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  1. What’s really fun is that there’s two matching buildings going up together. There’s two sites that will look very identical for quite awhile.
  2. This original rendering, while having two towers, is way less impressive than the finished product.
  3. Wow! Those are some tall people milling about outside. They’re at least 25’ tall.
  4. This shot is one of the best I’ve seen. The Four Seasons looks very tall and impressive at this angle.
  5. Four Seasons is actually taller than 505 by nearly twenty feet. Also it is positioned with unobstructed view from across the river such that it stands out way more than 505. Plus all the buildings around it are significantly shorter adding to the appearance. 505 was a missed opportunity as far as I’m concerned. Adding ten floors and bringing it to 700’ would have made it the focal point but instead it’s just mildly eye catching but often lost in skyline.
  6. Up visiting Nashville today and managed one nicely framed shot of Batman,
  7. Are the towers likely to happen or are they going to meet the usual resistance from the city leaders and complaints?
  8. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.tennessean.com/amp/5090427001 is this new news? It said it was posted “eight hours ago”
  9. I’m just finding that other very dark model in the background disturbing.
  10. I was a very little kid when we lived in Tennessee and I remember going from the hills to Nashville and how dramatic and exciting it was to get that first glimpse of the L&C Tower as you approached downtown. It stood all alone but very proud and very tall looking. It may as well have been the Empire State Building to this little boy.
  11. Actually Nashville is ahead of what Atlanta was in 1980 on sheer numbers of high rises. Atlanta had the height advantage of Peachtree Plaza but overall Atlanta only had two buildings over 500’ tall and only nine over 400’. Counting under construction Nashville has double that many over 400’ and three over 500’. But yeah the overall look is similar to Atlanta.
  12. This has to be close to fifteen or twenty years ago, Probably about the time Veridian was done. There’s nothing on the left side so the picture stops there with the stadium centered in the shot. Notice in order to center today’s skyline the stadium got shoved hard right of the picture. This skyline is three times what it was in the first picture. credit to. https://line.17qq.com/articles/ssqtrraqhx.html
  13. It’s a welcome addition to any city (including down here in Atlanta) but honestly an underwhelming, cold exterior. He should sacrifice some of that length, go a little taller, and (gasp) let it have an actual crown or some sort of interesting roofline scheme.
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