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  1. Link Apartments article from TBJ for Glenwood South bringing 204 units across from 42nd Street Oyster: http://www.bizjournals.com/triangle/blog/2014/05/link-apartments-to-rise-along-jones-street-in.html
  2. Chipotle Mexican Grill at 2316 Hillsborough St., Raleigh, will open first week of September. Another non pizza joint!! http://www.newsobserver.com/2011/07/08/1326136/restaurantnews.html
  3. In the context of this magazine and technology professionals in general, Geeky is considered "cool". So congrats to the triangle for making the list. For comparison, dorky and nerdy remain "uncool". I'm no expert, but have been called many things
  4. Ruth Sheehan of News & Observer throws in her .02 on lack of signage for the grocery store: http://www.newsobserver.com/102/story/517633.html
  5. Agreed. It is exciting, and construction is long overdue. The projects will help our city "catch up" to reflect the regional population ... but there is no way it will make "the best" skyline polls.
  6. 1. How about an ice skating practice facility. Hockey now defines the area, and downtown has not really capitalized on the Stanley Cup excitement. it would be great to watch the Hurricanes practice while strolling through downtown ... I know it's a stretch. 2. Would like to see a bookstore if the population base can support one in the future. 3. Finally, promoting some kind of ethnic town (Indian, Vietnamese, etc ...). The triangle area is diverse, and our best restaurants and markets are located in ad hoc run down shopping centers in Cary and Capital Blvd. 4. In addition to affordable housing as JDC suggested, we need to maintain affordable rent for retailers / restraurants. There should be affordable dining/shopping options for everyone.
  7. It was a nice read, and the picture in the paper really shows Fayetteville Street filling out nicely near the convention center. Does anyone know what this statement means in the article: "TMC is so certain that the site of Raleigh's old convention center is a winner that it plans to put up a $750,000 guarantee to finish the project by the end of 2008." Who gets that money if they do not finish, and what is the purpose of such a guarantee?
  8. I agree we have too many malls and shopping as it is. A really nice bookstore with a coffee shop inside would be a nice fit downtown however IMO.
  9. http://health.msn.com/fitness/articlepage....125624&GT1=7850 It's always fun to make the top 10 of something (even if it means nothing). I'm not surprised Raleigh made the list based on their criteria for the study. They did not factor in mass transit related walking as much this year allowing Raleigh to crack the Top 10.
  10. I share your opinion about anyone trying to keep H-street down, and it's importance to Raleigh's revitalization. It's a unique commercial district in a great location and it's just unacceptable in its current state.
  11. Nice list, wow. I went to Symposium Cafe last weekend, and saw the redevelopment first hand. This is a very nice project. Then, we got lost downtown and ended up heading east on Main (E Main Street) and saw some impressive urban/residential development. After seeing all this, I can see all the urban potential in Durham now.
  12. Agreed about the memories. When entering, it looks like a jewelry store, and then through the magical doors, it begins to resemble Toys R us + Circuit City. This is the one off South Blvd in Charlotte anyhow back in the 80s.
  13. I like that the master plan has an oval and a town square, both look promising to generating a resemblance of student life on centennial campus in the future. The architecture looks nice, but I wonder if it will look nice as it ages. For example, Harelson looks like a nightmare now in my opinion (not sure if it was ever considered nice). Similarly, Georgia Tech's general classroom building (the name escapes me) that was relatively new already looks terrible today.
  14. That's a good point as well, and anything that survives on this street today must be exceeding expectations of their clientele. There is no reason Hillsborough Street cannot compete with 9th street in Durham or Franklin St in Chapel Hill in terms of becoming a destination for alumni and students of their respective Universities, and communities. I really hope investment will follow the street improvements, and maybe tear down some run down sections and replace it with street level retail with student housing / apartments above. This is one of the few parts of the city outside downtown that can support that type of density given students and residents have access to wolfline, CAT, and are in walking distance to many jobs.
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