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  1. This isn't about anyone being offended. Who cares if someone is offended? It's simply about whether or not it is right to have a street named after Wade Hampton. And it just isn't. He was not a great human. Not garbage level like Ben Tillman. But surely not good. (I went to Wade Hampton High, by the way. They should change that, too.)
  2. I started working in downtown in 2001, so I know it was at least as late as that.
  3. Unfortunately, I think it's too late. Greenville's addiction to unmanaged growth (along with a complete unwillingness to address traffic and public transportation concerns) will lead to its downfall into just another sprawly asphalt jungle. It sounds dramatic, but it's gonna happen.
  4. If restaurant closings are directly attributable to sitting Presidents, I would LOVE to see a list of all the restaurants that closed in Greenville from Jan. 2017 - Jan. 2021.
  5. There must be many ecstatic bachelorettes in Greenville today.
  6. Greenville gonna Greenville
  7. Hahaha yes. It's like the world's largest Olive Garden.
  8. This is insanity. The moratorium should be on single-family homes, not multi-family residences. They're literally doing the opposite of what they should be doing.
  9. Love this chonky building. It looks exactly like a Federal courthouse should look. Classic, but slightly modern. Great addition to downtown.
  10. Greenville has always bowed down to developers. They won't be happy until it's all concrete and asphalt, from TR to Fountain Inn and Easley to Duncan. Yes, it's a short-sighted play for profits. And the permanent impact to quality of life will be devastating.
  11. Oh god please don't let this be one of those art installations or murals where people stand in front of wings to get pics for The 'Gram.
  12. Can't see that going over very well with the people who see themselves as the guardians of Greenville. Downtown would be better off with a Kaminsky's (from Charleston and Columbia). Love that place.
  13. And opening up is taking lives. The projected death total for SC just doubled to 1,112 people.
  14. "More roads" is almost never the answer. And like it was mentioned above, when these roads go in, they never tear down Earle St.. They tear down poor and minority neighborhoods, disenfranchising them even further.
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