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  1. ^ Even in those cases, I'll take liberty over prettiness any day.
  2. One of the unintended consequences of forcing aesthetics on people is that what looks good now, may not look good in ten, twenty, or fifty years. Aesthetics is a realm of subjectivity.
  3. ^ If I may, where do you think that this right comes from? And how does it trump the right of your neighbors to develop their property as they see fit. Also, no worries about jumping into the discussion. This is an important topic for cities nationwide.
  4. So you don't see this as any type of curtailment of property rights, Lexy?
  5. These changes will definitely make things worse. All of the things you mentioned are a gross curtailment of property rights. Having the government force its aesthetic choices on the people is utter tyranny.
  6. I think property owners should be able to develop their property as they see fit, so a height of 80 feet is fine by me.
  7. Here's the full article from the today's DNJ.com front page: http://www.dnj.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?A.../710070303/1002.
  8. Lexy, thanks for answering my question. I'd like to point out that I didn't say the park would honor God, I said I didn't know whether or not it would honor God. I'm sorry if I didn't make that clear enough. On to property rights: I think the subject of private property rights, the right of the people to develop their land as they see fit, is at the heart of the urban equation in modern America. I sympathize with your situation, but I firmly believe that the purpose of government is to protect our rights, not take them away. Business men who own land have as much of a right to develop their property as anyone else. You mentioned traffic, crime and increased property value/taxes as things that would infringe on your property rights. I fail to see how increased traffic near your property infringes on your land rights. Crime: If negligence on the part of your neighbor or criminal acts on his part infringe on your property rights then you have a legitimate grievance to take up with your neighbor in court, but then again it would be in my opinion criminal of the government to deprive a land owner of his property rights. I would agree that increased property taxes most definitely infringe on your rights as a property owner. Any tax on your property does so! However, the blame for that should be laid with the City of Murfreesboro, not with your neighbor. I truly believe that these issues are of supreme importance to all of us, especially as we discuss urban development in our city. If you do not wish to discuss them with me, you are welcome to abstain, but I do appreciate your time in answering my question. If a moderator has a problem with any of my comments, they will let me know.
  9. My wife and I tonight visited the three stores now open in The Avenue lifestyle shopping center. We started with Best Buy, the store that I have been eagerly waiting for above all others, and of course I spent some money. The two employees I encountered were very friendly. We also wandered down to Off Broadway Shoes and then to Dick's Sporting Goods. It was really good to actually enter The Avenue parking lot after so many months of watching the construction progress. I'd love to hear other people report on their impression of the stores. Perhaps we can use this thread to discuss the shopping center as more stores open.
  10. Could you elaborate please, Lexy? I have no idea whether or not this park will benefit or harm the area, or whether (more importantly) it will serve to honor God, but the owners of that property have a right to develop it as they see fit, provided it doesn't infringe on the property rights of others.
  11. ^ I don't know what allergies your friend has, but just wanted to let you know that the Kroger on Northfield and Broad has a pretty good selection of gluten-free products.
  12. Erin Edgemon of The Murfreesboro Post published an article mentioning new retail developments at Medical Center Parkway/Thompson Lane. Among some of the notable announcements: * The large building going up in The Oaks Shopping Center is a Stein Mart. * The building going up behind (in front of?) Carrabba's is a Verizon Wireless store. * Two new retail sites are going up across Thompson Lane from the Oaks. The one in front of The Chop House will house an AT&T Mobility store and more. The article, which features more detailed information, can be found here: http://murfreesboropost.com/news.php?viewStory=5684
  13. Welcome to the Murfreesboro forum, MaryMoon!
  14. Predsfan, thanks for posting that link to The Avenues Web site. It was very interesting to look at their site plan.
  15. I don't yet have enough information about this project to have an opinion on it. I'll be interested in hearing more.
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