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  1. That was the homeless shelter - don't know if it still is.
  2. That development looks hideous. Leave it up to UNC and Chapel Hill to destroy any remaining character the place has.
  3. They need to get that going ASAP. Without decent transit connectivity, this thing will be a glorified strip mall/office park in the middle of nowhere. I can't understand why these transportation projects move at the pace of wet concrete in the Triangle.
  4. Here is a link to the virtual groundbreaking at HubRTP. Hopefully this thing ends up as planned but its isolation and the lack of public transportationare are still major hurdles for making this an attractive location compared to other cities including downtown Durham, etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwFDsISKVA0
  5. I'm glad this place finally got the renovation it deserved. To think this place was potentially going to be torn down was pretty horrible.
  6. DanRNC


    It looks like a J Davis special although I didn't see them listed on the project team.
  7. "We want more high paying jobs!" High paying jobs come. "We don't want anymore high paying jobs!"
  8. The Triangle will always be pretty resilient due to its strong foundations in core economic areas (innovative science and technology, biomanufacturing, etc.). While the area could do a better job at growing its economy and improving the quality of life, it weathers the economic ebbs and flows better than most areas of the country.
  9. They need to do more planning and studies. How long does it take to build some express bus lanes?
  10. David Cox must be having a conniption. I'm sure the bubbas will make sure these buildings never see the light of day.
  11. Where are the people? As said before, during my last trip to DT Durham I was shocked at how few people were around. Meanwhile traffic from RDU down 147 towards Durham was a nightmare. Typically Triangle - traffic going nowhere.
  12. Nope. It is on the existing Venable site where Precision Biosciences is located.
  13. They have Disney World and Disney Land, all they need now is Disney Burbia.
  14. It's amazing that they don't take these details into account.
  15. Never underestimate Raleigh's adeptness at missing opportunities (probably on purpose) and building "non-offensive" boxes of schlock.
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