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  1. Triangle in the national media

    And I just saw this. #12-pretty amazing. https://www.zagat.com/b/30-most-exciting-food-cities-in-america-2017
  2. Triangle Economic News

    The Triangle is the epicenter of CRO work in the world.
  3. NCFC Soccer Stadium

    If it meant they denied Raleigh or any other "urban" area of NC a development project, they would gladly pass on the revenue.
  4. Chesterfield Building - Durham

    This project looks to be complete. Now home to the BioLabs NC which is startup space for micropharmas and small biotechs. BioLabs North Carolina
  5. Carolina Hurricanes

    From a relocation standpoint, there are a couple of things Raleigh has in their favor including a limited number of cities/markets which could support an NHL franchise. The most likely would be Quebec City, Hamilton, and less so, Seattle. The major factor going against the Canes is their miserable attendance numbers (2nd worst in major league sports). The hard truth is that relocation will be an attractive option for the new owner (if this sale does happen).
  6. Durham Innovation District

    Talking about a complete transformation of an area-that was a dead zone.
  7. Raleigh's Fayetteville Street

    About time. ^It says it has been vacant for years so I wouldn't feel too guilty.
  8. 301 Hillsborough Street

    They better get J. Davis cracking on his latest shoebox project. His architectural staff busy at work. http://www.1888toys.com/catalog/Building_Blocks_-_40_Piece_Giant_Cardboard_Building_Blocks_Set_-_Made_in_USA_499.html
  9. 301 Hillsborough Street

    Probably because they have no plans. See my post above. Buy the land, sit on it for a couple of years while the value increases, claim you can't get financing for your project, then dump it-the Raleigh real estate game.
  10. Carolina Hurricanes

    Actually I know quite a bit about hockey and when you unceremoniously unload the face/captain of your franchise and make no real moves in free agency it signals they are not committed to winning in NC. Of course, they blabber about "rebuilding" but this really is the pre-sale, pre-relocation yard sale. The Hurricanes have some of the lowest attendance in the league and no buyer, in his right mind, is going to absorb those losses.
  11. The older Hurricanes thread is now archived so this is being renewed, but may not last long as all signs, the latest fire sale, point to a Canadian relocation for this team, most likely Quebec. What is the word down in the Raleigh area regarding this?
  12. Seems like music clubs are public enemy #1 in downtown Raleigh.
  13. Sounds like a disaster. If you don't have the money or a clear plan how to obtain it, they may want to bag this.
  14. 301 Hillsborough Street

    I wouldn't even expect 17 stories based on their ghastly portfolio. Expect suburban style apartments/office park plunked downtown, if that. Honestly, it is probably just a land grab with hopes of evaluation on the property value.
  15. 2035 Triangle Regional Transit Vision Plan

    Well I think the argument went from why rail when we can have BRT? Now that rail is dead, we will hear why BRT when we can just have increased bus service? Then it will be, bus service is so 20th century-its time for driverless cars. Fast forward 20 years, why driverless cars when we can have Jetsons-like space craft?