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  1. OneSweetWorld


    Has anyone tried Uber in GR yet? I'm visiting this weekend from Chicago where I just moved to and I use Uber religiously here. Wondering if it's realistic to depend on it in GR, especially areas like EGR/Kentwood/Cascade? Obviously I'm not expecting 2 minute wait times but under half an hour would be great.
  2. OneSweetWorld

    Development Projects - Belknap Lookout Area

    June completion? That sounds like an aggressive timeframe..I like it! If someone could keep us updated on what time the wrecking ball is supposed to start swinging, that would be great.
  3. OneSweetWorld

    Hey, what's that?

    Although small scale, this is a great sign for the market-rate residential industry downtown. A refreshing escape from expensive yuppie lofts and buildings that are income-restricted. Small apartment buildings, affordable enough to house a middle class single or couple, are what help create livable cities, and we should commend small business owners like Mr. Chana for contributing to our city's growth, and encourage more to follow.
  4. OneSweetWorld

    Predictions for 2013

    In the context of making a city appear "cool" enough to attract young talent (and only in that context), yes.
  5. OneSweetWorld

    Predictions for 2013

    I would imagine I'm pretty close to their target demo - recent college grad, modest income, stylish. I occasionally (once or twice a year) shop at H&M in Chicago when I'm there visiting. They have quite a loyal following; consider them young adult version of Urban Outiftters. However, since they don't offer an online catalog (you can view clothing and prices, but cannot purchase) you have to visit a brick-and-morter. For young Grand Rapidians, it eliminates the necessity of visiting a different city and provides a few college kids some OK jobs. Not to mention, it makes us look better. I recall a couple of years ago during Holland's push for an anti-discriminatory housing ordinance towards gays when Heartwell stated that GR's anti-discriminatory ordinance is mostly a "marketing statement" --- an attempt to make GR look progressive and attract young talent. The same could be said about retail options. The more we have, the higher we score on a young college grad's Potential Cities to Move to list. Too bad our H&M will be in the suburbs, but I guess we'll take the good with the ok.
  6. OneSweetWorld

    THE Downtown Market updates

    If they feel comfortable panhandling all over 28th Street in Cascade, I'm sure they're down for standing around the Market. Then again, who knows if the new-found Cascade beggars are actually homeless....
  7. OneSweetWorld

    The Grand River?! You mean GR has a River?

    Suffice it to say after this past week, the downtown flood wall is going nowhere quickly.
  8. OneSweetWorld

    MidTowne Village Development Updates

    That's nearly identical to the Hyatt Place in Metro Health Village. Probably completely identical.
  9. OneSweetWorld

    Arena South

    So what are the next steps in this "vision"? Apply it to the master plan? Send out RFP's?
  10. OneSweetWorld

    THE Downtown Market updates

    I'm going to keep my disappointment to myself because, well, I'll bet we're all thinking the same thing. "Downtown Market" "Oh, you must be talking about the one in Grand Rapids, Michigan!" Originality abounds.
  11. OneSweetWorld

    Division / Wealthy and ICCF

    I guess I don't really see how it could turn out great- while cool looking, it appears extremely suburban to me.
  12. OneSweetWorld

    Lyon Square Plaza/Riverfront to get makeover

    Giant armchairs. Joe, I'd like to see some string lights over Ionia Street. Imagine that on a nice summer evening, bouncing from GR Brewing to Hopcat to Mcfaddens.
  13. OneSweetWorld

    GVSU Downtown Development

    I'm starting to get seriously worried about the direction Allendale is heading in. Controversial Allendale student housing plans are blocked. As far as I know, the only "controversy" surrounding this project exists between the developers and their competition. And the township is being sucked in. This doesn't seem like any way to plan for a successful city at all.
  14. Thanks for confirming, Knape. Bout time I call something on here.
  15. No, I've worked for a BW3 in the area before and still keep in contact with other employees. I heard this from a manager who was offered a spot. The franchisee you mentioned @MiGuyz is not an operator of BW3 in West MI.