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  1. Glenwood South miscellaneous developments

    Here is the North Hills AC Hotel for comparison. On Glenwood South it will be 125 hotel rooms on the first 5 floors, 25 condo units on floors 6 and 7.
  2. Triangle Economic News

    No, just a bunch more suburban crapbox midrises like the SAS campus and the addition Metlife is building along Lake Crabtree.
  3. Triangle Economic News

    Agreed. I work in IT and feel fortunate to work in downtown Raleigh and not RTP. They've looked at it; if you google RTP urbanization they have some articles from around 2014 discussing it which includes adding residential and such as infill. There's a lot of land in RTP that is just surface parking or empty that they can work with but they need to commit to getting commuter rail, cycleway, etc. The office park is a dying anachronism from the 70s and 80s - people today want live/work/play downtowns.
  4. The Fairweather

    With ground floor retail, which is a plus!
  5. Kane's Downtown Mixed Use Project

    What looked like bricks between the glass windows on the renderings is more of a terra cotta or something. Also, the glass is a lot more blue that I thought it would be.
  6. Raleigh Union Station

    Kinda wish we could get Megabus to stop in Raleigh as well as Durham. Also, getting off topic but with the mention of Greyhound, I really hope these capital blvd plans include sidewalks. The number of people walking on the shoulder of Capital has spiked since Greyhound moved.
  7. Durham Innovation District

    Here's a photo from atop the new City Center tower from August showing this construction: Source:
  8. Triangle Economic News

    Wake needs to move on the commuter rail transit plan sooner rather than later. If RTP misses out on Amazon HQ2 the lack of transit will probably be the biggest factor.
  9. Raleigh Skyline

    It's got that "shipping container chic" look going, just like the brown metal (it looks metallic?) on the backside of Union Station. Also on the backside of the Dillon apartments, which can be seen very well from the Dillon webcam ( ). I know it's the backside, but it's still very visible from many areas so I wish they'd used brick all the way around. I guess that new "shipping container brown" is the new EIFS stucco.
  10. Downtown Raleigh's Future

    Update: the rest of the scaffolding came down around the NCDNR/NCDEQ (whatever it's called now) today.
  11. Raleigh Skyline

    Anybody else a bit disappointed in how Union station looks from this angle? I know the back side, but still it could look a lot better: Photo via
  12. Durham City Center Tower There are a few more construction shots here including views of the skyline from atop the building:
  13. Triangle Economic News

    They city or state could use a good land deal to help lure development. Here's a map of all city and state owned empty lots:,-78.6470454,2347m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!6m1!1s1GigMd1n0cBuEZ2IFT_dhol1DKDc
  14. Charter Square (Site One)

    Is this the right thread? Can we get it changed to FNB tower as that is what Charter Square North is known as now? Anyway, here are some stills from a video: Source: