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  1. June completion? That sounds like an aggressive timeframe..I like it! If someone could keep us updated on what time the wrecking ball is supposed to start swinging, that would be great.
  2. Although small scale, this is a great sign for the market-rate residential industry downtown. A refreshing escape from expensive yuppie lofts and buildings that are income-restricted. Small apartment buildings, affordable enough to house a middle class single or couple, are what help create livable cities, and we should commend small business owners like Mr. Chana for contributing to our city's growth, and encourage more to follow.
  3. If they feel comfortable panhandling all over 28th Street in Cascade, I'm sure they're down for standing around the Market. Then again, who knows if the new-found Cascade beggars are actually homeless....
  4. Suffice it to say after this past week, the downtown flood wall is going nowhere quickly.
  5. I'm going to keep my disappointment to myself because, well, I'll bet we're all thinking the same thing. "Downtown Market" "Oh, you must be talking about the one in Grand Rapids, Michigan!" Originality abounds.
  6. I guess I don't really see how it could turn out great- while cool looking, it appears extremely suburban to me.
  7. Giant armchairs. Joe, I'd like to see some string lights over Ionia Street. Imagine that on a nice summer evening, bouncing from GR Brewing to Hopcat to Mcfaddens.
  8. I'm starting to get seriously worried about the direction Allendale is heading in. Controversial Allendale student housing plans are blocked. As far as I know, the only "controversy" surrounding this project exists between the developers and their competition. And the township is being sucked in. This doesn't seem like any way to plan for a successful city at all.
  9. Thanks for confirming, Knape. Bout time I call something on here.
  10. No, I've worked for a BW3 in the area before and still keep in contact with other employees. I heard this from a manager who was offered a spot. The franchisee you mentioned @MiGuyz is not an operator of BW3 in West MI.
  11. Figured this would be the best topic to post on... There are rumors coming from credible sources of plans for a new Buffalo Wild Wings on Ionia Ave downtown. A single digit address was mentioned (he/she couldn't remember exact number) as was a second story balcony. Multi-floor BW3's are not uncommon in many major cities (like McD's). My only guess is the former Taphouse at 8 Ionia, which was shuttered a year or two ago. That's gotta be the most prime spot on Ionia (also fronts Fulton I believe) and is already set up as a two-story bar space, although I'd expect BW3 to do a full renovation inside. It's quite significant that major restaurant/bar chains are not only seriously considering our new "strip", but are actually considering larger-than-normal spaces like one might see in downtown CHI or NYC. Let's hear it for chains!!
  12. Since the only successful developers in GR these days are the ones focusing on the city's core, PF Chang's may be better off locating along the downtown-Gaslight Village corridor if they're serious about the GR market. Seems like Locus gets stuff done, and they're looking to fill the JA building. Though I'm not sure if their target segment coincides with any of those neighborhoods. Chang's likes to locate in or near malls and movie theaters with high traffic volumes (foot or vehicular, whatever applies). I see potential in some places though. Perhaps the Wealthy/Division project, which will be near the new farmers market and the growing Heartside district; perhaps Fulton/Division corner, which is closer to all the downtown activity. What about Celebration Village? Or Woodland- they've been pretty active building out that outdoor plaza recently. I'll have to spend some time researching market studies of the city's neighborhoods once I'm done with my final exams. I just kind of talked myself out of thinking they might locate downtown.
  13. Heritage Hill Foods- rolls off the tongue like a sweet lullaby. Could perhaps go on the Michigan Street lot that Spartan Stores abandoned. I'll keep that in mind next time I'm lying awake at night dreaming of GR's potential.
  14. I bet you're right. Division anywhere north of Monroe Center is completely unfit for retail in its current state. This announcement just makes the road diet even more appealing. If you define a "magazine" as a booklet of press releases for local restaurants and school districts, then yes. I still have have a few older issues laying around; I'll take a look and see if I find anything.
  15. Along similar lines, Rockford Construction is investing in a renovation of the Peck Building (Monroe Center & Division) to house retail incubators (separate from the DDA's program). My favorite part: "The renovation plans include tearing off the brick wall along N. Division to make way for storefront windows." Includes photos and sketches.
  16. Yes, Here you go. It's not all too helpful, but it's something.
  17. That's great to hear! I wonder if they plan to broadcast it in the GR television market. During a seminar hosted by one of Pure Michigan's board of directors last year, I learned that one of their targets is people who once lived in Michigan, but have since moved elsewhere (the ads supposedly bring back memories of Michigan and inspire people to come back for a visit). Perhaps in addition to attracting visitors, a TV spot here would highlight our region's strengths to its own citizens. Does anyone else think that could work? Attracting tourists AND retaining residents?
  18. Anyone have an inside scoop on the location Ferris plans to acquire?
  19. I agree with you and GRDad. Lansing's looks nice inside, but the exterior completely ruins it, and it looks like they planted grass in front? Horrible idea. Like GRDad said, if we can complement the "grunginess" of the area with a new urban look, it can look awesome! Don't know how far along in the planning stages they are (pre-planning, right?), but hopefully they keep some of the old warehouses intact. At least the ones they can make look good. Also think it would be cool if they shut down a street during warmer months and had the market outside..
  20. Awesome video; that's exactly what I was looking for. A few comments though: 1. It would have been nice if they'd have made a way for vehicles entering the freeway from southbound 131 to (legally) exit at Ottawa. I guess that would require a whole new exit on the left side though, wouldn't it. Probably unrealistic. 2. I'm a little disappointed with the Coit Ave bridge. Yeah, it's nicer than the typical overpass (at least it's not blue), but the way they've been hyping it up, I was expecting something a little more like the bridges over 96 in Novi with the brick or stones or whatever. Same with all those bland sound barrier walls along the sides. I was hoping for something more of a gateway to downtown. Damn "tough economic times". 3. Also, why don't they extend that extra through lane to Lane Ave? It looks like they've already made room for it, unless the 131 bridge isn't wide enough to accommodate it... or maybe there's just an extremely high demand for lots of shoulder space right there. Still glad this is finally happening though. I know we're supposed to argue for mass transit on this forum, but hey, I much prefer driving on 3 lane freeways to 2 lane ones. I wish they would do this to all the area freeways, especially 96 between 196 and Alpine. I know it's not at all needed, but that stretch is just too boring for me. By the way... that truck going westbound shouldn't be in the left lane! That guy behind him looks pissed!
  21. Yeah that's the one I saw a few years ago. That massive upgrade to the 96/196/beltline/fulton interchange and pretty big lane expansion all the way to Cascade Road is why I still think it was more of a long term vision than actual plans. I still enjoy looking at that though.
  22. Any images of what the layout is supposed to be? I recall seeing some on Mlive's website, but I think they were more of a vision. I want to see some more concrete plans (pun intended)!
  23. The new interchange on I-196 at Baldwin St in Georgetown twp was to open tonight. There's the Press link for the few of you who don't open Mlive at the same time as you open Urbanplanet.
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