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  1. This is a fantastic thing for GR. It would be nice to have medical facilities on this side of the state that rival Ann Arbor's.
  2. That tunnel sort of gives me the creeps. I would have preferred a skywalk, but then that would be quite a span.
  3. Again, great photos!!! The prespective really give one a view of how massive the space is on which the museum sits. It's nice to see some movement there.
  4. Somebody must have cut a big check!
  5. You would think the renderings for a multi-million $ project would be more sophisticated. If the renderings were blurry/impressionist, it might be cute. As they are. . . they're just plain blah! I hope the renderings aren't an omen!
  6. I liked the photo of the brick "fountain/waterfall" thing. That wasn't up for very long. Aside from being replaced by Rosa Parks Circle and the reopening of the street, can anyone explain to me why it was so short lived?
  7. Great photos. Save them. You can post them again this time next year and no one will know the difference!
  8. Was the Rowe Hotel considered upscale for its day? For its time, would it be considered an Amway Grand, Radison, Holiday Inn or a Motel 8?
  9. Maybe they are worried that the finished product will look worse than the big hole!
  10. d59

    John Ball Zoo

    My family and I visit the zoo every year. It is such a great time as we make a day of it in Grand Rapids (eating out, Meijer Gardens, downtown). This has become an annual summer event that we will probably carry with us for many years. Any improvements in the zoo are just icing on the cake to me. I've been to larger zoos, but John Ball has a character that many others lack. I'm glad that it didn't move east of town. It's current location is part of its charm. I'm glad to see that they are making it work inspite of the land limitations.
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