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  1. One Glenwood

    Link directly to the webcam vs embedded in their website:
  2. The ground floor could be equal to two floors with the Public and all. Grocery store ceilings tend to be rather tall.
  3. Clarence E. Lightner Public Safety Center

    The could wrap the deck with residential like The L, and/or build on top of it like The Dillon. I think that is what that third building will be similar to.
  4. Where should HQ2 go?

    I got: Raleigh, Denver, Nasheville. I didn't "cheat" but I did choose some answers that I thought would favor Raleigh including greenspace is important, educated workforce, smaller metro, number of alternative commuters not as important, cost of living important.
  5. Southeast Raleigh

    I like that rendering. I think it could work well there. With 67 or so people moving to Wake county per day, in 10 years all that empty area South of Tryon and West of Fayetteville will be developed, Gorman will be extended South, Yates Mill park will be surrounded by developments.
  6. Triangle Economic News

    I wish some 40+ floor twin towers on the N&O site were in discussion for Amazon HQ2
  7. Southeast Raleigh

    I don't think there should be height or unit limitations anywhere. It would be a good area for at minimum 5 to 7 floor multi-unit residential. We need more multi-unit not more SFHs.
  8. Accessing the top of Raleigh's high-rises

    There's also Bentley's on 27 on the 27th floor of the Charlotte Plaza building. Also you can discretely go to the rooftop pool of the Hilton on College Street, and to the windows outside the elevator in the Weston's top floor if you act like a guest.
  9. A future light rail transit map that Amazon would like to see (maybe?).
  10. Durham City Center Tower

    The spire on top of the PNC tower was added so that it can claim that is is the tallest skyscraper between Charlotte and Philly.
  11. Glenwood South miscellaneous developments

    With the size of the price tag do you think that means this will translate into taller buildings? Like 10+ floor? Also, more important than Tucker would be pedestrian sidewalk improvements on West and Harrington at the railroad tracks. Not a good spot for walking.
  12. N&O Site

    Reminds me of the design of 191 Peachtree Tower in Atlanta.
  13. N&O Site

    I would like to see something on the scale of the Charlotte's recent 300 South Tryon and Kimpton Hotel project. These would fit nicely with the office tower on Salisbury and the hotel or hotel/residential overlooking beautify Nash square with underground parking and retail and restaurants along McDowell, Martin, and Salisbury. But instead we'll probably get a stick built apartment around a parking deck
  14. N&O Site

    Welp they waited until the last day of November. N&O staff of 170 something is moving to One City Plaza by March or April; whenever renovations are done there. No solid plans/designs for the site. Here's the property lines for those interested:
  15. NCFC Soccer Stadium

    Yeah I thought that was a good move. The US Soccer decided to essentially relegate NASL to tier 3 status in favor of elevating USL to tier 2 of the US soccer pyramid. USL is a real mixed bag being such a large (like 35+ teams) league that some teams are small and some draw more than NASL teams did. I do think it will be better in the short term to play more regional games against teams such as Charlotte, Charleston, and Richmond.