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  1. So we’re into 2020 and slightly over halfway there. It’s clear the old posts regarding appearance of the cities were largely pie in the sky. But realistically based on the last 14 years here is my list of cities and how they fared: Biggest Surprise Award Nashville - it has far eclipsed what anyone thought. Dozens of 300-550 foot towers are either built or under construction since 2006 have stretched their skyline to three times its former size Having Amazon choose them over rival cities and them putting two towers by themselves helps too. Nashville is an “it” city right now and nobody saw it coming. And no signs it’s stopping. Easily Predictable Awards Charlotte - They were already poised to grow and they didn’t disappoint. A nice steady growth. Atlanta - Continued Growth albeit no new tallest since 2006 but still getting denser. Miami - continues to sprawl along the coast at least as quickly as predicted. Houston - predictable and growing as predicted. Most Disappointing Awards Birmingham - Simply nothing. Build something, Fix a road. Anything. There’s only so many angles you can take pictures of the same five buildings. Add a QuickTrip...something. Memphis - Flatlined. Just like Birmingham. Couldn’t get one modest high rise out of the ground in 14 years (One Beale?) Louisville - Not a lot there either. The Omni and that’s about it. But you never know who the next it city will be. Could be B’ham, Memphis, Louisville, or another. Time will tell.
  2. More like added B’ham, Knoxville, and Memphis. Birmingham’s skyline is just pitiful as is Memphis.
  3. Plus the Four Seasons is going to completely Eclipse 505 from that angle.
  4. That first wide shot is incredible! It literally shows everything.
  5. The absolute least flattering shot and the one the networks constantly use. Except they use an even older one without 505 peeking out.
  6. Dumb question. I’m assuming this is a go? If so how did TG get this going almost instantly and continues to get nowhere on his tall boys?
  7. When I was about three In the late 60s the L&C stood alone as the only high rise. I remember my parents taking us to the observatory and it seemed so tall to me. You could see forever. I just wish the letters would change with the weather forecast again.
  8. The quality of the shot is great. But that angle is the most unflattering view of Nashville (and the one most seen in backdrops on the news channels). Looks like Nashville has about four bldgs.
  9. It’s a great project but yet again it’s another 400 footer. That design deserves at least one more box on top. Aside from Four Seasons the skyline is expanding exponentially but like a flat plateau and very few tall ones to draw the eye. This is yet another missed opportunity.
  10. Where will Four Seasons be in relation to this morning’s Sky5 shot?
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