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  1. AIMCO is (or was) the largest Residential Apartment Management company in the US. The division in Greenville used to be part of Insignia Financial Group from way back when. They have been downtown for a long time. I can confirm they are moving. On Monday they start at the new offices near St Francis Hospital off of 385/85
  2. While I would be excited to get a Bass Pro Shops in Greenville (not that I would go there that often) I really hope it happens in Greer and not on the already overcrowded Woodruff Road. The reason is that if Greer got the BPS it would likely mean additional development so MAYBE Greer could finally get some more retail.
  3. gregtrob

    The Rumor Mill

    You'd think so, but I can tell you as a resident of the Pebble Creek area we don't seem to get many new stores along Wade Hampton. No Kohl's, no newer restaurants, etc. The best hope I think we have is the Cherrydale area. I know about the (one time) proposed shopping center along 29 but I haven't seen anything happen with it. Instead we have a closed Winn Dixie, next to an out of date KMart, which is across the street from a close Burger King, which is across the street from a closed Arby's. You get the picture I think ...
  4. gregtrob

    The Rumor Mill

    Cherrydale area as well for the same reasons you said. In addition, it would draw from the Taylors/Pebble Creek area too.
  5. Not sure if this belongs in its own thread, or somewhere else, or something I missed but does anyone have news about Corner Pocket closing? My wife (who works downtown) emailed me about it today. I was able to only find this mention on Metromix
  6. If really going to be a farm team for the Hurricanes how about sticking with something weather related Greenville Storm Greenville Tornadoes (Yes those are horrible but c'mon Chiefs is not that great in my opinion and neither was Growwl)
  7. I would prefer the Clock over a Table 301 restaurant - but then I'd also prefer a good ethnic (Mexican/Indian/etc) or BBQ restaurant over the Clock (and thus over a Table 301 restaurant). And I also can't tell you the last time I was in a Ruby Tuesday's (yes like most people I have been to one)
  8. I hope they come to Taylors. I would love another independent restaurant in this area.
  9. My wife (who works downtown) got a menu from The Green Room as they were handing them out. She tells me that most items on the menu are $10 and up (or a sandwich for about $8 with no sides). Somehow or other based on the other competition in that space, I can't imagine that they will do well.
  10. Has it reallly been 9 years? Wow. I won't be attending the 10/17 show as I have other plans already. It's funny how times change too, these days I think most of the bands I go to play at the club level rather than the bigger places. Not to say that if certain tours/bands came through I would not go, but having already seen Kiss many times (including at the Greenville Memorial Auditorium and not the show where the guy fell and died) I felt the other plans took priority.
  11. I saw Kiss a few years ago when they called it "Greenfield" at the end of the show - was great stuff. I would never see Matchbox 20 as I'd rather have a knife stuffed in my ears Point being, there are a lot of tastes out there. I DO NOT think the Bi Lo Center does a good job w/any variety in what they book. Heaven & Hell (Black Sabbath w/Dio on vocals) and Judas Priest were shows that have been out on tour the last year or so. They were not booked, I would believe they would be a large draw for the BiLo Center as any hard rock/metal band seems to do quite well there. Other than the protesters out front (or during ticket sales or whatever). I think what Greenville REALLY needs is a medium venue, something in between the Handlebar (clubs) and Bi Lo center to draw some different acts to stage. If only I had the money/know how/time
  12. Wasn't the Bada Bing the strip club/mob HQ on The Sopranos???
  13. So GSP is roughly $40 cheaper than Columbia. I don't think we compete with Columbia too much in terms of our traffic. It's more of the mindset of flying out of CLT or ATL which is mentioned in several comments on the site even for Columbia people (particularly Charlotte for them)
  14. Were they wearing the masks to make a fashion statement? Because the masks don't serve any purpose in stopping the flu virus - it passes through them easily - unless they have a full blown respirator in them.
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