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  1. Looking a google's satellite view, this stadium spot seems like a good one to me, unless there are complications with the site. Pretty sure its on one of the proposed BRT lines to Garner as well... https://www.google.com/maps/place/201+Penmarc+Dr,+Raleigh,+NC+27603/@35.757106,-78.6500757,745m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x89ac5f8f87707f4b:0x1c25e35fcf3b5783!8m2!3d35.757106!4d-78.647887 I'd personally like it closer to downtown, but its not all that far out.
  2. Admittedly I had not thought of that either. On the other hand, I would think that is where the lower capacity would help (obviously it hurts in many other areas). Since your start and destination are custom with no stops in between, I would never expect to need to share a car with anyone you did not know. I saw a photo of the Georgia tech people mover car here: https://brookhavenbear.wordpress.com/2013/01/16/atlanta-transportation-people-movers/ Frankly its hilarious looking. Looks like it was driven by a belt in a loop system (not a personalized journey whatsoever). The Proposed NC State PRT has a few simulations on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-c8jFI9kDbaK_SNmYX_jNw I have no idea if the final product would look anything like it, but it gives you an idea of the swarming nature of the system. I am also clueless about the maintenance costs, or if it was on par with other transit systems. So I guess one will have to wait and see the estimates. Luckily since the prototype cars are fairly inexpensive, one should be able to generate a fairly accurate representation from testing.
  3. Despite my username, I don't have anything to do with this project, but I have read up on this a bit. I think some of the the skepticism here is not well founded. I think comparing the technology today to the 70's/80's is a little harsh. I can't imagine having self driving cars with 80's tech, but we are almost there today. It seems that is a lot of the same technology is in this. I think the Morgantown WV pretty much only goes from point to point on its guideway. Not particularly helpful... http://greatergreaterwashington.org/post/10020/morgantowns-prt-isnt/ I don't think it is far fetched at all to imagine ordering up one of these cars with a source point and a destination point with your smart phone. We do it today with Uber. With self driving cars you don't really even need the fixed guideways, but it helps with getting above the fray of traffic which can really add to trip time. Even if it just avoids mundane stoplights and bus stops it would save a ton of time going between the two campuses. I guess my main point is that I think the tech needed to do this successfully is here, where it really has not been in the past. It does not have to even go that fast to be equivalent to a different mode of public transportation if it can avoid stops and the initial wait to get on. The capicity concern compared to a bus is a valid concern, but if you can get 40 cars in and out in the same time as a wait between busses for a particular stop (usually 15 or 30 minutes), it is again equivalent if not better. The system is designed for a ton of these cars, all active at once. They are cheap compared to buses. One could probably buy 20 of the two passenger ones for the same cost as a standard diesel bus. I do wonder what the sweet spot is as far as passenger capacity is like yourselves. I also have the same concerns about college students turning them into urinals. I guess we'll see if they can engineer a usable solution.
  4. With Wake Forest, I am pleased as they now have the right turn only lane back with what looks like to stay, although they have a funky diagonal pattern to go straight across the intersection now. Now the very left lane turns into two left turn lanes under the bridge, and the two lanes that go straight now go diagonal across the intersection to compensate for the extra left turn lane. The right turn only now turns right in front of where the lane next to you gets to go straight on. This is hard to explain, I guess you have to see it yourself. Not exactly a natural transition, but maybe they still have more work to do yet... I hope they never let the dashed line paint that directs you to the next lane wear out. However, I think the major traffic problems are averted at least...
  5. Maybe someone knows more about this than myself. However, this looks to be their intention as I don't see any work on the shoulder. Are they seriously going to make the former right turn only lane on southbound Wake Forest Road from Bahama Breeze/Hospital to the Beltline into either right turn/straight? In other words, they have taken what used to be the right turn only lane, and given it to those who turn left. I agree they needed an extra left turn lane badly, but this just shifts the problem from one side of the road to the other. Because people who don't know the intersection are blocking right turns to go straight now, it is backing up past the Hilton during rush hour already, further than the left turn line ever did. Is this seriously DOT's idea of an improvement? Please please please tell me this is not their intention, and that they just have not addressed that section yet. If they leave it like this, I know the problem will be around for at least a decade. Better yet, does anyone know of a site where you can get the drawings/markups for road improvements?
  6. Man, I wish they would at least try for a bond, as it carries a lower interest rate. If voters are stupid, then use COPS. I understand bringing up a bond can be risky politically, but its the cheaper and therefore right thing to do...
  7. I *think* you can see the house creek greenway being built from the beltline... Lots of equipment out there...
  8. Can someone explain why they have NC 54 (the first new exit after I-40) as exit 50? If they complete the whole loop is has to be longer than 50 miles... I have read: Interstate 540 is part of a planned 72-mile, $1.2 billion outer beltway around Raleigh. If so this sign will need to be replaced and renumbered... If an amateur like me can spot it, it makes you wonder... Those signs are not cheap (of course they are peanuts speaking relatively, but I bet renumbering is more than I make in a year). Also, the toll booths not being traffic jams depends on people actually using the EZPASS. I have sat in traffic tie-ups solely because of toll booth change only lanes backups in Orlando (granted with the number of tourists down there the numbers without EZPass should be higher than it would be here). I would much rather be safe than sorry and build a massive toll plaza...
  9. This bond seems somewhat wasteful/pointless to me. The population desity around the Neuse river is very low, so people most likely would have to drive to get there. I would think you could construct many more greenways that would serve a large number of people with 13 million dollars. For example, North Hills and East with Big Branch Creek, South Raleigh, as well as other connectors to keep people biking off of major roads (mentioned several times previously). Once a good city infrastructure is in place, then we should think about the Neuse...
  10. There is already a greenway that runs along crabtree creek by the mall to where Soleil is going to be built. This runs UNDER creedmoor or Edwards Mill Road, whatever it is called there...
  11. Found this about the contract being awarded for the house creek greenway: http://www.raleigh-nc.org/portal/server.pt...020-111936.html
  12. Not that i am against this project, but how did this project get approved and the Kane office buildings (where the firestone and the Exxon sat/sit) next to six forks road not get approved? More just curious about the rationale...
  13. So I am assuming the house creek greenway will go from around Crabtree valley mall to the art museum trail. Is this correct? Does anyone know when this is expected to be completed?
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