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  1. I like your street photography - the juxtaposition of the garage/mansard roof dormers and the cropping of the garage sign are terrific!
  2. Driving along West Fountain Street at the corner of Winter Street by the Police and Fire HQ, I noticed they were excavating what appears to be a foundation right next door to what will become the PPS Revolving Funds new offices. Could this be related to Armory Revival's condo project that was supposed to built across the street?
  3. Was reading through the thread and wanted to take a stab at responding to your question. For the Waterplace image, in addition to the gradient used at the top, I'm guessing that he cranked-up the Unsharp Mask filter in selected parts of the foreground (looks like he went from the top of GTech down to the water but avoided the vehicular bridge and railing at the base of the photo). The effect (especially when you look at the reflections on GTech) reminds me of those Photorealism paintings by Richard Estes. With the exception of the clouds in the upper left corner, the second photo doesn't look like it was heavily edited in Photoshop. The clouds were probably done with one of the Blur filters or possibly the Smudge Tool.
  4. Lovely shot; good use of the vignette - did you do this in Photoshop or darkroom? I've always admired that building. I'd been told that at one point, it belonged to Bob Burke, owner of Pot au Feu restaurant in downtown. If he did own it, evidently, he no longer does: Providence Property database. According to the database, the building has two units: one office, one residential. The arched entry looks like a filled in porte cochere or maybe it was a vehicular entrance at one time; hard to tell. I've never had a chance to really study it because I just catch a quick glimpse of it as I'm driving into Eastside Marketplace. Definately a looker!
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