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  1. "Well that other development didn't have affordable housing, so why should we?" is exactly how you get an affordable housing crisis. You have to be bold and tackle the problem at some point, or it will become a crisis, then it will be too late to do anything about it. "We'll deal with it with the next project" is basically the "free beer tomorrow" sign of developer arguments.
  2. The bus station site? Ha. I worked for a company that moved our offices near there more than 10 years ago. They told us that site was about to be sold and turned into a large-scale mixed use development. 10 years ago,
  3. I like it. Looks appropriately monolithic and Federal. Wouldn't be out of place in DC. Not bad.
  4. StrangeCock

    The West End

    Hmmmmm... a part of me thinks it's just a Big & Tall version of most of the recent Greenville architecture (the flat roof thingie, the round thingie)... but hell, it's at least ambitious and moderately interesting looking. Let's do this.
  5. I wasn't at the meeting, so I can't say for sure, but that article sure sounds like how Greenville works. There are a lot of people here who want to make Greenville a gated community. Only certain types of people are welcome.
  6. McAlister would be an intriguing place for a Ponce City Market style massive food hall venue.
  7. I feel sorry for that one little tree on top. He needs some friends.
  8. So it hasn't really been updated, other than all the times that it has. Haywood Mall is drastically different than it was 30 years ago.
  9. Looks like some terrible descendant of the Big Brown Box.
  10. Well obviously I can't provide written proof of this. But I heard comments about this very subject when they underwent their last renovation. The overall "connectedness" of the plaza to Main Street was a concern of theirs.
  11. I hate, hate, hate that new "portal" which blocks off the view from Main Street. Some people at The Peace Center want to view themselves as a bit of a gated community. They can't stand how the riff-raff just sort of flow onto the plaza now. I guarantee that's where this is coming from. And I hate it.
  12. Is there anything they can do under that bridge so it doesn't smell like poo all the time? Kind of ruins the atmosphere.
  13. America runs on Dunkin. You are anti-American.
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