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  1. paying for obits is relatively new. It is one of the reasons why funeral homes have really jumped onto the whole "online guest book" and funeral listing thing.
  2. No way! the city also charges a fee to pay your parking tickets on line too. Clearly, since you can only pay via credit card, that must also be a violation, right?
  3. There's an urban wedding thread somewhere?
  4. Runaway Jim got married today! Congrats, dude. Hope you had some good beers. Cheers!
  5. I'm not sure what the point would be since hardly anyone ever posts around here. BTW, I would give just about anything for a decent breakfast in NoVA. One that isn't bagel based, or an IHOP type place.
  6. It has been in the upper 70s and 80s here. I think it might be time to take the flannel sheets off the bed.
  7. I am part of the problem, clearly.

  8. i just checked outside. it isn't snowing.
  9. I think only in RI does one disgraced politician lawyer work for yet another disgraced public official trying to get his pension back after getting out of jail. I simply cannot believe it happens elsewhere. What the frig was Frank Corrente thinking in hiring John Harwood to be his lawyer? Does Harwood know someone on the pension committee or what? Is it a disgraced public official union rules that you can only use a disgraced public official lawyer when pleading your pathetic disgraced case for renumeration? Can i get a ruling on this?
  10. if you're looking for a dog vet, pm me and i'll tell you where NOT to go. otherwise City Kitty is, in fact, aces. it is probably the one place in pvd that if you mention my name you won't get scowled at.
  11. well, it is about time something good happened around here.
  12. did i miss a memo about this week being all about the environment? between television having some sort of green message, and the phoenix's enviro issue, i can't help but wonder which big ad agency came up with a whole green thing, just as most of the country is heading into winter, at a time when the cost of oil has skyrocketed. is it some red herring ploy designed to keep people from questioning the government? when environmental organizations aren't somehow brought into the loop of a national green week movement--i can't help but think something is afoot... or did my invite to this party simply get lost in the mail?
  13. First vote. There will be another vote, i think. all ordinances require two vote passages...
  14. so they don't have to pay taxes on the empty portion, and after five years they can claim they couldn't find a suitable reuse and tear it down? And, the owner only has to make "reasonable" attempts to rebuild the torn down part? Huh.
  15. Comp Plan before city council
  16. all meetings are open to the public by law. They may not take any public comment but the public is certainly invited to attend and glare as necessary. BTW, the planning dept did a little remodel and now where we meet for such things is so much more comfy. Much better chairs! Even for the audience!
  17. trust me, i said far more quotable things than that. but journal couldn't print them.
  18. that state house picture would make a great sno-globe, especially with the new bridge behind it. but instead of little bits of white snow it could shower the mini-city in tiny little torn up pieces of dollar bill.
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