, The Pit – said he is in talks with an out-of-state information technology company that is considering relocating 450 or more employees to the Warehouse District. “Success breeds success,” he said. Hatem also is developing plans to build a tower up to 30 stories high on the 1-acre vacant lot he owns at 600 W. Hargett Stt. The building Hatem envisions would include first-floor retail shops, topped by offices and residential space. “We’re not doing feasibility studies,” he said. “We’re moving forward with design and so forth.” Hatem and his company, Empire Properties, made its mark on downtown by acquiring and renovating vacant buildings." Read more here:
  7. Link if you want to look at it:
  8. SR-102-16
  9. So now they are moving 400 jobs to Raleigh. Are they going to be able to pack enough cubicles into the parking deck, or is there a possibility they will take up space in One Glenwood or perhaps is the lot between the tracks on Hargett in play? I remember the developer saying something about future development on this lot up to 20 floors.
  10. I noticed on the site plan that the corner is no longer rounded but square, so it won't be the exact same design as the original rendering.
  11. Only site I can think of is the parcels of land held by a trust between North Hills and Wake Forest Rd along St Albans. Thinking about the traffic is nightmare fuel and would give me one more reason to avoid North Hills.
  12. I'll take uninspired grey in exchange for all this ground floor retail. I didn't realize there was so much of it, plus in the second residential building.
  13. Probably need to clean up these threads because many cover the same topics. Anyway, maybe this is posted somewhere but I haven't seen these renderings of the second Dillon residential or the actual site plan before:
  14. I guess we could have just looked at Kane's site rather than guess at residential components:
  15. Yes, I believe so. There was a project a few years back to add little black signs atop street signs saying "SR 908353" or whatnot, at least in western NC.