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  1. InitialD

    Triangle Economic News

    The Triangle is fortunate that RDU serves so many destinations given it's not officially a hub. More than any in the southeast outside of Charlotte or Atlanta. It serves more direct flight destinations than Nashville but a few less than Austin.
  2. InitialD

    Triangle photo of the day

    I don't think Fayetteville Street is very boring. Raleigh has been able to keep a lot more historic buildings that Charlotte has.
  3. InitialD

    Charter Square (Site One)

    To be honest I'm a bit jealous of the FNB tower Charlotte is getting. A bit taller at 31 floors and I think looks slightly better.
  4. InitialD

    One Glenwood

  5. InitialD

    Raleigh Union Station

    It was pretty much topped out in that picture. Here's the live webcam:
  6. InitialD

    One Glenwood

    Yeah, think of The L that wraps the Wake county parking deck.
  7. InitialD

    3-16-2017 Construction Fire Downtown

    Also from the latest N&O article: The site is zoned to allow up to 12 stories, but it's likely that any future developer will request a variance on that, he added.
  8. InitialD

    3-16-2017 Construction Fire Downtown

    But also only the slightest bit smaller than the Dillon block. EDIT: Also, since I work close by, I really hope for some commercial space, especially on Jones street. Neither Link nor Metropolitan have added any, and there's not any in Quorum. Give us a bodega or something!
  9. InitialD

    3-16-2017 Construction Fire Downtown

    Quorum is a good example, but for something on that scale really they need to raise the height limit from 12 to at least 20. We can have The Dillon II: Electric Boogaloo.
  10. InitialD

    Charter Square (Site One)

    Tower crane:
  11. Uggg, the backside is so ugly, please don't post it. This is better:
  12. InitialD

    N&O Site

    I wonder how much this site is in play for Amazon. According to the latest N&O article, Amazon's visit was only interested in two areas - downtown Raleigh and RTP. A couple 40 floor towers on this site could help them get close to the initial 500,000 sq feet they will be needing, along with some new towers in Warehouse and elsewhere. In similar situations I've seen demo take place then a surface lot be put up. Parking fees offset demo costs. I think this is what the Edison office tower site did.
  13. InitialD

    Raleigh Union Station

  14. InitialD

    One Glenwood

    Yes you can see it on here:
  15. InitialD

    3-16-2017 Construction Fire Downtown

    Over a year is a long time for it to just sit there boarded up. I guess that building isn't that important too them. No, I don't think something large would get built here. Probably on the scale of the Lincoln, Metropolitan, The Link, etc.