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  1. Somehow, terminal C managed to look a lot worse than terminal A, despite being newer. Maybe it was the red gabled roof. Made it look like a warehouse. I remember going in it the first time, when I was really young. It looked like the coolest thing. Didn't last very long. It also might have something to do with 'A' being the combination of the old A and B terminals. After they combined it with the B wing, they had more room to spread out the baggage claim, pickup/dropoff, security stuff.
  2. Terminal A will be renovated (not rebuilt) after Terminal C is completed. Then it will probably continue to serve as a passenger concourse. Someone posted renders of the refitted building, and it looked pretty compatible to the future C, though a little more retro.
  3. I'm not sure about roundabouts now. The more I think about it, the more I think hampering traffic will be bad for the area, especially if we want to get more residents there. Commuting should be a plus to the location, if we want to lure people/developers there.
  4. Agreed on the lanes. It needs all of the ones it has. Better sidewalks, light fixtures, maybe a traffic circle or two, and some incentives for NCSU students to actually spend money on the street, and it would pick up. Some 10-floor condo buildings on the state-owned lots near the old Darryl's building and across from Thompkins hall, and the place would be bustling. Especially if these properties have cheap units.
  5. The Lafayette, the WCPS, Progress II, and Reynolds I won't be on Fayetteville street. Only two of those will be visible from the money shot though.
  6. All these tech companies need someone to manage their money, so eventually they do bring things downtown. Some of them could move offices directly downtown, if they establish a big enough presence.
  7. Well, technically, people refer to Atlanta and Dallas as comparatives due to their overwhelming sprawl and poor growth planning. I don't think I've ever heard anyone say 'we're following the same path as Atlanta' in a positive manner. Seems even you yourself make the disclaimer that we can still dodge many mistakes these larger cities made, but those mistakes are, in typical conjecture, what define them. Not to be dissing Dallas or Atlanta either. They're swell cities, and they're turning around, along with many others. I would rather aim for Portland or Baltimore. But that's just me. Perhaps I'm weird.
  8. At this point we know we're getting businesses and big skyscrapers downtown. Nightlife isn't something you can just pay to get though. When I'm biking around downtown at 11:00 or later it looks like a ghost town. There's nobody and no reason to have anybody after 9. We need reasons.
  9. A southeast angle, either SSE or ESE This will be a wall of towers when construction is complete. From the second floor of the lobby, and from the higher floors in some nearby apartments, this angle will be gratuitously dense.
  10. Don't revert to the slippery slope. Durham's in another county with its own central business district. It has tall buildings of its own to create context. Context is basically what people are criticizing the Soleil tower for. It has none. With two other towers going up nearby, that might not be relevant anymore.
  11. That would be a good spot for an Elmo's. We really need an Elmo's in Raleigh.
  12. Companies located in the RTP are required to keep their campuses separate, and obscured from the road. Many the sprawly aspects of the park's setup are furthered by its management. This isn't just within the park boundaries of course. It affects campuses nearby in Morrisville and Durham.
  13. The more I hear about RTP the less I like it. I know it's what we're known for, but the RTF is so backwards at times it's insane.
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