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  1. Since the BJCC voted not to give an extension to Performa to develop The Forge entertainment district, they are preparing to develop it on their own, possibly using Performa's help to do so. Let's get the ball rollin! http://blog.al.com/businessnews/2009/11/bjcc_ready_to_fly_solo_on_ente.html
  2. Birmingham Business Leadership Group's study for the proposed dome stadium in Birmingham has selected the BJCC location downtown as the best place to build the dome. Mayor Langford states that he supports the group's recommendation for the BJCC site. http://www.bizjournals.com/birmingham/stor...25/daily36.html
  3. Has anyone heard anything lately on this project? I remember hearing that they (the developer) would possibly reveal more detail about this project in about a month or so from the announcement that they gave there in B'ham.
  4. I think it is good to see anyone from Birmingham try to do anything in the city. A lot of people from the area tend to go on to other places and forget where they came from. Ruben put Birmingham on the map with his "205" theme, so I think that him wanting to make an establishment in the city is a great thing. I don't see it expanding to other places like the BB Kings clubs, but I think Ruben's Club 205 is fitting. If it allows amateur and "underground" local musicians to showcase their stuff on the stage, then this could be a great thing for the city, also with Taylor Hicks doing the same.
  5. It would be good to see Birmingham with something of this magnitude. It would be great for this to be close to the city's center, but I think it would work just about anywhere in the metro. To all that doubt this project, although it does kinda sound too good to be true, give it a chance and let's just wait and see what happens. I fully support this and hope it is developed.
  6. Interesting article from the Birmingham News regarding a Birmingham Councilwoman's consideration to convert Legion Field into a domed stadium as an alternative to the proposed dome and expansion of the Birmingham Jefferson Civic Complex. http://www.al.com/news/birminghamnews/inde....xml&coll=2
  7. I was very supportive of the dome myself, me being a birmingham native, but now I am getting the impression that the dome proposal should definitely be shot down. But I fully agree that an expanded BJCC arena, (probably to 18,500-20,500 seating capacity), an entertainment district, additional hotel rooms, and expanded exhibition space would do very, very well for B'ham and the entire area. I like to use Oklahoma City as a example and what they did to revitalize their city with a new downtown arena and an entertainment district http://www.visitokc.com/mapsprojects.html. This would be a good example for B'ham to use, and I think the public would (SHOULD) support an expanded BJCC and entertainment district. In a matter of time, the Steeldogs are upgraded to AFL, and possibly a NBA or NHL franchise would be soon to follow if an expanded arena, additional hotel rooms, entertainment, and area support were to be offered.
  8. Hey guys, I ran across a rendering for a development in Biloxi called the "Portofino on the Broadwater Resort". Does anyone know anything about this project and provide any info? The rendering makes for a very good looking development!!!! Here is the site to the architectural firm's site providing the rendering, (You would have to go to the "Portfolio" section of the site. The development is approxiately the 17th development at the bottom). http://adache.com/ Here is a pdf file to an article from the architect's website regarding the development with the rendering ( article on page 2 of the pdf newsletter) http://adache.com/content/AdacheNSL1.pdf
  9. Hey guys, does anyone have an update on the proposed dome stadium near the civic center? I know that the BJCC bought up all the needed land to get it done, but still had some financial ground to cover. Also, does anyone have any other info on the tower that I read in an earlier post that is proposed in downtown Birmingham? I think someone said that it was a submittal to the FAA for a proposed 675-700 ft tower for downtown B'ham or something similar.
  10. I vote for Mobile, Raleigh, and Birmingham (my hometown), although Birmingham has lousy city leaders that may hinder alot of progressive activites in the city as they did in the past..
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