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  1. Architects Are Selected By a Federal 'Bake-Off' By ALEX FRANGOS Staff Reporter of The Wall Street Journal From The Wall Street Journal Online In the parlor of a quaint Victorian hotel in Anniston, Ala., teams from five small architecture firms listened anxiously to the competition rules. Each team had exactly 11 hours to design this depressed Southern city's first significant new building in decades -- a $25 million federal courthouse. Such a high-profile commission could put the winning firm on the map. This "Survivor" for architects is part of a federal government program -- D
  2. I've known about Anniston's new federeal courthouse project for a while now, but what I didn't know was that it would cost $26 million! That has to be the single most expensive building in the city's history. And aside from a couple road projects, may end up being the most expensive project period. I can't wait to see renderings of this thing. It will definitely help out my small hometown.
  3. Chicago architects to design Anniston's new federal courthouse By Matthew Korade Star Senior Writer 02-02-2005 All their 140-plus years of architectural training had come down to this: Create a winning federal courthouse design within 24 hours or lose a potentially career-making commission. This was no reality TV show, but the work of the General Services Administration, manager of the federal government
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